Li Hangyun altogether convened more than 500 people, including 16 people are Heavenly Axis Realm, 36 Heavenly Star Realm, to help Nie Li obtains that medium Deity’s Lake, Li Hangyun also calculates to do one's best.

„Brother Li, helping me under tell your brothers, if this time matter has succeeded, all the people of output, everyone can obtain two hundred Spiritual Stone, if some people died in this period, Heavenly Fate Realm can obtain hundred Spiritual Stone subsidies, Heavenly Star Realm obtained two hundred Spiritual Stone subsidies, Heavenly Axis Realm obtained five hundred Spiritual Stone subsidies!” Nie Li said that „these Spiritual Stone come by me!”
Li Hangyun looked at Nie Li surprisedly, thinks that Nie Li now is a person of great wealth, he is naturally impolite, said: „I for my brothers under thank you!”
„Should.” Nie Li shows a faint smile to say.

Li Hangyun leads these many brothers to arrive at the Greater World deep place to take risk, although these masters are willing to obey Li Hangyun, but has not selected to compensate, although on the mouth did not say, but definitely will have the opinion at heart, but Nie Li helped Li Hangyun solve this problem thoroughly!

The feeling and Nie Li contact, is very tasty.

After knowing the Nie Li words, one group of people excited, once succeeds, the reward without doubt is very rich.

One group of people penetrated in Greater World gradually.

When Nie Li one line of plunder rapidly, one crowd of person far and away followed.

What lead is Gu Heng, altogether more than 700 people , many Heavenly Axis Realm and Heavenly Star Realm.

Gu Heng sent the inquiry news Heavenly Axis Realm Expert to graze.

„Verified their intentions?” Gu Heng looked that asked to this Heavenly Axis Realm Expert.

„Reported the Gu Heng Boss, I used the volume of sound technique to fight the technique to hear their chats, they had discovered in some Greater World deep place place probably medium Deity’s Lake, should be prepares to attack that medium Deity’s Lake.” That Heavenly Axis Realm Expert hurries to report to say.

Medium Deity’s Lake?

Hears this Heavenly Axis Realm Expert words, the Gu Heng eye one brightly, the corners of the mouth revealed a smile: „Has not thought that they have discovered medium Deity’s Lake unexpectedly! Medium Deity’s Lake many Dragon Blood Demon Beast safeguard surely! Happen to Li Hangyun et al. praying mantis Bu Chan, our canary. When they project on half or overcome that medium Deity’s Lake the time, we got rid snatching their Deity’s Lake, let them as futile as carrying water in a bamboo basket!”

Gu Heng person Wen Yan, revealed the excited color.

That is medium Deity’s Lake. The value is extraordinary!

„The Gu Heng Boss, the Li Hangyun influence is not small, is equally matched with us, if we snatched his Deity’s Lake. Can bring in the retaliation?” One of them surface presently worried that the color said.

„Lacks prospects! Had medium Deity’s Lake, feared that they are inadequate? Deity’s Lake just captured, inside definitely accumulated massive Spiritual Stone, little tens of thousands several hundred thousand, many even over a million. Many Spiritual Stone essence, we are taking these Spiritual Stone, recruiting some Expert to defend this medium Deity’s Lake together, when the time comes, can Li Hangyun also we be what kind of?” The Gu Heng eyebrow selects, although Li Hangyun truly has not the small influence, but he stayed the so many year in Gu first in order successor position, the influence is not inferior, how also to fear Li Hangyun?

Who makes you shelter Nie Li?

Nie Li and Gu Bei, these two people must die!

Gu Heng is leading the troops. Followed at a moderate pace.

Nie Li one line are grazing, a moment later a Li Hangyun subordinate accelerated to plunder.

„The Hangyun Boss, we were tracked!” That under low voice said.

„Track? Is who?” Li Hangyun wrinkled the brow to ask.

„That is not clear, 600-700 people of appearances, after I realize them, probably immediately came up to report with you, does not dare to alert the enemy!”

„Um, does well.” Li Hangyun nodded, looks at each other with Nie Li.

Although does not know that who the opposite party is, but can determine basically that the opposite party future is bad. Moreover very possible is that medium Deity’s Lake matter divulged a secret, causes some people to follow on the heels to pick the peach!

„Then what to do? We arrived at here, that medium Deity’s Lake definitely could not conceal the truth.” Li Hangyun said that now drew back to be too late.

The medium Deity’s Lake position definitely will be nosed!

Nie Li thinks saying: „Does not worry. We do not want to attack that medium Deity’s Lake in any case, gains God Root merely, the opposite party definitely does not know that our intentions, thought that we with protecting Deity’s Lake Dragon Blood Demon Beast will put together to be life and death good to pick up a bargain, since we had guarding, they will not prevail!”

Truly. Their intentions do not attack that medium Deity’s Lake, but gains God Root merely, the opposite party definitely cannot think!

Li Hangyun has pondered the moment, eye one bright, suddenly had the idea, since the opposite party must with, that come! His Li Hangyun is not the person of being afraid of getting into trouble!

One group of people march forward in Greater World, is avoiding these carefully often Dragon Blood Demon Beast that from airborne passed over gently and swiftly.

The distant place, broad Deity’s Lake appeared in their front, this Deity’s Lake size, enough was Ling jade Deity’s Lake about three times. This floats on the spatial mountain, the woods cover, many red wing snakes occupy above. These red wing snake sizes vary, some are dozens meters, some are only several meters.

And the position of mountain top most peak is occupying a huge Lightning Fire wing snake, has dozens meters fully, scale pan- dazzling red ray.

„These are the Lightning Fire wing snakes, is hot tempered, the domain consciousness is also strong, Creature of some any other races approach, they immediately active threat.” Li Hangyun said that „has a Lightning Fire wing snake is Dao of Dragon Realm, the strength is intrepid, remaining also has more than 30 Heavenly Axis Realm.”

Nie Li far and away looked into the distance, said: „We according to the scheduled plan, you send several Heavenly Axis Realm, directs them from the west, so long as directed to be OK, do not struggle hard with them, then you led some people to deliver from the east side me!”

„Good, wraps on us.” Li Hangyun nodded to say.

When Li Hangyun et al. approached to that medium Deity’s Lake, Gu Heng et al. slowly have also outflanked, but they are only far and away stare, is hiding itself carefully, not plan of any fight.

Looks at medium Deity’s Lake of distant place, in the Gu Heng heart was a little faintly excited, after all before them, occupies, is only low status Deity’s Lake, medium Deity’s Lake is very rare. Does not know when this medium Deity’s Lake grows, already many ages.

After Li Hangyun et al. had carried on a preparation, started to take action.

Gu Heng et al. waited to be very long, the distant place has not transmitted any big sound.

„Are they doing?”

„Does not know that they have not attacked the plan of that medium Deity’s Lake probably!”

Gu Heng a little could not understand Li Hangyun et al. the actions, Li Hangyun and under seemingly did not have the intention of frontal attack, he has thought suddenly a possibility, is it possible that Li Hangyun et al. do not want to capture Deity’s Lake, but steals merely Spiritual Stone that in Deity’s Lake accumulated inadequately?

Gu Heng frowns, if this, he has not resulted in gains!

Li Hangyun et al. stole Spiritual Stone, can admit in Interspatial Ring, Gu Heng the human are many, wants to intercept Li Hangyun is a little difficult.

„It is not good, we must with, before they prepare to retreat intercepts them!” Gu Heng has thought that the sinking sound said.

One group of people under the leadership of Gu Heng, start to approach toward medium Deity’s Lake of distant place slowly.

By Deity’s Lake, Li Hangyun and Nie Li look at each other, shows a faint smile.

„Starts!” Nie Li said.

West Deity’s Lake, Li Hangyun under six Heavenly Axis Realm Expert plunder toward that medium Deity’s Lake, started to launch attacks.

That six Heavenly Axis Realm Expert plundered to kill several preliminary Lightning Fire wing snakes with own strength, has formed a disturbance around Deity’s Lake quickly, one flock of Lightning Fire wing snakes fluttered toward this crowd of Heavenly Axis Realm Expert rushed.

One flock of Lightning Fire wing snakes were attracted, in a while, there are another six Heavenly Axis Realm Expert to capture in Deity’s Lake, then also attracted one flock of Lightning Fire wing snakes to dash about wildly to go.

Hissing hissing!

Occupies is spitting the red letter in Deity’s Lake peak that dozens meters Lightning Fire wing snake, profound gaze is taking a fast look around the surroundings, these Heavenly Axis Realm Expert are also not enough to make it feel the threat, but still maintained vigilant.

Because no matter Demon Beast, is humanity, wants to rob Deity’s Lake from it, perhaps will have Expert to hide in the surroundings!

These humanity think that it such easily will be swindled, that too underestimated its wisdom!

East Deity’s Lake, Nie Li and Li Hangyun look at each other, if that Dao of Dragon Realm Lightning Fire wing snake does not walk, they are very difficult to submerge the Deity’s Lake center!

However they patiently are still waiting for the opportunity, their plans just started

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