Sees the Wu Yazi manner, that Heavenly Axis Realm Expert coldly snort. £,

„What said is your three trash! Do not keep eyes open, otherwise all butchered your three!” That Heavenly Axis Realm Expert coldly has swept one Nie Li three people.

Heard that Heavenly Axis Realm Expert words, Wu Yazi has ignited the flaming anger.

„Considers as finished, we walk!” Nie Li patted Wu Yazi to say.

Saw Wu Yazi that angry facial expression, that Heavenly Axis Realm Expert caught dangerous Aura, at heart a little anxiety, but saw appearance that Nie Li so showed weakness, the imposing manner was also immediately powerful.

With a Heavenly Fate level so is on intimate terms, Wu Yazi Cultivation, it is estimated that also mediocre.

The Wu Yazi fist grasps cluck-cluck straight sound, he in Demon God Sect, was a character, who dares to call his trash directly?

„Your this group of people hurry to give me to leave, I give you partly the time of quarter, if you do not roll, the young master makes your one not remain!” Wu Yazi is pointing at present this Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, angrily rebukes to say.

Hears the Wu Yazi words, that Heavenly Axis Realm Expert short of breath has instead smiled, this Demon Clan boy, simply too ignorantly is at present extremely arrogant!

At this moment, Long Tianming of distant place noted here sound, looked toward here, the sinking sound said: „What's the matter?”

„Reply the young master, here has Demon Clan of three Heavenly Fate levels, I make them walk away, they do not listen.” That Heavenly Axis Realm Expert bowing replied immediately.

„Made them leave the distant point to be OK!” Long Tianming said careless, but is Demon Clan of three Heavenly Fate levels, expelled is good.

Bumped into three Heavenly Fate levels Demon Clan, Long Tianming will definitely send for striking to kill directly, the Ghost Temple entrance does not know when can open, Long Tianming does not want to cause the trouble. Him borrowed more than 200 Heavenly Axis Realm Expert to give Gu Heng, accompanying of belt were also quite few, was a low key point for good.

That Heavenly Axis Realm Expert turned head to look to the Nie Li three people, the sinking sound said: „You heard, our young masters make you hurry to leave!”

Hears words that this Heavenly Axis Realm Expert such is arrogant and conceited, Wu Yazi was finally annoyed. Before some people want to snatch his thing, was butchered dozens by him, now on also holds to the blood, finally came one crowd not to keep eyes open.


Wu Yazi vanishes suddenly.

That Heavenly Axis Realm Expert felt suddenly formidable Qi has locked itself, felt the death threat of terror.

This time he wants to work loose, the discovery definitely is actually not able to move.

Suddenly, on the neck transmits together the terrifying chill in the air, he wants to shout, actually the discovery completely cannot make any sound.

„You said. Who is the trash?” The Wu Yazi coldly sound, reached in his ear.

When does not know, Wu Yazi appeared in him, two fingers seized his throat, but makes an effort gently slightly, only listens to one.

The neck of that Heavenly Axis Realm Expert was twisted and broken directly, the corpse from airborne has crashed.

Saw this, Long Tianming under that crowd of Heavenly Axis Realm Expert immediately shouted angrily.


„Has killed him!”

More than 30 Heavenly Axis Realm Expert threw toward Wu Yazi.

„You leave first!” Wu Yazi looked at Nie Li and Xiao Yu said. Rushed toward that crowd of Heavenly Axis Realm Expert.

Bang bang bang!

A chaotic war eruption, although Wu Yazi was besieged by more than 30 Heavenly Axis Realm Expert. But at the inferior appearance, on the contrary has not killed opposite several Heavenly Axis Realm Expert.

Nearby Xiao Yu looked that asked to Nie Li: „Nie Li, you are intentional?”

„Naturally.” Nie Li nodded to say.

„Do we want to hurry to leave?” Xiao Yu asked that she thinks that Nie Li was wish makes these people constrain Wu Yazi, then escaped.

„No need, Ghost Temple has not gone. Why such early to go back?” Nie Li smiles to say.

„Since your goal is to enter Ghost Temple, why can cause these troubles? Opposite that takes the lead, probably is Long Tianming!” Xiao Yu looked into one to say toward the distant place that „you had what enmity with Long Tianming, wanted to teach Long Tianming with the aid of the hand of Wu Yazi?”

„Enmity does not have actually. However I had pondered carefully, a lot, run away not to be inseparable from Long Tianming, I always thought that he has is plotting against us in the back.” Nie Li thinks saying that his truly feelings, Long Tianming seems like dormant in the scorpion of hidden place.

Rather likely is Gu Heng that type, the bright blade bright spear is really dry, Nie Li not necessarily has also feared Long Tianming, but Long Tianming this type plays tricks in the back, virtually impossible to guard against.

Previous generation Divine Feather Sect splits, finally only then a Long Tianming person profits. Therefore Nie Li regarding the protection of Long Tianming, wants far and away to be bigger than Gu Heng rank.

So long as there is an opportunity, Nie Li will not let off weakens the Long Tianming opportunity.

Demon God Sect again strong, wants to destroy completely Divine Feather Sect also to pay the extremely deeply grieved price, the Divine Feather Sect biggest threat, on the contrary from interior.

Nie Li looks toward the distant place, Wu Yazi crazily to fighting Long Tianming under more than 30 Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, if the speed quickly the startled great wild goose is common, the Heavenly Axis Realm Expert blood splashes at the scene, the corpse from airborne has crashed.

Including was being killed seven, the appearance that Wu Yazi still fiercely competes and successfully competes.

Bloodline of god blood monster fox clan, are much more energetic.

Nie Li can feel, Wu Yazi Cultivation in the Heavenly Axis Seventh Level boundary about, in addition is in itself Primordial bloodline, to Long Tianming et al., is extremely hard to deal with.

Long Tianming of distant place wrinkled the brow, he approximately clearly what happened, but that subordinate just added that is only three Heavenly Fate levels, how to emit a such fierce master suddenly?

Appearance that the opposite party strength, has been equal resulting.

Long Tianming looked at one toward Nie Li and Xiao Yu, the sinking sound said: „First has killed them!”

Heavenly Axis Realm Expert threw toward Nie Li and Xiao Yu.

Although Wu Yazi is coping with Long Tianming under these Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, but also momentarily branches out together the thought that is paying attention to Nie Li and Xiao Yu, he helped Nie Li and Xiao Yu has completed the monster blood sacrifice, to enter Ghost Temple, if Nie Li and Xiao Yu died, that did waste all previous efforts?

During was being besieged Wu Yazi to vanish suddenly, appears in Nie Li and Xiao Yu front, the right hand seized that toward the neck of Heavenly Axis Realm Expert the Nie Li two people throw, makes an effort slightly, that Heavenly Axis Realm Expert was twisted and broken the neck directly.

Sees this, in Long Tianming heart one cold, this is a mystique of monster fox clan, at present this Demon Clan youth's status in Demon Clan is not low!

Behind this Heavenly Axis Realm Demon Clan youth goes all out to protect another two Demon Clan youth, it seems like that the following that two Demon Clan youth, the status in Demon God Sect are not extremely simple!

Long Tianming is dark, oneself this comes all the way, was very low-key, to have annoyed how the troublesome upper body! ( to be continued )

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