When Nie Li fights with Murong Yu, compared with the corner of musicians who play percussion instruments, two people calmly is sitting, judges tea while watches the martial arts contest.

These two person one are Long Tianming, another wears the silver month long gown, that graceful bearing, wins several points compared with Long Tianming.

„Has not thought that the Beiyan brother is also interested in these new people.” Long Tianming looks to nearby youth, said with a smile lightly, he in a tone with wise, the relations with opposite party, seemed not that harmonious.

„I want to come to see, such cares including your Long Tianming, is actually a how extraordinary talent.” Situ Beiyan sits steadily, the ease calm appearance, „the present looks like, that youth is interesting.”

„He is relying on Artifact, can defeat Murong Yu.” Long Tianming smiles, „can also make the Beiyan brother so appreciate?”

„From Tiny World, without any background, can actually before promote entered East Court, has one set of Rank 6 Artifact Armor coverall, and became the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun disciple, wasn't this ability?” Situ Beiyan smiles saying that „heard he and Gu Bei have formed the influence together, for several months several thousand people, in Greater World, will then be it seems like livelier!”

Long Tianming looks at Situ Beiyan, he does not know that Situ Beiyan is any meaning, properly speaking some people rise, Situ Beiyan should be also vigilant is, now is actually one sits looks at the good play the appearance, does not know that Situ Beiyan has anything to plan.

How however no matter Situ Beiyan thinks that Long Tianming will not make Demon Alliance rise, Long Yuyin had just formed Profound Sound Alliance, it is estimated that is Nie Li instigates, although does not understand that Nie Li is any intention. However can feel that Nie Li attempts is not small, has threatened him! At least Long Tianming will not make Long Yuyin threaten the position of his Dragon Seal Family Patriarch!

Before although Nie Li has delivered him three characters, but that three characters he has not seen comes mysteriously, thought by Nie Li at heart deceiving. Is not actually able to research. Therefore Long Tianming to the Nie Li not anything favorable impression.

Now can have the qualifications to compete of Divine Feather Sect Sect Master person, at present only then three, Situ Beiyan, Long Tianming and Li Yufeng, but braves several bothering now, is very noteworthy. Especially Gu Bei just obtained the Gu Clan first in order successor position, Long Yuyin has also braved. Li Hangyun not too willingly appearance, but these three people, are concerned with Nie Li!

Since Situ Beiyan comes to observe Nie Li, that showed that Situ Beiyan like just did not display that indifferently, at least paid attention to rising Nie Li!

Probably after more than half double-hour. Fight between Nie Li and Murong Yu had eventually ended, the flame and electric light have subsided.

Compared with the musicians who play percussion instruments, Nie Li has changed clothes, is neat, but Murong Yu, then lies in not far away, looks like a dead dog is the same, body inch wisp. Is scarred, obviously had fainted.

Sees this, person gaze all delay that surroundings these surround.

„I go. What's the matter?”

„Did Murong Yu lose?”

„ Murong Yu fused Saint Blood Dragonhawk, was hit why also such miserably?”

They look to Nie Li gaze, is having an awe, Murong Yu, but entire East Court places first 200 Expert, was the previous first talent, hit by Nie Li finally unexpectedly such miserably? That said. Nie Li just stepped into East Court, has placed first 200?

Sees lies there Murong Yu stark naked. The young girls cheeks of East Court blushed, hurry to take back gaze.

The Xiao Yu cheeks slightly feel hot. Royal Court Nie Li looked at one, Nie Li this absolutely is intentionally!

Always desolate Long Yuyin is also the cheeks is crimson.

After Murong Yu wakes up, if knows that the present situation, it is estimated that did not have the face to see the human, this absolute ratio killed him to be uncomfortable.

„You snatch my soul scale in the place of clever ruins, today I recover the gathering place on the martial arts contest stage, we averaged.” Nie Li looked at one to lie in ground Murong Yu, said indifferently.

These East Court students who the surroundings surround hear this saying, has the impulsion of spitting up blood, snatches soul scale, but that is the matter that among the students can have frequently, the Murong Yu clothes that Nie Li snatches!

Nie Li jumps to jump down from the martial arts contest stage, here walked toward Gu Bei rank.

Gu Bei and Liu Piao have pushed the pushing eye toward Nie Li, Nie Li this move, suffices the flavor!

At this time, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai smile bitterly reluctantly, now decides well-mannered, otherwise can the entire East Court students selecting to turn by Nie Li? After all on Nie Li, is the Rank 6 Artifact coverall!

When Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai discussed that Senior Wuyan has arrived at Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai side, said in a low voice: „Two elders, Spiritual Senior Tian Yun makes me convey a message to you, making me send several people to test Nie Li!”

Hears the words of Senior Wuyan, Huang Yu and in the Nanmen Tianhai heart one cold.

Who is Spiritual Senior Tian Yun? That is one of the Divine Feather Sect five peak level existences, thinks that their this ranks, want to see Spiritual Senior Tian Yun not to have the qualifications!

Senior Wuyan is the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun big disciple, this saying is absolutely unimpeached. Moreover the matter of Spiritual Senior Tian Yun confession, do they dare to question?

„Senior Wuyan please feel relieved that we will arrange!” Huang Yu said hurriedly.

„Um.” Senior Wuyan has complied with one lightly, then sat in nearby position, in gaze passed over gently and swiftly a chill in the air, during sweeps chatted Nie Li with Gu Bei et al. to the distant place, has sneered.

The martial arts contest continued.

Saw only Nanmen Tianhai to stand, his sound spread over entire compared with the musicians who play percussion instruments, said: „Delivers Murong Yu, this martial arts contest must revise the rule, all people can not use Rank 3 above Artifact!”

Hears the Nanmen Tianhai words, East Court all students slightly stares, does the beforehand martial arts contest never have such custom? Is the Murong Yu disastrous defeat causes? Has remembered in Nie Li that Thunder God Meteorite Sword, it seems like Nie Li in Artifact with hand has won Murong Yu! Now the Nanmen Tianhai elders could not tolerate, therefore forbids to use Rank 3 above Artifact!

No wonder Nie Li can defeat Murong Yu! The East Court students then suddenly, no wonder, only discussed the real strength, Nie Li perhaps at is not the Murong Yu match!

Hears this saying, Nie Li looks toward Nanmen Tianhai and Huang Yu two people of that sides that a distant place familiar form made him narrow the eye slightly.

Has not thought that had Senior Wuyan of confrontation also to come in the Tian Yun Shen palace unexpectedly!

„Unexpectedly cannot use Artifact, I am also thinking same goes to oppressive oppressive East Court these people with Nie Li!” Liu Piao a little regrettably said that has not thought such quickly cannot use Artifact, is really is much more senseless!

Li Hangyun showed the whites of the eyes, if Nie Li, Gu Bei and Liu Piao three people put on the Rank 6 Artifact Armor coverall tyrannical East Court student, Nanmen Tianhai and Huang Yu two elders did not have the sound to blame. Back was he, after arriving at East Court, by suddenly Bian, that experience simply was found it unbearable to recall. But the Nie Li three people, do not come flatly, comes Bian Ren!

This cannot endure simply!

Nanmen Tianhai coughed, then Xu did not say vigorously: „Properly speaking Nie Li has defeated Murong Yu, must substitute for the place of Murong Yu, but I and Huang Yu elder discussed after one next, decided that to a Nie Li another evaluation mode, Nie Li through the inspection, can have the qualifications to substitute for the Murong Yu position!”

It seems like the Nanmen Tianhai elder cannot tolerate, must have the difficult problem to Nie Li, does not know that what inspection can be?

East Court all students anticipated, Nie Li was just oppressive Murong Yu such miserably, making their these East Court students not have the face very much, now looks like, Nie Li must to pay some prices!

~~ recently renewed is a little slow, but asked everybody to excuse me, on the one hand adjusted the body condition, on the other hand the snail must arrange various types of things, waited for that birth of little darling, will be quite recently busy. After is in the life one of the matters of primary importance, ha-ha. ( to be continued )

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