Massacres mutually more and more seriously, all people crazily are fighting for the crystal of Ganges.

Yan Yang looked down these corpses in ground, a continuously strength slowly drained from these corpses, seeps in the soil.

Looks that place above for the crowd that to compete for the crystal of Ganges slaughtered mutually, Yan Yang was still wrinkling the brow, he felt indistinctly has a little not suited.

„All people come back to me, do not snatch the crystal of Ganges again, comes with me!” The Yan Yang sinking sound said that then grazes to go in other direction.

Although why Skyblaze Sect Expert do not understand Yan Yang to be able under such order, but closely follows in Yan Yang behind.

Main shrine center.

Nie Li looks around, he in the main shrine had not discovered any crystal of Ganges and so on thing, has walked toward the main shrine deep place, has transferred a door, arrived in the rear palace.

In the rear palace is standing dozens sculpture, in these sculpture, each sculpture inscribes many Inscription Pattern.

Sees these dozens sculpture, the Nie Li corners of the mouth shows a faint smile, calculated according to the position, in the middle of these dozens sculpture, only then one is the true key is.

These sculpture confuse others are do not have any issue, but actually do not want to escape the eye of Nie Li, the Nie Li halting footsteps are meditating.

In Nie Li stands before these dozens sculpture ponders, crystal jade that outside the main shrine, that stands tall and erect suddenly bang avalanche, a long tunnel access, appeared in the people at present.

These stood before the crystal jade the person of sensibility heart law, all was shocked.

Before no matter what, how many methods has tried, they cannot enter the crystal jade, but why did the crystal jade open suddenly?


„Goes to have a look!”

Whiz whiz whiz, forms have grazed toward the entrance, in their opinion, in Ghost Temple definitely is hiding the infinite treasure.

Outside law lives the gate to open wide, innumerable Expert have welled up toward the main shrine.

Nie Li passes through another statue, had determined seven are not the keys of strategy.

Sinks angry coldly snort sound, transmits from the Ghost Temple deep place: „Who dares to alarm me. Also fast departs, otherwise, does not take it ill me not to be impolite!”

This sound, just like shaking the thunder is common. The bang enters the beside the ear of Nie Li.

„Who are you?” Nie Li looks up to the Ghost Temple deep place.

„I then am this Ghost Temple, all in this Ghost Temple, are controlled by me, so long as I want, I can make all lives in Ghost Temple be reduced to ashes. Here is not the place that you should come, hurries to leave!” In that sound is bringing imposing working off anger.

„!” Nie Li nodded to say that then continues to observe these sculpture.

„Do you have to understand my words, immediately leaves, otherwise bidding goodbye blames me not being impolite!” That sound is bringing being inwardly angry.

„That is impolite, in any case I only then Heavenly Fate Realm, died nothing.” Nie Li said calmly.

Nie Li does not care about the life and death completely!

That sound silent moment, said: „Since you do not fear the life and death, why that does not go to outside the palace to fight for the crystal of Ganges, this then has the opportunity to obtain the treasure that in Ghost Temple hides!”

„I have Heavenly Fate Realm. Outside the person in palace at least is Heavenly Star and Heavenly Axis Realm, I am not their matches, snatches the crystal of Ganges with them, isn't that courts death?” Nie Li was saying, while proceeded several steps, the eighth sculpture was not the key of strategy is.

„Although you, only then Heavenly Fate Realm, but not necessarily does not have the opportunity. I am hiding the crystals of hundreds of thousands of Ganges in the secret room in main shrine, so long as you listen to my guidance, then can find these crystals of Ganges, like this you can obtain the Ghost Temple treasure with ease!” That sound continues to say.

„Really?” Nie Li said with amazement.

„Naturally real!” That sound said. „I am only a wisp of thought that Ghost Temple is born, does the treasure in Ghost Temple for me, without any use, I why deceive you?”

„What treasure in Ghost Temple is hiding?” Nie Li before the ninth sculpture passes through. This ninth sculpture is not the key of strategy is.

„The treasure in Ghost Temple may be many went, is only the Spiritual Stone fine gold has tens of millions greatness, innumerable Artifact, even if obtains a small part, then can endure a ratio Divine Sect great wealth!” That sound said with the inviting sound.

„But I do not dare the interest to these anything belongings!” Nie Li continues saying that he is still studying these sculpture.

„Except for these belongings. In Ghost Temple is also hiding many Ancient God Item, formidable Ancient God Item, you, so long as the drop blood recognizes the host, can make him use, to have the incomparably formidable strength for you!” That sound continues to say.

„Does not have the interest!” Nie Li shook the head to say.

„You to any thing interested!” That sound sinking sound cold anger said.

„I thought that these sculpture very have meaning, actually I am a roaming the four corners of the world entertainer!” Nie Li have a relish looks that the present these sculpture said that he still in calculating Inscription Pattern in these sculpture.

At this moment, Nie Li gaze fell in a foot of sculpture, the Spiritual Stone fine gold that lost together has brought to the attention of Nie Li.

Merely together Spiritual Stone fine gold, although is not the astonishing wealth, but also the better than nothing, Nie Li bent the waist to pick this Spiritual Stone fine gold.

When Nie Li picks up this Spiritual Stone fine gold, only listened to a sad and shrill sound sound.

„Puts down this Spiritual Stone fine gold, it is my!”

„If you dare to take away it, I must kill you!”

„All things in this Ghost Temple, are my, no one must move! Who dares to move kills without amnesty! Kills, I must massacre your this group of people entirely, no one must carry off” that sound hysteria to cry out the treasure in Ghost Temple, that sound passes through the ear just like the demon sound, rumbled in the ear of Nie Li.

The Nie Li right hand is taking that Spiritual Stone fine gold, that incisive grating sound made Nie Li wrinkle the brow, the eardrum must be broken simply.

Took one to fall in the Spiritual Stone fine gold of ground, as for was so excited?

As if has thought of anything, the Nie Li corners of the mouth cast aside slightly, he continued to study these sculpture.

„Do you have to hear my words, puts down the Spiritual Stone fine gold, a bit faster gets the hell out to me, otherwise, I must make you die without the burial ground!” That sound cursed wildly with rage, looked like a vixen of shouting abuse in public is ordinary.

Nie Li actually disregards to this sound, is calculating attentively Inscription Pattern in sculpture.

In the main shrine, forms have grazed, they move unimpeded, therefore has not stopped slightly, has crashed in the main shrine.

„here is a main shrine!”

„Where does the Ghost Temple treasure hide?”

This group of people look around, door that they have discovered shutting tightly quickly.

„Is it possible that in the here surface?”( To be continued.)

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