„Light is I supports you, that is insufficient, only if you can show that you really have the ability the Divine Feather Sect belt to magnificently!” Hierarch Skycloud is silent was saying.

„I to the teacher will show that I have such ability, but also asked the teacher to support!” Nie Li said.

„On the moral character, I favors you, you are much better compared with Long Tianming, but Situ Beiyan that child is also good.” Hierarch Skycloud thinks that „Situ Beiyan is the Sect Master child, was only a pity the heart that he vies for supremacy is not that intense ...”

Situ Beiyan? Nie Li as if has listened to some, previous generation Situ Beiyan was plotted, dies a violent death bewilderedly, afterward Long Tianming was in power, that all feelings are Situ Beiyan do likely. Since previous generation Situ Beiyan has not won Long Tianming, this makes him become Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, perhaps is not the good deed.

„This is I for the compounded drug that the teacher refines, eats up this compounded drug, I believe that the teacher will understand my idea ... Since I can help Divine Feather Sect achieve the magnificence that thousand years have not achieved!” Nie Li is said very much self-confidently that has given Hierarch Skycloud the compounded drug respectfully.

Hierarch Skycloud received the compounded drug, gaze falls after the compounded drug, has flashed through a surprised color slightly.

He felt on this compounded drug the terrifying efficacy!

Opens mouth swallowed down this compounded drug, only thought that rushes the infinite efficacy, following the throat, Hierarch Skycloud felt turbulently own body, looked like the flame has burnt generally.

Hierarch Skycloud is Expert of Martial Ancestor level, generally, the ordinary compounded drug eats to him, the basic effectiveness does not have, only if that thousands of year wonder drug, but these wonder drugs are not easy to look.

At least dozens years, Hierarch Skycloud has not eaten to have been any to his Cultivation helpful compounded drug.

Because his Cultivation inside story was too strong!

The rushing efficacy that however the compounded drug of leaf galaxy, above contains, unexpectedly is much more formidable than the strength that his oneself practices!

Five years, Hierarch Skycloud Cultivation stays in the Martial Ancestor Third Level boundary bogs down, now eats up this compounded drug, Cultivation unexpectedly is the crazy promotion. Broke through the Martial Ancestor Fourth Level boundary instantaneously, and has not stopped.

Actually this is any wonder drug, efficacy is unexpectedly terrorist in this way!

Decided that Divine Feather Sect status, is not the Cultivation strengths of these ordinary disciples. But is the Divine Feather Sect five giants, in these five giants, what Cultivation is strongest is the Martial Ancestor Fifth Level boundary, what is weakest is the Martial Ancestor First Level boundary, Expert of five Martial Ancestor levels. Is the strength of entire Divine Feather Sect peak level!

Expert of these five Martial Ancestor levels are in good health, Divine Feather Sect will not be feeble! But if Expert of these five Martial Ancestor levels had problems, that Divine Feather Sect loudly avalanche, like the previous generation.

Expert of these five Martial Ancestor levels, possibly are year even dozens years, Cultivation can a little promote, to their this Realm, wanted to promote Cultivation, is not the pure practice is OK, but also needs some chances.

Martial Ancestor breaks through First Level every time. The life can lengthen for several years.

Hierarch Skycloud lived was so long, has lacked the ability to do what one would like more and more, felt that in dozens years, will possibly arrive at the life the terminus, but now, Nie Li compounded drug, unexpectedly was makes Hierarch Skycloud break through Fourth Level day Realm directly!

This was the matter of no small matter!

A moment later, Hierarch Skycloud opened the eye suddenly, in the eye pupil the god has only exploded shoots.

„Has not thought that small compounded drug, the efficacy is unexpectedly terrorist in this way!” Hierarch Skycloud sighed said. „Nie Li, since has taken your compounded drug, received your sentiment, will help you socialize for the master surely with every effort this matter.”

„Teacher spoke discreetly. The disciples had the good thing, is filial piety the master should be!” Nie Li smiles was saying, his moral character to Hierarch Skycloud, there are that some understanding. Asked Hierarch Skycloud to help, absolutely was a very correct matter.

Hierarch Skycloud silent for a long time, has not thought that Nie Li has such mysterious compounded drug unexpectedly. If this compounded drug has 56, will make Divine Feather Sect welcome a brand-new magnificence! The efficacy of this compounded drug, besides helped his promote step directly, there are also stockpiles in Soul Sea, it is estimated that he must go back to close up for several months, can digest this efficacy.

Such compounded drug, can make his promote step to the Martial Ancestor Fifth Level day, even Sixth Level day Realm!

Such mysterious compounded drug, is surely rare, wants to put out 56, is how difficult.

Moreover as teacher, if begs the compounded drug to Nie Li, to fall the share, Hierarch Skycloud could not make such matter absolutely!

„My here also has this type of compounded drugs, in this bottle, more than 30, but also asked the teacher to help me move, convinced other Sect Master and several giants as far as possible, gave me Divine Feather Sect the position of Sect Master, I did utmost surely, do one's best, the Divine Feather Sect belt to another magnificence, believes that the teacher should be able to confirm now, I had such ability!” Nie Li has given Hierarch Skycloud one bottle of compounded drugs.

Hierarch Skycloud looks at the bottle of compounded drugs in Nie Li hand unbelievable, in the eye pupil reveals the color of deep shock.

This was too simply astonishing!

This type of compounded drug, if there are 56, was astonishing, Nie Li has put out one bottle unexpectedly all of a sudden, enough more than 30!

More than 30 compounded drugs, this is any concept!

Hierarch Skycloud breath rapid, he is an extremely steady person, but he understands that more than 30 compounded drugs mean anything. He does not cling to this compounded drug, rather, he understands these compounded drugs, will have the how tremendous influence to Divine Feather Sect!

„Nie Li, you know that what more than 30 compounded drugs are representing? Are you willing to contribute to give Divine Feather Sect it really?” Hierarch Skycloud deeply inspired, looked that said to Nie Li.

„Yes.” Nie Li nodded seriously, more than 30 compounded drugs, are he specially are the Expert refinements of Hierarch Skycloud these Martial Ancestor levels, in the Hierarch Skycloud eye, this type of compounded drug is extremely precious, each is priceless, but to Nie Li, in the Nie Li hand also has so many not to have the god fruit, can refine many compounded drugs!

Hierarch Skycloud nodded, said: „You, since is willing to give Divine Feather Sect these compounded drug contributions, then to Divine Feather Sect, is the big hero! Believes Sect Master they, looks in your merit , the meeting is willing to give you position of Sect Master!”

Several years later, Divine Feather Sect old Sect Master must start to close up the practice, impact higher Realm, will resign when the time comes the position of Sect Master.

The position of this Sect Master, merely is only management entire Divine Feather Sect. But the Divine Feather Sect five giants, dominate above Sect Master absolutely!

Nie Li helps the Divine Feather Sect five giants promote the strength, to the Divine Feather Sect five giants, gives Nie Li the position of Sect Master, no reason why not. Exchange that this is worth absolutely!( To be continued.)

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