Nie Li that called one depressed, no matter matched cannot be joined, you must ask first others did want, knows that has the melon that words were called to wrench to be sweet?

Can the Nie Li thoughts racing, cope with Long Yuyin this rude and unreasonable old lady?

Felt that chilly weather dagger, Nie Li was depressed, heard that Long Yuyin fiance Hu Yong, was discarded by Long Yuyin twice, didn't know from her old lady here study?

Long Shuyun gaze carefully examines looks at Nie Li, cold -ly said: „What's wrong, haven't you wanted?”

Cold Aura, making Nie Li tremble.

„Wait, I want to ask that several matters, Long Yuyin is why surnamed Long, are you also surnamed Long?” Nie Li opens the mouth to ask immediately.

Heard the Nie Li words, Long Shuyun stares obviously, the Nie Li topic also too jumped, suddenly mentioned this, a moment later said: „We belong to Dragon Seal Family, naturally is surnamed Long, if you married my daughter, naturally also surnamed Long!”

Unexpectedly marries into the wife's household!

„Can have the qualifications to be surnamed Long, you should also be proud!” Long Shuyun said naturally.

„This is not good!” Nie Li shakes the head to say immediately that „my surname is the ancestor bestows, let alone was abandoned, even if were killed, I will not change my surname easily. This is disrespects to the ancestor!”

Long Shuyun shrugs saying: „Good, you, since is not willing to be surnamed Long, I do not demand you, so long as you and my daughter's fresh first child were OK surnamed Long!”

Nie Li looks at Long Shuyun, did Long Shuyun such quickly compromise? This rather did not have the principle!

„Before marrying my daughter, you have anything to request to say freely, so long as is not too excessive, I can promise you!” Long Shuyun looks at Nie Li, quite some profound meanings said that „I know your boy ambition is not small, layout well. However you want to compete for the position of Sect Master, is the support of Spiritual Senior Tian Yun is only insufficient, so long as you married Long Yuyin, can have a giant's full support again. When the time comes is Situ Sect Master, perhaps must consider carefully, your stratagem which ensures success was very big! If you do not marry Long Yuyin, then our Dragon Seal Family will resort to all means not to let your superior! Actually to take many boosts to be many enemies. You look at the office!”

Hears the Long Shuyun words depressed, Nie Li at heart that this simply is ** the bare land threatens! Some people such marry the daughter? This Dragon Seal Family person, does not know how really the brain is long!

Nie Li that called one depressed, but he also understood some consideration of Long Shuyun. Solely by the Long Yuyin ability, wants to compete for Dragon Seal Family the position of Patriarch with Long Tianming, the stratagem which ensures success is small, if Nie Li married Long Yuyin, that result completely was different.

Two fused the God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit later generation, God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit or the variation of level person, thinks the Dragon Seal Family resources, will incline toward Nie Li and Long Yuyin.

„Said that I must thank you, no matter how before I persuaded, my daughter she is not willing to stand to compete for the position of Dragon Seal Family Patriarch. Has not thought after following you, unexpectedly is willing to stand to compete. This world, the lots want to fight, will be you! I can look, Yin Er this girl likes you, such being the case, as her old lady, I naturally must help her. Nie Li, you, if dares to disappoint Yin Er, ahem. Me do not tell that any Divine Feather Sect custom, the old lady I have not paid attention to the custom!” Long Shuyun said aggressively.

Bumps into a favored daughter to be cherished, Nie Li was also has a headache, he wanted to shift the topic unceasingly. However Long Shuyun still presses on step by step.

„Aunt, like this is good, after all I and Long Yuyin are small, now the marriage is not quite appropriate, might as well again and other years, if Long Yuyin also liked me at that time. I marry her!” Nie Li has thought said that five years later, who also knew at that time any situation, even if Nie Li acted shamelessly, Long Shuyun also took him not to have idea!

„Has anything not to be inappropriate, the person of this age marriage were many! Naturally, when five years, you first have also assigned the engagement, child living, I now am also in any case idle, happen to can lead the grandson to you!” Long Shuyun has thought said.

Nie Li looks at Long Shuyun, dumbfounded.


This was also too invincible! Nie Li does not know how completely should reply Long Shuyun.

„Aunt, marries the important matter, can inquire the parents first? My parents in Tiny World, have needed five years, the Tiny World entrance will open.” Nie Li hurries saying that also cannot help but for own subdued quick-wittedly.

Heard the Nie Li words, Long Shuyun has hesitated finally, but immediately, gaze looked swiftly and fiercely to Nie Li, said: „Is your boy perfunctory me?”

„How I dare to be perfunctory the aunt!” Nie Li said hurriedly, „my parents all in Tiny World!”

„This does not need to manage, when you had a child, five years later entered Tiny World to say and that is clear to your parents again!” Long Shuyun has thought that said categorically.

„This is not good, does not have the life of parents, I do not dare to handle such unfilial matter!” Nie Li the righteousness words said immediately.

„I was look to understand, your boy does not want to marry my daughter, since this, that do not blame me being cruel and merciless! I must have a look but actually, when you can with me hardly to!” Long Shuyun was annoyed, the chest was fluctuating fiercely, wielded the dagger to cut toward the Nie Li crotch under.

Felt that the pants crotch is cool, Nie Li still proudly said: „I am those words, is not I am not willing to marry Long Yuyin, before marrying her, I must result in ask for instructions my parents first! Otherwise, no matter the aunt makes anything to me, I will not submit!”

The Long Shuyun dagger must cut Nie Li shortly, actually stopped, she also a little worries, after all Nie Li completely does not reject, if has abandoned Nie Li, perhaps Long Yuyin will be mad at her, but this boy slippery fellow must very much, who know Nie Li is perfunctory intentionally?

When the Long Shuyun stop is silent, the door of Nie Li room suddenly opened, a person walked, is Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu sees this, at the scene.

„You” Xiao Yu look at this dull, she passes through the Nie Li room time, hears sound that in the room transmits the woman, thinks angry is Long Yuyin, after shoving open the door, actually saw this.

Nie Li is sprawled flies high to lie down, the posture is extremely ambiguous, but at present this mature hot woman, to Nie Li is not knowing is making anything.

„Who are you?” Xiao Yu is staring at Long Shuyun, he was guessing the Long Shuyun status, such a strange woman appeared in the Nie Li room after all, absolutely was an unusual matter.

Long Shuyun has patted Nie Li, cluck-cluck has smiled, said: „Nie Li, what kind , does the elder sister also serve may you be comfortable?” She looks toward Nie Li that in the charming eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly a cold ray.

Sees the Long Shuyun look, Nie Li smiles bitterly at heart, this woman may really be awfully, he knows, if he does not coordinate, consequence that was serious.( To be continued.)

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