Although Senior Wuyan said shows mercy, but can Guo Huai not understand the meaning of Senior Wuyan?

„Yes!” Guo Huai said respectfully that looked at Nie Li of distant place, in the eye pupil has flashed through wipes the ruthless color. » Happy &\; \; Article » novel. し

Compares Ye Chong, Senior Wuyan trusts Guo Huai obviously, Guo Huai is his trusted friend direct descendant, even if he makes Guo Huai die, Guo Huai will not wrinkle the brow absolutely!

Hears the words of Senior Wuyan imposingly, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai one startled, Guo Huai has achieved 9 Fate Realm, even if Nie Li fused God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, but after all is also 4 Fate Realm, possibly to be how victorious the 9 Fate Realm student? Let alone Guo Huai is direct descendant of Senior Wuyan careful training, compared with the ordinary 9 Fate Realm student, on striving to excel many.

„This is not absolutely good!” Huang Yu hurries to make noise saying that he a little does not think clearly, why Senior Wuyan such strongly will cope with Nie Li, simply is unscrupulous.

What Huang Yu does not know, the Senior Wuyan feeling, Nie Li will demonstrate the enough astonishing potential, Spiritual Senior Tian Yun will take immediately seriously Nie Li, trained Nie Li with emphasis, in addition his wish made Ye Chong kill the Nie Li matter to expose, he simply for a penny and for a pound, if missed this opportunity, later again did not have the opportunity!

Therefore Senior Wuyan such duo duo presses hard on, does not attend to Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai two people of advising completely.

The body of Senior Wuyan released the formidable imposing manner, suppressed results in Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai, but after all Senior Wuyan Dao of Dragon Realm Expert.

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai, although very annoyed Senior Wuyan arbitrary overbearing, but they are unable to prevent, the strength were too many with the Senior Wuyan difference.

Heard Senior Wuyan and Huang Yu, Nanmen Tianhai quarrel, Nie Li has actually jumped down the martial arts contest stage, then has worn the Rank 6 Artifact Armor coverall neatly, disdain curled the lip saying: „This competes with me to reject, I do not do!”

Heard the Nie Li words, East Court students has gawked, several have smiled.

Truly, gaze of all people focus in Senior Wuyan and Huang Yu, Nanmen Tianhai. They understand that Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai two elders cannot struggle Senior Wuyan, thought that Nie Li ended, has not actually thought that Nie Li said the words that has such acted shamelessly directly.

Right, Ming knows that this competition is brings death. Why is Nie Li irrecusable?

Is a unfair competition, even if Nie Li has rejected, who can Nie Li be what kind of? Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai two elders are will not punish Nie Li absolutely.

„Senior Wuyan, since the following student refuses to compete with, that such considers as finished!” Huang Yu opens the mouth to say in the one side.

Face darken of Senior Wuyan. The Nie Li ratio was expected that also wants to be harder to deal with, first time competes with him to want with the aid of the hand of Ye Chong, plays dead Nie Li directly, will not raise any big storm, who can expect, Nie Li fused God level growth rate Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon unexpectedly!

Entire Divine Feather Sect, fused God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, how many people can have? Early knows that first sent on Guo Huai!

Second he wants to send on Guo Huai, Nie Li acts shamelessly unexpectedly directly does not do!

„Makes me come up with him to hit also!” Nie Li is pointing at Guo Huai of distant place, said. „But I must put on Artifact! Why my Artifact, am I unusable? What broken custom is this?”

Hears the Nie Li words, the East Court students looks at each other in blank diamay, they listened to the human to say in secret, Nie Li has the Rank 6 Artifact coverall of one set!

Puts on Artifact to hit, does that also hit?

A Rank 6 Artifact coverall, even if stands there makes Guo Huai hit, cannot hit! Heavenly Axis Realm may not break through, let alone Heavenly Fate Realm!

„If not make me put in Artifact, I do not play. At the worst I did not enter East Court, returned to West Court to go!” Nie Li shrugs, a dead pig does not fear the boiling water hot appearance.

Heard the Nie Li words, Liu Piao, Gu Bei et al. smiles. Right, since Senior Wuyan clarified must oppress others by the potential, why Nie Li can't act shamelessly?

Senior Wuyan was annoyed, he how Nie Li, hard carried the martial arts contest stage Nie Li?

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai smile, Nie Li this boy is smart. So long as has packed off Senior Wuyan today, they are will not punish Nie Li absolutely, after all this matter was Senior Wuyan is done extremely.

The distant place, Situ Beiyan laughs saying: „I poured a little like the disposition of that boy, Long Tianming, although he did not have any influence, but you wanted to suppress him, perhaps was not so simple!”

Nearby Long Tianming looked at one toward Nie Li, gaze was profound, has sneered a sound track: „That, boy also will play but actually not necessarily tricks! True Expert will not resort to these small methods!”

„Expert?” Situ Beiyan said with a smile, „what Expert did Nie Li calculate? He came Heavenly Soul Institute also just one year. Heavenly Fate Realm did you such badly battered, Long Tianming, how I thought that you not necessarily played him!”

Long Tianming coldly looked at taking pleasure in others'misfortunes Situ Beiyan, Nie Li this boy, a little was too truly unexpected.

Only listened to Senior Wuyan to despise looked at Nie Li, said: „Among a competition including new people, so dreads, depends on your this coward, there is qualifications becomes the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun disciple?”

„How can that? Spiritual Senior Tian Yun is willing to receive me for the disciple, Senior Wuyan cannot manage! Moreover what I want to tell Senior Wuyan, I 4 Fate Realm, you arrange the 9 Fate Realm match to me, is actually whose rascal? You now are Dao of Dragon Realm, gives the match who you arrange the Martial Ancestor level to try? If you can win, calculates that you have the skill!” Nie Li laughed at one to say.

Hears the Nie Li words, the East Court students smiles to make noise.

This laughter, making in the Senior Wuyan face unable to hang, he was the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun disciple, usually in had a high and respected position, who did the person of peer dare not to give him how many minute of faces? Who dares such to speak to him? However today he is said very much by Nie Li does not have the face.

„Likes playing you to play in any case, I did not accompany you to play!” Nie Li there walks toward Gu Bei, Liu Piao et al. very much natural.

„How East Court allows you to come to come, wants to walk walks?” The Senior Wuyan eyes have narrowed the eyes thin, flashes through wipes the ominous light, points at the Nie Li clear and resonant voice saying that „recently, I after the investigation discovery, Nie Li am the Demon God Sect spy, although you can hoodwink Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, but gave up any idea of that escapes my eye! I sooner or later will clutch you!”

Hears the words of Senior Wuyan, all people slightly stare.

Senior Wuyan these words, seriously were vicious to peak, was equal to advanced on the keenest struggle Nie Li thoroughly.

„Reason that I aim at Nie Li, is discovered that his intention is illegal, wants thoroughly to eliminate this spy, although my behavior was a little truly extreme, but my loyalty to the Divine Feather Sect, the world may reflect!” Senior Wuyan throws out the chest to say proudly that said have a strong sense of righteousness.

Heard the words of Senior Wuyan, Gu Bei, Liu Piao, Li Hangyun et al. on the faces reveals the color of anger, Senior Wuyan was clearly talking irresponsibly, makes false accusations!( To be continued.)

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