Only is these compounded drugs, trades Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, absolutely did not have any issue!

Nie Li shows a faint smile, he knows that Hierarch Skycloud will make the judgment.

He is only one, can the Divine Feather Sect belt to the genuine magnificent person!

„Divine Feather Sect will arrange after a period of time to succeed Sect Master candidate, you make to prepare first, I do not know that you can have several people's support, but by your compounded drugs, I estimated that in Divine Feather Sect at least will have three Martial Ancestor to support you, but the light is the support of Martial Ancestor is insufficient, you must have enough strength fear obedience talented person line, otherwise pushes up the position of Sect Master you, is unable to obtain the approvals of other people, this Sect Master cannot hold on to your hat!” Hierarch Skycloud smiles to say lightly.

„This point teacher please feel relieved, since I want to compete the position of Sect Master, if this minor matter cannot complete continually, that simply does not struggle to consider as finished.” Nie Li smiled to say.

Hears the Nie Li words, Hierarch Skycloud nodded, the Nie Li origin, seriously is somewhat mysterious, but Hierarch Skycloud did not suspect but actually Nie Li is illegal to the Divine Feather Sect intention, if cherishes really illegally, will not give them such formidable wonder drug.

These wonder drugs, can make Divine Feather Sect promote to another altitude absolutely.

Nie Li came out from the Tian Yun Shen palace, returned to own dwelling.

Hierarch Skycloud takes the wonder drug that Nie Li is giving, looks several other Martial Ancestor to negotiate.

These days, Nie Li has been practicing with concentration.

The time passes by quickly, immediately must to succeeding Sect Master candidate, Long Tianming has enlivened compared with the past, five giants of Martial Ancestor levels are closing up, he must mount the position of Sect Master to win enough many support for himself, therefore he keeps buying over the Divine Feather Sect elder and remote antiquity elder and so on human.

In comparison, Situ Beiyan appeared tranquiler, regarding appearance that succeeding Sect Master did not crave, naturally operation in secret was unavoidable.

Long Tianming the place of mansion.

„What did you say? To the present, why Situ did Beiyan also live well?” Long Tianming is cloudy the face.

Several wear the person of black clothed to kneel to bend down before the body of Long Tianming.

„The young master, we are not reply clear. Under us the toxin, was solved each time, once we send for ambushing Situ Beiyan, by Situ Beiyan person breaking through!”

Long Tianming frowns. It seems like some people knew he wants to kill Situ Beiyan matter, therefore obstructs in secret.

Long Tianming sank snort: „Situ Beiyan is the child of Sect Master, the person who in Divine Feather Sect supports is many, is a very big threat, but currently in the elder has 80% to support my. The remote antiquity elders of several Dao of Dragon Realm peak, 90% are also supports my, in addition five giants of Martial Ancestor levels, at least also two even three support me, Sect Master prepares to retire now, will not help Situ Beiyan obviously, I do not believe Situ Beiyan also to have the stratagem which ensures success! Makes him go!”

No matter what, he must govern entire Divine Feather Sect!

„You get down!” The Long Tianming sinking sound said.

„Yes!”, A Men in Black has drawn back quickly.

After these Men in Black draw back next, Long Tianming sat on the chair. He is holding appreciatively a black token carefully, sees only on this token, is carving fierce Demon Beast.

„Situ Beiyan, has the help of Demon God Sect, I did not believe you to win me!” Long Tianming corners of the mouth coldly smiles, to his knowledge, the Demon God Sect influence already seeped in Divine Feather Sect, grasped certain influence in Divine Feather Sect, this influence affects the position of candidate result Sect Master sufficiently!

Spokesman who Long Tianming Demon God Sect promotes, so long as Long Tianming becomes Divine Feather Sect new Sect Master. Although cannot move Divine Feather Sect five giants of Martial Ancestor levels, but at least other people during their controls, giant who when certain degree, processes five Martial Ancestor levels slowly. They wanted to destroy completely Divine Feather Sect that to be easy!

At this time, in Situ Beiyan other institute, in the hall gathered many people, Nie Li, Liu Piao, Gu Bei, Li Hangyun and Long Yuyin impressively in the row.

„Nie Li, truly such as you said that Long Tianming wants to plot to murder me with various methods. In this regard. I receive your sentiment, but Long Tianming wanted to kill me, was not that simple matter!” Situ Beiyan eyebrow selects to say slightly.

„Regarding this matter, I thinks that Situ brother has understood clearly. My this time, wants to ask Situ brother to help me!” Nie Li shows a faint smile to say.

„Help? Helps?” Situ Beiyan carries one cup of tea, has drunk.

„I know that Situ brother's manner, Situ brother wants to make Divine Feather Sect truly formidable. Immediately must succeed Sect Master candidate, I want to ask Situ brother to help my helping hand , helping me to mount the position of Sect Master!” Nie Li is said very much straightforwardly.

Hears the Nie Li words, Situ Beiyan has gawked, suddenly has laughed: „Nie Li, I acknowledged that I received your sentiment, is your this request , was too rather laughable. Not to mention I am also one of the candidates, even if I did not run, my also is impossible chose you! After all were you still shallow in the Divine Feather Sect qualifications, how long come Divine Feather Sect? Like making Divine Feather Sect Sect Master? Divine Feather Sect won't the position of Sect Master, hand over an origin details not really transparent person decidedly?”

„I know Situ brother's meaning, but compares with Long Tianming, do I have a qualifications point? If Situ brother has enough ability, sends for investigating Long Tianming, wants to investigate Long Tianming, starts from the Long Tianming initial several smelting trials, at that time Long Tianming had hired oneself Demon God Sect!”

„You said that what evidence has?” Situ Beiyan eyebrow selects, if Long Tianming is really the Demon God Sect person, then cannot make Long Tianming mount the position of Sect Master absolutely!

„Does not have the evidence, the letter or does not believe in Situ brother. After all Situ brother is also one of the candidates, Hierarch Skycloud also will nominate when the time comes me becomes a candidate, I hope, if Situ brother could not defeat Long Tianming, that turned the head to support me!” Nie Li shows a faint smile.

„Brother Situ, I support Nie Li in any case absolutely!” Gu Bei said firmly.

„I am also!” Li Hangyun also nodded.

„I!” Long Yuyin also without hesitation said.

Hears Gu Bei, Li Hangyun and Long Yuyin words, Situ Beiyan is a little in a daze slightly, he a little does not think clearly, will the Gu Bei three people such firmly support Nie Li for what? What charm Nie Li has, actually made the Gu Bei three people such believe?

„Gu Bei, Hangyun and Yuyin, we walk, I think that Situ brother will certainly make the correct choice!” Nie Li shows a faint smile, stands to walk toward outside.

Gu Bei et al. also hurry to follow.

Looks at Nie Li one line of back, Situ Beiyan frowns, is tasting the Nie Li words carefully, if Long Tianming is really the Demon God Sect person ...

No matter what, cannot make Long Tianming Divine Feather Sect Sect Master absolutely!( To be continued.)

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