Why should do.,

These Expert continue to stare at crystal jade, the mnemonics on sensibility quartz jade.

At this moment, sees only Nie Li to write Inscription Pattern rapidly.

These Inscription Pattern have mapped in the crystal jade rapidly.

The people just started also thinks that Nie Li tampers with do, suddenly, sees only the crystal jade ray to put greatly, the Nie Li form started becomes unreal.

„What's the matter?”

„Blocks him!”

Several Expert set out to want Nie Li to block in abundance.

Saw only the body of Nie Li to be hidden rapidly the crystal jade, vanished to disappear.

They were scared, another person entered the crystal jade!

Is it possible that enters the crystal jade method to be very simple? Does the beforehand nobody attempt? Early knows that blocks Nie Li, presses for an answer the method of entering!

Wu Yazi has also tarried, he has not thought that Nie Li has gone in unexpectedly, he looks to Xiao Yu: „Nie Li knows the method of entering?”

„I am not clear!” Xiao Yu shrugs, „estimate goes in depending on the luck?”

Wu Yazi has gone bad depressed, Nie Li did not bring itself to go in unexpectedly! Did the treasure of main shrine have nothing to do with oneself?

Wu Yazi looked around Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu in here, has not known that Nie Li can come back, his only ability heart waited.

Before audiences Expert before crystal jade arrive at the crystal jade, starts method that studies to enter.

And Expert also studies Nie Li to be the same, thump has knocked knocking on the crystal jade, except for the intermittent echo, anything had not discovered.

Just that two people, merely several Inscription Pattern writing on the crystal jade, then entered the crystal jade, he thinks. Also has written on the crystal jade, Inscription Pattern have mapped in the crystal jade, the crystal jade ray puts greatly.


He revealed the wild with joy look, was staring at the crystal jade excitedly.

At this moment, only listens to one of the bang, a blazing strength sprays from the crystal jade. This Expert was struck to fly by this strength directly, flies upside down dozens meters, layer on layer fell falls in the ground, the whole body burned black braved the intermittent haze, the both legs to step on the step on, then did not have the sound.

Sees this, other were preparing to attempt to enter the crystal jade Expert to stay, felt that intermittent creepy feeling, does not dare to attempt carelessly.

Inscription Pattern on this crystal jade. It is not easy to explain, once does not explain successfully, must pay the price.

They arrived at Ghost Temple with great difficulty, having the opportunity can perceive through meditation peerless cultivation method on crystal jade, which gives up?

Returned to original position, continued to perceive through meditation the crystal jade.

Wu Yazi looked at a distant place that burned black corpse, Nie Li this person is extremely learned, can open the crystal jade not to make one be surprised. Does not know before the person who Nie Li goes is any origin, it seems like he did not have the opportunity to go. Honestly stays in here perceives through meditation the crystal jade.

Xiao Yu is staring at the front crystal jade dull, why does not know, suddenly somewhat is at heart moved, Nie Li this person, quickly likely will be together the startled great wild goose will be perhaps ordinary, will vanish in her life.

Present she has missed two steps on Cultivation with Nie Li. In the future can definitely miss more and more.

Suddenly, she feels that within the body has two mysterious Aura, connects in her Soul Sea, then wells up toward the four limbs hundred arteries. These two Aura with the ring of her right hand, has a relation of mysterious.

Xiao Yu always feelings, within the body has had since two mysterious Aura, always in protecting her, whenever she suffers the setback, or the practice encounters the difficulty time, these two Aura associations appear, then helps her helping hand.

Although does not know that these two Aura are any origins, but Xiao Yu feelings, these two Aura are always related with her life experience, this is also the reason why she must track down oneself life experience.

In two Aura, the strength of faint trace emerged Soul Sea, one and stimulated the strength of monster blood sacrifice.

Xiao Yu Cultivation starts to promote crazily, Soul Sea surging forward, kept surging.

A little is also shocking including Xiao Yu, this strength is completely uncontrolled.


Eighth Fate Soul in Soul Sea has burnt, ninth has also burnt.

Nine Fate Soul central committee, mysterious star light appeared intermittently quietly, has been full of the infinite strength.

That is life star!

Once comprehends the life star class the strength, can step into Heavenly Star Realm!

Wu Yazi is practicing, suddenly felt that nearby Xiao Yu Aura increases continuously, has achieved 9 Fate Realm unexpectedly directly, even has faintly to the feeling of Heavenly Star Realm breakthrough.

Nie Li and Xiao Yu were too abnormal, the speed of this Cultivation promotion also was too rather astonishing, how was continuously the promote steps! The ordinary person practices, wants to promote the first-order strength, many how many year of even several years, few also how many months takes, where will look like Nie Li and Xiao Yu so?

Xiao Yu is also secretly the heart startled, the strength next of monster blood sacrifice, that two mysterious Aura, felt that is more formidable than the monster blood sacrifice.

These two Aura operated the moment in Xiao Yu Soul Sea, then follows the chest of Xiao Yu to be all the way good, broke in both eyes, in the double pupil of Xiao Yu, flashes through two god of journeys light suddenly.

The front crystal jade, immediately became grotesque and gaudy, Inscription Pattern in crystal jade, all clearly reappear in her at present.

She is a little suddenly clear, how this crystal jade should explain!

Xiao Yu has stood, prepares to walk toward the crystal jade.

„Wait!” Wu Yazi blocks Xiao Yu, he felt that Xiao Yu becomes somewhat strangely, felt keenly Xiao Yu likely can also open the crystal jade.

„Why?” Xiao Yu halted the footsteps to look that asked to Wu Yazi.

„Brother Xiao Yu, opening the method of crystal jade told me, you have gone, cannot keep me in here, my Heavenly Axis Realm Cultivation, can protect you!” Wu Yazi smiles, rubbed rubbed hands to send greetings to Xiao Yu said.

Xiao Yu thinks that the right hand empty refers, Inscription Pattern entered in the Wu Yazi mind. Let Wu Yazi with going, for them advantageous harmless. Nie Li will possibly hit with Demon Lord, then when the time comes they can many helper.

That should be enters crystal jade the method!

In Wu Yazi heart slightly one cold, this Xiao Yu can infiltrate his mind Inscription Pattern unexpectedly, it seems like he was far and away has underestimated the Xiao Yu strength. Even if Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, is not necessarily able to infiltrate his mind Inscription Pattern at will, but Xiao Yu, has not achieved including Heavenly Star Realm, can actually achieve, this really made one feel to be afraid.

No matter Nie Li, is Xiao Yu, too mysterious not measured that as deep as a well.( To be continued..)

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