„I from your body, induced Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting Aura, has not thought that this Ancient God Item, was obtained by you unexpectedly, moreover you also completely fused it unexpectedly.” That sound quite sigh with emotion said.

Nie Li secretly heart startled, has not thought that the Xiao Yu father, hides Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting in Nie Li Soul Sea to induce unexpectedly continually obtains.

„The strength in my daughter bloodline, once releases, will have our before death Cultivation, Aura of technique of evolution will expose, was found out by secret inquiry by Sage Emperor, therefore I want to invite you before the strength in my daughter bloodline has not awakened, making her enter in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, like this she can escape!” That sound said.

„It is not allows her to enter Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, this does not have the issue!” Nie Li patted has struck one's chest saying that „please ask the strength in Xiao Yu when bloodline can awaken?”

„Either was her own Cultivation has reached the Martial Ancestor level, either was she is the person woman time.” That sound has hesitated, finally said.

Heard this saying, Nie Li stares obviously dull, on the face has flashed through wipes the strange look. Thinks that reaches the Martial Ancestor level to be not difficult.

„Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting truly is an astonishing treasure, can become a microcosm in inside, in the past Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, has initiated battle continually, including one time, two peak Expert to avoid Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting falls to the hand of Sage Emperor, does not hesitate to wrestle by the fate, has hidden Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, finally all died in the hand of Sage Emperor.” That sound sighed to say.

here is the Sage Emperor space and time domain, any existence that can threaten Sage Emperor, no matter the human, is some treasure, once were known by Sage Emperor, will be eliminated by Sage Emperor.

Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting is also one of treasures Sage Emperor must remove!

Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting went all out to retain by certain people of lofty ideas.

„In the past to resist Sage Emperor, innumerable Expert died, until now, has only left behind a method, can keep in balance Sage Emperor slightly. That is the set innumerably greatly can Expert creation Ancestral God Land, has suppressed an demon bone of Sage Emperor, making Sage Emperor unable temporarily the use complete strength. Sage Emperor can only use his Clone, governs this space and time. This Clone strength, merely is only his True Body 1/10, therefore has given our some opportunities, otherwise, only feared that nearby dozens border areas have been infertile. Was built up to melt by Sage Emperor completely.” That sound sighs with emotion was saying.

Hears that sound the words, in the Nie Li heart imposing one startled, originally the demon bone of Sage Emperor, was suppressed by Ancestral God Land. Previous generation that decisive battle, Nie Li thought that Sage Emperor beyond expectation weak, it seems like that time Sage Emperor, has not restored the peak the strength!

But knows according to Nie Li, previous generation Sage Emperor changes the good matter is suddenly shameless, because of the Ancestral God Land saintess, suddenly was missing. Ancestral God Land was also destroyed in a moment by together the golden flame. Perhaps after Ancestral God Land was destroyed, Sage Emperor has not restored the strength with enough time.

This, how should this bureau melt?

Nie Li silent for a long time.

„Although Sage Emperor is very strong, but you do not need to be pessimistic, some greatly can Expert, hide in the corner of each border area, they are practicing diligently, prepares to resist with Sage Emperor at any time. Tiny World in Draconic Ruins Realm, before is can die greatly, arranges, Tiny World seal. Sage Emperor is unable to break, that can hide many treasures in Tiny World greatly, if you can take these treasures, may have the help to you very much!”

„The Tiny World seal is extremely formidable. Only the Tiny World person can pass and out, my daughter exactly is the Tiny World person, can perhaps help you!” That sound said.

Heard the Xiao Yu father's words, Nie Li understood finally the long and short of the story of Tiny World seal, originally this was the Tiny World origin!

What the Xiao Yu father does not know, Nie Li also came from Tiny World!

Does not know in Tiny World. Has hidden what treasure?

Temporal Demon Spirit Book, Thunder God Meteorite Sword and Nightmare Demon Pot, should also calculate one of them, although Nie Li had also found Green Poison Pearl and so on goods, but Green Poison Pearl and so on treasure, with Temporal Demon Spirit Book, Thunder God Meteorite Sword and compared with Nightmare Demon Pot these Ancient God Item, inferior were too many.

Has not thought that Tiny World is so important, only then Tiny World indigenous, can pass and out freely, no wonder Demon God Sect must cultivate the influence in Tiny World, must make Demon Beast Clan control entire Tiny World reckless!

After wants to understand these, many dense fog in Nie Li heart, diverge finally gradually, so that's how it is!

When the next Tiny World entrance opens, must enter Tiny World as soon as possible! Only by doing so, can snatch before Demon God Sect Expert, obtains treasure that Tiny World hides!

Although rebirth one time, Nie Li thought the matter that one understand were many, but has the riddle that is unable to explain. On for example that mysterious Emperor Kong Ming, does not know that who is, actually now to be where.

„Then my daughter, asked to you!”

„Senior felt relieved, so long as I, nobody will move your daughter fine body hair, naturally I died, I cannot guarantee!” Nie Li shrugs to say.

Hears the Nie Li words, that sound chuckle, said: „You can evade then hide, do not evade, that was also only the fate! Such being the case, you first go back”

That sound goes far away gradually, floating vast does not have the trace.

The consciousness of Nie Li pulled out to slowly, returned to own body, his right hand has pinched pinching, a strange feeling reached in the palm, that was plentiful and soft, a hand could not grasp.

What is this?

A resounding.

Nie Li felt immediately burning ache, on the face that has suffered one, opened the eye to look to the front, saw only Xiao Yu to put on the clothes, was looking angrily at Nie Li.

„Hoodlum!” Xiao Yu spat one, her cheeks still boiling hot.

The consciousness of Nie Li entered the body of Xiao Yu to cross for almost two hours, Xiao Yu acupuncture point has untied automatically.

A moment ago that feel what's the matter?

Nie Li looked toward the chest of Xiao Yu, is very obviously even, is his illusion? Possibly was rests murkily?

Nie Li shrugs saying: „I do not know that you is a female, who makes you play the role of the man!”

„You” Xiao Yu was depressed, remembers matter that had a moment ago, her whole body by Nie Li tracing, was, this wrong truly not on Nie Li, who made her play the role of the man? Thinks one took down to dig up up the massage by Nie Li in the ground whole body a moment ago, the Xiao Yu cheeks just like burning down general.

„Ok, today's matter, you when anything has not occurred!” Xiao Yu has flung waving the arms about, a little resentfully said that although clearly knew to suffer a loss, was she can Nie Li be what kind of?( ~^~)

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