The ideas of some martial arts cultivation method that Nie Li practices, grasps, made Long Yuyin fill the deep curiosity.

This completely is she has not contacted the martial arts domain!

Therefore Long Yuyin admired to Nie Li completely.

Since Nie Li lets her starts to compete the position of Dragon Seal Family Patriarch, she to some retinues who before followed her father has sent out the message, it is estimated that will soon have the response.

Long Yuyin looks up Nie Li.

Then must help Long Yuyin make a connection with the acupuncture point, Nie Li took a gold needle to come out from Interspatial Ring.

Long Yuyin appears a little cramped tense appearance, the cheeks feel hot slightly, appearance that a little state of mind is not. After all this is her first time big lives alone in the evening one room with a man!

All prepares, Nie Li looked that said to Long Yuyin: „You take off the clothes.”

„?” Long Yuyin loses one's voice surprisedly.

„How don't you take off the clothes I under the needle to you?” Nie Li said that in his eyes, Long Yuyin is a girl, therefore has not cared.

Long Yuyin cheeks boiling hot, red to neck root place, but a moment later, she clenched teeth, took off long skirt slowly, has revealed the clear fragrant shoulder. The long skirt of fibroin fell gently, her chest is
tying up the white ribbon, Untidy-looking is very tight, still has the astonishing radian and curve, full clear.

Is hard to imagine, what if let loose could be.

Long Yuyin looked up one, has nipped Bei Chi lightly, hesitant, saw Nie Li not to speak, then put out a hand the white ribbon of solution chest.

„Wait, this sufficed!” Nie Li hurries to prevent saying that sweat, this has been able Shi Zhen, if unties that white ribbon again, this scene a little was not quite good to control.

Long Yuyin also received both hands, this time she was a little anxious, luckily did not use the ribbon of solution chest. Otherwise was too awkward.

Nie Li arrives at Long Yuyin side, the flesh of Long Yuyin, under the ray of lights, pan- glistening gloss. She uses pale blue cotton tape, has fettered the hair completely, plate in top of the head, there is a different kind flavor.

Nie Li takes up a long pintle, arrives at Long Yuyin. gaze fell on the Long Yuyin fair neck place, took up the pintle, has gripped toward the place of central spinal column edge slowly.

„Um.” Long Yuyin ying warned one, properly speaking by the mortal body of her scarlet Dragon Blood arteries, was gripped by this kind of pintle, should unable to feel completely the pain is right.

However Nie Li this grips, Long Yuyin felt that a fierce pain has spread over the whole body while convenient, that pain gnaws to nip surely general on the body just like only the ant,

A warm current starts from spinal column. Flows to the whole body rapidly, is attacking the four limbs hundred arteries.

Good astonishing strength!

Long Yuyin is not even able to imagine, this strength hides in her bloodline unexpectedly.

Nie Li puts out the second pintle, has gripped in the acupuncture point of Long Yuyin back spinal column slowly.

Third, fourth, fifth

Quickly, Long Yuyin body Shangzha enough more than ten pintles. The Long Yuyin skin had blushing of faint trace superficially, became boiling hot, the body has seeped out the close beads of sweat.

„I have proliferated the life gate with gold Zhen and other important acupuncture points, then the strength of your within the body scarlet Dragon Blood arteries will regain consciousness slowly. Then attacks your hundred arteries. You practice in here with concentration!” Nie Li said that he long vented anger, finally completed.

Helps the Long Yuyin marking needle consumption be very big.

Nie Li looked at one to sit cross-legged practice Long Yuyin, opened the door to walk. Then covers up the door gently.

The sudden form appeared in the Nie Li side, in the Nie Li heart one startled, looked by one, was actually Xiao Yu.

„Frightened me to jump, any war technique that you used, mysteriously appeared and disappeared.” Nie Li spat the trough to say. His Aura to Xiao Yu does not guard, therefore was depended by Xiao Yu such nearly just now discovered.

Xiao Yu is black the face, the expression is very being the disgruntled appearance.

Sees the Xiao Yu annoyed appearance, Nie Li asks: „How? Won't you go to Greater World to be killed?”

Xiao Yu stared Nie Li, the sinking sound said: „Nie Li, you handle such matter, does right by Ning Er?”

„Handles such matter? What matter?” Nie Li has gawked, what immediately has thought, said with a smile suddenly, „you say Long Yuyin? Ha Ha, this what with what? How also to be unfair to Ning Er?”

„The matter that you handle you are clear!” Xiao Yu coldly snort, turned around not to go excessively, walks toward outside.

„Hello, Xiao Yu, you misunderstood!” Nie Li was calling out to Xiao Yu back running together of two syllables in rapid speech.

But Xiao Yu from the start does not listen to Nie Li, went to own room quickly, bang closed the door.

Nie Li has gawked, Xiao Yu this fellow? Does not give opportunity that he explained completely! Moreover shouldn't this matter, Xiao Yu manage? Is Xiao Yu interesting to Long Yuyin? If so, that Xiao Yu acts crazy can also understand. How many times but has Xiao Yu altogether seen with Long Yuyin?

Xiao Yu this should sissy, not to oneself interesting? A Nie Li chill, does Xiao Yu have fondness of this aspect? Not only likes the woman, but also likes man?

Nie Li once had also suspected Xiao Yu is a woman, after all this fellow is beautiful a little does not make sense, but he had confirmed that can only converge sissy Xiao Yu.

Has thought that Nie Li hurried to take back this thought that should be he wants.

Probably after one hour, in the Nie Li room, formidable Aura shoots up to the sky.

The strength of Long Yuyin within the body scarlet Dragon Blood arteries was stimulated thoroughly, appraises according to this Aura, at least is 5 Fate Realm, moreover in the future her Cultivation will progress by leaps and bounds absolutely.

Knows that the Long Yuyin acupuncture point opens, Nie Li shoved open the door to walk.

„!” Long Yuyin exudes sound of the scream.

Nie Li has gawked, looks up, saw only Long Yuyin clothing already to burn completely, both hands covered up to avoid Nie Li gaze, actually could not cover up the spring scenery, Nie Li hurries to take back gaze, has drawn back awkwardly.

A moment later, Long Yuyin wore the clothes, lowered the head, on face also a ruddiness.

The atmosphere is a little strange.

Nie Li touches the head, changes the topic saying: „What kind , did the acupuncture point clash?”

„Um, flushed.” Long Yuyin elegant face slightly one red, nodded, the Nie Li method was too truly formidable, making her Cultivation promote several ranks, making her also probably have a dream now general.

„Since flushed, that was good.” Nie Li shows a faint smile to say.

Long Yuyin um, she has been full of the gratitude to Nie Li gently, naturally besides gratitude, her at heart also different kind feelings, but suddenly links her not to understand.

„After you go back, is consolidated Cultivation, then Cultivation will definitely progress by leaps and bounds!” Nie Li smiled saying that „your Cultivation is so strong, I am not suitable when again your master!”

Long Yuyin looks up to Nie Li, running together of two syllables in rapid speech said: „No matter Cultivation is what kind, you are my master!”

Nie Li laughs saying: „I crack a joke. You hurry, big evening, others see also to think what's the matter!”

„Um.” The Long Yuyin cheeks feel hot, the nod said that she walked several steps toward front, immediately then said that „master, I will come another day again!” She jumps to graze to go, walks sharply, for fear that is stopped by calling out by Nie Li very much general.

The fragrant trace passes for the first time.

Nie Li has taken back gaze, has smiled bitterly, she came time Xiao Yu to misunderstand, if, also the big evening comes, refers to erratically will be what kind.

A moment later, Long Yuyin comes back from Nie Li there, is walking on the Heavenly Soul Institute alley.

A form suddenly the earth-boring auger, has blocked Long Yuyin, this person is Hu Yong, sees only Hu Yong to be black the face, is staring at Long Yuyin stubbornly.

„Did Long Yuyin, your big evening, where go to?” Hu Yong both hands grip tightly the fist, on arm are angry, a face violent anger appearance.

„Do you track me?” Long Yuyin gaze one cold, she walks toward side, coldly snort a sound track, „where, no matter I go, you cannot manage! Later tracks me again, do not blame me not being impolite!”

„Long Yuyin, I completely understood you, in your bone was one ** immoral woman. Unexpectedly the greater part of the night looks for the lover, has no sense of shame simply!” Hu Yong points at Long Yuyin to shout abuse, he could not bear finally.

„What did you say? Did you say again?” Long Yuyin coldly is staring Hu Yong.

Hu Yong points at Long Yuyin to obloquy: „Long Yuyin, was I scold you? Do not forget you are my fiancee, you do not observe the traditional woman ethics, I have sooner or later killed your lover!”

Long Yuyin complexion even more ugly, but she is not that type with the person who Hu Yong abuses each other, Qi has locked Hu Yong, has arrived at the Hu Yong front, the elegant face holds the malignant influences.

Feels the terror that on Long Yuyin passes to work off anger, Hu Yong thump has swallowed saliva, a moment ago he was angry, any angry words scolded have exported, now finally felt has feared intent.

„Depends on your this garbage, can be joined to me? Do not think how had the family to support, your this soft egg also matched, when my fiance?” Before Long Yuyin arrives at the body of Hu Yong, that ties tight the slender right leg to leave the foot suddenly, bang kicked under the Hu Yong crotch.

The mouth of Hu Yong opened circular, but actually obstinately could not make any sound, the complexion slowly became pale pale, both hands shivered are covering under the crotch, the both legs kept shaking, bang fell down, the whole body has bent the sun-dried shelled shrimp shape.

His whole body cold sweat braves, the foot of Long Yuyin, happen to kicked in his essential position, following a time situation to be exactly the same.

Pitiful Hu Yong, had been abandoned one time by Long Yuyin before, as if no long teaches.

„Young master, you how?”

„Young master!”

Nearby thick patch of grass several personal servants shouted and wrangled to clash.

Looked at one to be encircled by the personal servant in middle Hu Yong, Long Yuyin coldly snort, jumped to graze to go.

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