The Nie Li eye pupil narrows the eyes slightly, Fire Demon Prince has discovered anything evidently.

But Yan Yang, seemingly also realized some issues.

Really these can become the major Divine Sect Holy Son people, is not the simple role.

Fire Demon Prince frowns, calculates Inscription Pattern in these sculpture, is obviously, the Fire Demon Prince progress does not have Nie Li to be so quick, quite a while also stands before a sculpture has not stepped.

Truly, by to a Inscription Pattern method understanding, Fire Demon Prince wants to be the Nie Li degree, is quite difficult.

Nie Li previous generation in Temporal Demon Spirit Book, but studied was very long, moreover in Temporal Demon Spirit Book was hiding various types of Inscription Pattern method books, was not the ordinary person can the comparison.

Fire Demon Prince wants to explain this Inscription Pattern method, perhaps does not have half a month, basic is impossible achieves!

Honored Thunder God waited for a meeting, is a little then impatient, he jumped to graze to go , to continue to fight for the crystal of Ganges. Why although a little not too clear Fire Demon Prince and Yan Yang will stop fighting for the crystal of Ganges, no matter the crystal of Ganges is useful, first took said again!

„Holy Son, what to do have we, such then waited?” Nearby accompanies to look that asked to Yan Yang.

Yan Yang stares calmly is standing Fire Demon Prince before sculpture, silent moment, said: „We find other place, temporarily do not fight for the crystal of Ganges!”

Honored Thunder God is robbing the crystal of Ganges crazily, slaughters wantonly, once participates to compete for the crystal of Ganges, that is hard to avoid being probable with a Honored Thunder God war, that casualties were hard to avoid.

However continues to get down in here, is useless.

First finds other Ghost Temple places to have treasure to say again.

At this moment, a low and deep sound has made a sound in Ghost Temple: „Since came my Ghost Temple, must observe my Ghost Temple custom, if who breaks the rule. Do not blame me not being impolite, all intrudes rear palace arbitrarily, fast retreat, otherwise, then on dead end!”

Ghost Temple vacillated fiercely, approaches just like the end.

Does not know that the thought of Ghost Temple wants to make anything. Nie Li feels that the thought of Ghost Temple feared probably very much some people break this Inscription Pattern method, often some people start to study this Inscription Pattern method, does everything possible to prevent!

Although does not know that Ghost Temple will use any method, but Nie Li felt that an invisible pressure covers to come, the thought of Ghost Temple likely starts extraordinary law, this terrifying working off anger was too formidable, if continues to revolve, all people in rear palace will be strangled to death!

At this time Fire Demon Prince, Yan Yang and Honored Thunder God stopped the action. The thought of Ghost Temple is not willing to make them continue to stay in the rear palace, has the possibility rear palace to hide any thing very much. By their dispositions, is not willing to depart.

„Holy Son, we what to do?” The Skyblaze Sect people look to Yan Yang.

The Yan Yang sinking sound said: „All people listen to me to order, prepares to evacuate at any time, but, but must wait again!” His gaze looked to Fire Demon Prince.

Fire Demon Prince is gaze is profound, his intuition feels. The secret surely in these sculpture, is a short time. He is unable to explain, if continues to stay in the rear palace, according to the working off anger judgment of that terror, very possible dead end.

But such leaves, is not willingly.

If in this Ghost Temple has hidden the treasure, even if the following reinforcements come. Obtained the treasure, perhaps may not fall in his hands!

Nie Li gaze rapidly has swept from Fire Demon Prince, Yan Yang and Honored Thunder God, the influence that these three people command, has achieved exactly balanced, gaze twinkle. Perhaps, truly should take the danger!

Nie Li passes message to Wu Yazi, asked: „By the Fire Demon Prince ability, can see that my body does have the monster blood sacrifice?”

„In ordinary circumstances is unable to see through, if the monster blood sacrifice were seen through easily, that was not the monster blood sacrifice, only if the body of Fire Demon Prince had special God Item!” Wu Yazi looked at Nie Li, he does not know that Nie Li wants to make anything.

„Such being the case, that takes a danger!” Nie Li walks toward front.

In Fire Demon Prince, Yan Yang and Honored Thunder God when why the time evacuation worries, the Nie Li sudden clear and resonant voice said: „I can explain this Inscription Pattern method!”

Heard the Nie Li sound, rear palace all Expert gaze all focuses on the body of Nie Li.
„A Heavenly Fate level, said can one break this Inscription Pattern method?”

In most people's gaze, is having a look of suspicion.

After all this Inscription Pattern method, Fire Demon Prince had pondered is so long, has not found out a clue.

Yan Yang and Honored Thunder God gaze fell on the body of Nie Li, having one to carefully examine.

Looks at present this Demon Clan youth, Yan Yang has remembered the beforehand Three Great God Sects meeting inexplicably the time, that startled certainly colorful youth. Sometimes, an experience of person, did not have with the age and Cultivation too relates much.

Fire Demon Prince gaze falls on the body of Nie Li, silent moment.

„You come!” The Fire Demon Prince sinking sound said that however retreat arrives at the one side.

Nie Li gaze looked that said to Fire Demon Prince, Yan Yang and Honored Thunder God three people: „I can determine that the thought of Ghost Temple does not want to make us open this Inscription Pattern method, does not know that it will cope with us with any method, I have a request, temporarily first puts down the gratitude and grudges!”

„I do not have the issue!” Honored Thunder God let go saying that he is seizes the treasure in any case, does not aim at anybody.

Yan Yang looked at Fire Demon Prince, although his heart has the alert, but also understands that he temporarily how Fire Demon Prince!

„I do not have the issue!” Yan Yang said calmly.

„I do not cope with their and that is clear!” Fire Demon Prince said indifferently.

Although clearly knows that their three is impossible cooperate all of a sudden, but Nie Li at heart actually confident, their three do not know that can hit, but at least has no reason to cope with Nie Li, on the one hand Nie Li not any threat, on the other hand, Nie Li is very possible is can only explain the people of Ghost Temple numerous institution!

Nie Li has deduced rapidly.

Before the Fire Demon Prince three people have not come, Nie Li has deduced Inscription Pattern in eight sculpture, when their tangled warfare, Nie Li has deduced Inscription Pattern in five sculpture, what the luck is very good, where he has deduced this Inscription Pattern method most essential sculpture!

Then so long as opened this Inscription Pattern method to be OK!

However opens Inscription Pattern method under Fire Demon Prince and Honored Thunder God their eying covetously, without doubt seeks an impossibility!

Nie Li passes message to Xiao Yu, said: „Has the opportunity words you to find the time to leave, these time goes, I could die, but does not need to care, can arrive at Soul Hall resurrect in any case, but do not build you!”

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