300 _ 4 () \; Ghost Temple, main shrine.

A long red rug, has led to the main shrine front line, great column that the surroundings are standing erect.

here is still unable to transfer Soul Sea, Aura just like stagnating generally.

Nie Li looks toward front, the front line of main shrine, is a 56 meters high sculpture, this is one must steadily the old man of white hair, such calmly sits cross-legged there, although merely is only a sculpture, the manner is lifelike, is ordinary just like the live person.

Such a statue, actually gives people a great lofty feeling, making one cannot help but produce heart of the worship.

This is the Daoist canon founder in fable!

Demon Lord stands in distance Daoist canon founder sculpture, only then dozens meters far place, gains ground, calmly is staring at the statue of Daoist canon founder.

Nie Li looks at the Demon Lord back, in the eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly to kill intent, but here is actually not the fight place.

The Daoist canon founder likely his true line, hides in this main shrine, no matter how, Nie Li will be will not make Demon Lord obtain absolutely!

Demon Lord felt that anything, has turned head to look at Nie Li, both eyes looking at each other, a moment later, Demon Lord then transferred, not cares a whoop to Nie Li.

Originally Demon Lord Aura, just like sharp sharp sword, but now, then became somewhat reserved, but Nie Li felt that Demon Lord was more dangerous than before.

After arriving at Draconic Ruins Realm, does not know that what spell of good or bad fortune Demon Lord had, in the Nie Li heart vigilant.

At this moment, a vast infinite strength, drops from the clouds. Nie Li feels immediately that during he just like placing one piece endless is vast, momentarily will be submerged by this Aura.

Feeling must become the fragment by this Aura crush, Nie Li stimulates to movement the vine cane in within the body also to have Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting crazily, is resisting with this Aura.


The sky of main shrine, a broad remote sound, has made a sound, in this sound, is bringing surprised slightly.

„Waited for thousands of years, can come here mostly is Demon Clan. Finally has waited till two talent good Human race later generations, you, but is willing to inherit my legacy, for my Human race potency?” That sound is loud and clear. Made the person mind one cold.

Hears this sound, just like received the baptism to be ordinary, the evil thought in heart for a it Qing.

„Human race?” Demon Lord has swept Nie Li, Nie Li obviously is the Demon Clan appearance.

Although Nie Li the stimulation of movement monster blood sacrifice, had dressing up of Demon Clan. But this does not know that hides where big energy, was one then has actually completely understood Nie Li True Body.

„I am willing to be the Human race potency!” Demon Lord nods, should say indifferently.

If makes Demon Lord obtain legacy of Daoist canon founder, that can also? Nie Li gains ground to stare said void: „I am willing to be the Human race potency, but” Nie Li aims at front Demon Lord, the sinking sound track, „I do not think that he can be the Human race potency, the hope founder can the intelligent apprehension!”

Heard the Nie Li words, Demon Lord wrinkled the brow, looked to Nie Li. In the eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly cold brightness, he appears a little does not understand where one offended Nie Li.

„Society matter, the causes and effects one after another, you simultaneously arrive at Ghost Temple, is predestined friends with me, in society good and evil, cannot look through, why looks through!” The voice of Daoist canon founder, be continuous passes through many places, can actually penetrate the will of the people.

Nie Li wrinkled the brow. By the ability of Daoist canon founder, can see Demon Lord the method of Spiritual Constellation surely, slaughters all living things, achievement. So the evil person, why can the Daoist canon founder actually also receive Demon Lord for the person?

„If you become my disciple, can grasp the Daoist canon secret order, the verbal command my Daoist canon arteries disciple, but after this, some people will chase down you reckless. The strength of this person, can destroy six big Divine Sect easily, six big Divine Sect are unable to bless you, if your two people dread, can retreat as soon as possible?” The Daoist canon founder said slowly.

„I want.” Demon Lord replied calmly, did not have the slight hesitation.

Nie Li actually frowned, the rebirth comes back, by Nie Li own ability, in addition Heavenly God Technique, Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting , etc., can definitely tread gradually to the peak, until challenging Sage Emperor. It is estimated that Sage Emperor should not note him temporarily!

But if Nie Li once joins Daoist canon arteries, that likely exposes, by the current strength, challenges Sage Emperor that is courts death!

Even if Daoist canon founder peak time, has not defeated Sage Emperor!

„Asked the Daoist canon founder to excuse me, I cannot become the disciple of Daoist canon founder!” Nie Li thinks that cups one hand in the other across the chest to say.

„?” The Daoist canon founder does not have the accident but actually, „such being the case, I legacy, pass on him!”

In the Nie Li heart is a little depressed, he cannot prevent Demon Lord, once Demon Lord has controlled the strength of Daoist canon founder, then, was more formidabe. As for drawing support from the hand of Sage Emperor copes with Demon Lord, such matter Nie Li will not do, although Demon Lord has a grudge with him, is the disciple of Daoist canon founder is innocent, moreover copes with the Sage Emperor nucleus.

In the Nie Li heart is a little annoying, although the rebirth comes back, but something truly are not he can about.

Remembered the Ye Zong of tragic death on Demon Lord, in the Nie Li heart has been full of the anger, one day, he is Ye Zong will want the justice.

„You, although cannot inherit my legacy, actually also calculates to be predestined friends with me, I felt Aura of Heavenly God Technique, Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting as well as spatial deep real Secret Art from you, can practice present this degree in such short time, is not easy. Although does not know that you are what origin, I can actually deduce your goal, no matter you practice what Realm, perhaps is not the Sage Emperor match, for thousands of years, innumerable Expert want to explain the space and time of Sage Emperor blockade, cannot achieve wishes, if unable to break down the space and time boundary, even if you have killed trillion times Sage Emperor, he can also remould the mortal body easily, and becomes stronger, but in his space and time, you actually can only die one time, only if you can find several people the body of reincarnation to assist you, has 10% stratagem which ensures success, merely only then 10%..” The voice of Daoist canon founder, illusory, just like transmits from another space and time.

Nie Li secretly heart startled, has not thought of the Daoist canon founder, can understand thoroughly the will of the people unexpectedly.

„The body of reincarnation? Actually is the whose body of reincarnation?” Nie Li pursues asks.

„At the beginning of the space and time opens, six person strengths and Sage Emperor quite, I am one of them, six people once lived in peace with each other, perceive through meditation Heavenly Dao, unexpectedly Sage Emperor is ambitious, the cloth next nine days ten place Heavenly Dao Inscription Pattern method, block Endless Space and Time, then with our 11 showdowns, if not for gold flame goddess body Ancestral God Land suppresses an demon bone of Sage Emperor, perhaps all person body dying say (way) disappeared. Now their a wisp of god reads, after ten thousand th samsara, you, if can find them, could break the space and time of Sage Emperor blockade. Can achieve, looked at your fate and good fortune!”

Listens to the words of Daoist canon founder, the Nie Li train of thought is distant, until today, he realized that Sage Emperor is what kind of one existence.

~~ the dad is not easy, although in the recent several days has not had a good sleep, but is very happy, raises the side to know the parental graciousness, was only a pity that my parents already not , the person is scarce, understands that many family members are how precious and matter that is worth feeling grateful. We hope that this world is happier, all people can be happy.

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