Heard the words of Senior Wuyan, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai, looked to Senior Wuyan.

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai think that Senior Wuyan wants to probe the Nie Li strength merely, but has not thought that Ye Chong under the killer to Nie Li, this little went too far unexpectedly. However this matter, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai are not good to expose, although they are the Divine Feather Sect elders, but Senior Wuyan after is the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun disciple, wants them to be many in the status high.

No matter what, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai cannot look helplessly Nie Li was killed!

Only listened to Senior Wuyan coldly snort, the clear and resonant voice saying: „Ye Chong independently decides, fight time starts overweight, comes the human, leads him, closes, gives Divine Feather Sect to enforce the law hall handles!”

Several people plundered the martial arts contest stage cruel, has detained Ye Chong, then carried off.

Huang Yu wants to stop Senior Wuyan hurriedly, said: „Senior Wuyan, can this be not quite good, although Ye Chong starts overweight, but has not injured to Nie Li after all!” He a little guessed correctly indistinctly the meaning of Senior Wuyan, wants to dismantle the bridge after crossing, the method of Senior Wuyan, is really ruthless enough!

„Ye Chong does not listen to the order, makes a decision without authorization, luckily has not injured to arrive at Nie Li, if the wound arrives at Nie Li, that is the real crime not amnesty!” Senior Wuyan got angry snort one to say coldly.

„Since things have gotten to this point, that this test, relinquishes!” Nanmen Tianhai said that even if had sacrificed Ye Chong, cannot sacrifice Nie Li absolutely!

„How is that good?” Senior Wuyan overrules immediately said that „just two elders both said that must test to the Nie Li arrangement twice, how can renege on a promise?”

Heard Senior Wuyan and Huang Yu, Nanmen Tianhai two elders' dialogs, Gu Bei, Liu Piao et al. understood, originally was Senior Wuyan plays a trick to think strategic point Nie Li!

They have not known where Nie Li offended Senior Wuyan!

„Senior Wuyan, according to the past custom, the disciple of new promote can choose the match, like today arranging match! Even if can like this, but comes up to give Nie Li to arrange Ye Chong such match. Was a little extremely?” Li Hangyun stands, said loudly.

Hears the Li Hangyun words. Senior Wuyan was actually coldly snort one, said: „Ignorant junior, I spoke with Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai two elders, share that here how can there be you interrupted?”

Senior Wuyan is arrogant, the Li Hangyun indignation did not say: „Does the Senior Wuyan preparation oppress others by the potential?”

„As the East Court student, you have no regard for elders and superiors, added that I do oppress others by the potential? Does not know how your teacher usually did teach your?” Senior Wuyan has swept several Teacher East Court in distant place coldly severely. These teachers have put aside gaze.

But Senior Wuyan Spiritual Senior Tian Yun disciple, their how dare loquacity?

In Li Hangyun heart angry, but did not have the means to say anything at this time again, he is thinking rapidly, how should help Nie Li break through.

At this time the East Court students understood, originally all these are the Senior Wuyan arrangements, they were also intelligent, looked that originally was Senior Wuyan wants to suppress Nie Li! It seems like Nie Li does not know when offended Senior Wuyan!

Carried off also to look from Ye Chong. Senior Wuyan, not only wants to teach Nie Li to be so simple, but wants to massacre Nie Li, then makes Ye Chong take the rap! They sighed one. Senior Wuyan this move was too ruthless.

Luckily Nie Li has Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon Demon Spirit, otherwise. It is estimated that must die of punishment on a false charge on the martial arts contest stage!

Some East Court students do not care quite the same as, the counter- proper business does not close oneself to hang up high, some students are extremely not the indignation, after all as Senior Wuyan such, suppressed a talent of new promote, was rather inappropriate.

However the status of Senior Wuyan, other people did not have the means to say anything, even if said that it is estimated that also useless.

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai a little are annoyed. Senior Wuyan oppresses others by the potential, they are the elders. Is not actually able to melt, Senior Wuyan said that Ye Chong must kill Nie Li is not he pulls strings, they do not have the means. They are will not make Nie Li compete with one absolutely again, if compares again, Senior Wuyan definitely will arrange the match who Nie Li is unable to defeat absolutely.

Nie Li looks in argument Senior Wuyan, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai, the intention of Senior Wuyan is obvious, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai two elders can help him speak, he is affected, Nie Li looked at Senior Wuyan one eyes, oneself demonstrate Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, perhaps Senior Wuyan wanted to kill itself impatiently!

However, Senior Wuyan this action, does so obviously, Spiritual Senior Tian Yun now does not know that in the future definitely also knows, when the time comes Senior Wuyan is unable to win the trust of Spiritual Senior Tian Yun!

From Senior Chimu there, Nie Li knew all, the father of Senior Wuyan had once rescued Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, Spiritual Senior Tian Yun will not be perhaps what kind of Senior Wuyan, thing that but Senior Wuyan wants to obtain, must be getting more and more far.

As for the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun Tian Yun Shen Secret Art, Nie Li is an interest does not have, although the Tian Yun Shen Secret Art truly is very formidable cultivation method, but compared with Heavenly God Technique, but also missed far!

Although clearly knows that will then have more enemies to brave, since Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon has exposed, that Nie Li only war!

At this time cannot retreat!

He must kill Center Court, becomes one of the Sect Master successors, at that time had many room, must therefore be unprecedented!

The following war perhaps is unavoidable, Nie Li has hurried to eat up several compounded drugs, then controls one's breathing the practice, restores the injury, experienced this war, Cultivation as if also had some progress, was away from 5 Fate Realm, fifth Fate Soul was condensing slowly.

If, can attack 5 Fate Realm, that can have one point of stratagem which ensures success!

Nie Li transfers Heavenly Law Power in within the body crazily, Soul Sea above Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting is keeping revolving, continuous Heavenly Law Power gushes out, but the moment then fills up Nie Li Soul Sea, Nie Li felt own injury restored . Moreover the strength also had the enormous enhancement.

However suddenly wanted to break through to 5 Fate Realm is too difficult a point.

Looked at one Nie Li that sits cross-legged therapy, Senior Wuyan coldly snort, looked that said to Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai: „Nie Li is my fellow, my this fellow apprentice wants to understand that his strength is also the way things should be, I have helped Nie Li choose the match, two elders are not no need to say!”

„Senior Wuyan did such do oversteps?” Huang Yu frowns to say.

„Is this oversteps? Is our Tian Yun Shen palace own matter, beyond control two elders to interrupt?” Senior Wuyan coldly snort said.

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai a little do not trace certainly, tests Nie Li this matter, is actually the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun arrangement, what can determine, Spiritual Senior Tian Yun will not start to Nie Li! They must to prevent Senior Wuyan to be good!

The Nanmen Tianhai sinking sound said: „Senior Wuyan, if must such do, I think that we first did ask for instructions Spiritual Senior Tian Yun are good?”

Senior Wuyan coldly has swept Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai, these two tenacious old fogies made him a little angry, he sank snort a sound track: „I work, does not need two elders to talk too much!” He looked by a East Court student, the sinking sound track, „Guo Huai, you test the Nie Li strength, remembers that must show mercy!”( To be continued.)

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