Nie Li felt that Heavenly Energy was being consumed crazily.

Although flash making exploded peak, was simultaneously, the consumption of Heavenly Energy was also dozens times continues.

If this way, only feared that a moment later must stop, the following these people, definitely also will immediately pursue!

Looks down toward , under sees is only the high mountain ridge, the trees cover, the rock is towering, some place abyss are densely covered.

Nie Li has gripped toward this high mountain ridge.

First finds a place, hid to say again that either using the terrain, conceal entered in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, either simply in Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting summoned, fought one with that group of people.


Nie Li changes to together the time, entered below jungle.

here is endless wilderness border region, crosses a piece of continuous mountain range, the front is the vast wilderness. In this wilderness blade of grass not fresh, for a lot of years, innumerable Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert, then survived in this wilderness.

That continuous mountain range, just likes a skeleton of giant.

When Nie Li and Long Yuyin fall, saw only in the wilderness seven pink clouds light to curl together.
„What thing is that?” In Nie Li heart one startled, saw that this seven pink clouds light curl, he wants to fend hurriedly.

However already without enough time!


Nie Li and Long Yuyin were hit by this seven pink clouds light, hit maliciously in one, immediately vanished baseless, nowhere searched again.

Probably after half double-hour, that group of Men in Black pursued, they look around, almost looked everywhere the surrounding place, could not find Nie Li and Long Yuyin is.

„How matter?”

„Damn, unexpectedly this ran by them!”

These Men in Black could not find Nie Li and Long Yuyin, can only leave indignantly.

The time passes slowly.

How long did not know in the darkness.

As if there is raindrop to fall, that icy cold fine rain falls on the face, cool.

Nie Li revived slowly, was indistinct as if to feel soft. The chummy thing, has any thing to press probably in own above, Nie Li opens the eye diligently, saw Long Yuyin is lying on his body. But his hand, has placed the buttocks of Long Yuyin exactly.

The chest place transmits feeling of soft extrusion, embarrassing Nie Li somewhat.

Has saying that the Long Yuyin stature is truly hot.

Just is thinking, Long Yuyin ying warned one. Slowly regained consciousness, sees present one, immediately has made a big red painted-face, hurried to sit.

Nie Li also hurries to support with the hand, slowly sat, looks all around, periphery sees is only a stretch of boundless spacious dark region.

„Where is this?” Long Yuyin sees the surrounding all, has gawked slightly the god.

Nie Li also wrinkled brow, he brings Long Yuyin to graze, was hit by seven rainbow light together. Lost the consciousness, then arrived here with Long Yuyin.

During that endless is void, as if transmits faintly thunders intermittently, vague.

„I do not know, if defers to the common sense, we must fall in the high mountain ridge, does not know where this is, I guessed that here is very possible is some mysterious space!” Nie Li hesitated the moment to say.

„Um.” Long Yuyin nodded, thought of two two aunts of dying. She was once again low.

Nie Li being just about stands, lowers the head actually presently, Long Yuyin is sitting on his body, the posture must awkwardly awkward. His head, in the position of Long Yuyin chest, he is smiling bitterly to say exactly: „Yuyin, you get up first!”

Long Yuyin presently is not then right, hurrying has stood, cheeks crimson piece.

Nie Li observed around. Knits the brows slightly, he feels that this space has a strength fluctuation of mysterious.

When Nie Li prepares to seek for the exit, a distant sound, conveys from void.

„You do not need to seek to export, you in my thought that I , to put you to exit, you then can leave.” That mysterious sound said slowly.

Hears this sound, Nie Li and Long Yuyin all are one cold.

In thought?

„Read the boundless god technique!” Nie Li loses one's voice to say.

„Well, the baby, you actually knows that read boundlessly, who were you? Properly speaking by your present Realm, basic is impossible contacts this rank the formidable god technique!” That sound had one to say surprisedly.

Long Yuyin has gawked, what reads the boundless god technique? Is cultivation method that Martial Ancestor level Expert can practice?

It is estimated that Long Yuyin cannot think that the Martial Ancestor level, including this read the superficial knowledge of boundless god technique not to trace!

„I truly had understood that does not know the senior is” the Nie Li probe asks.

„I can see through the thing that this daughter baby thinks, it seems like that this daughter baby is passionately devoted to you. But I actually could not notice that what you are thinking, your Soul Sea is immeasurably deep, Cultivation has Heavenly Axis Realm, how is this matter?” This sound has been full of the doubts, „, moreover by your strength, can make Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting use for you unexpectedly!”

Nie Li smiles lightly, that Expert cannot see through own Soul Sea is very normal, it is estimated that he cannot think that he is passes through the space and time.

„No matter and these, baby, I, and asked you, did you buy such Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race clansman to do?” That sound low and deep has a faint trace to be swift and fierce.

In the Nie Li heart moves, is it possible that this does Expert, have what relations with Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race?

Wasn't the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race clansman, the seal in Endless Wilderness?

„Reported the senior, I respected the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race clansman, wanted to lead these Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race clansmen to leave Endless Wilderness!” Nie Li explained said.

„I do not believe that the young people, you are lying!” That sound said cold.

Nie Li silent moment, said: „I know that is very difficult to make senior believe that so explained that I and Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race have the common enemy, I can lead these Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race clansmen, making them become stronger, then helped me resist that person!”

„Common enemy, ha, is really laughable, what common enemy do you have?” That sound sneered three to say.

„No matter the senior does believe that this is my truth.” Nie Li said very much seriously.

That sound silent for a long time, as if had been considering that the Nie Li words are whether credible.

„Does not know how the senior did call?” Saw that sound silent, Nie Li probed once more asks.

„Tianyuan! Outside person called me for the Tianyuan Great!” That sound has hesitated a moment later, answered said.

„Tianyuan Great?” Nie Li imposing heart startled, startled sound said that he has not thought completely, he in this place, will run into the character in this fable unexpectedly, is not right, the Tianyuan Great died, this spoke to him, likely merely was only the thought of Tianyuan Great surviving!( To be continued.)

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