Nie Li is the same just like Kunpeng, keeps swallowing up surrounding Heavenly Energy.

In Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting wind and cloud agitation.

Felt that the Heavenly Energy fluctuation of surrounding that terror, Xiao Yu heart startled, sound that Nie Li practices, really quite astonishing, if given time, actually will be hard to imagine Nie Li Cultivation to be the how astonishing degree.

She does not think that her Cultivation was abandoned by Nie Li far and away, starts the Eyes Closed practice, in the mind, a distant sound is reverberating vague.

Under the guidance of this sound, her consciousness is gradually fuzzy, as if entered in the middle of the sleep.

In Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, the time is passing slowly.

Gu Clan.

In eight elder Gu Bai secret rooms.

„Eight uncles, do not know that I with the matter that you discussed that did you consider what kind of? I heard that Gu Heng waits you to be not much, he most has a high opinion, is the Third Uncle and Sixth Uncle!” Gu Bei smiles is looking at the front old man.

The front white clothing old man, is Gu Clan eight elder Gu Bai.

Gu Bai is narrowing the eye, looks at Gu Bei saying: „Gu Bei, you destroy person Deity’s Lake this matter, did extremely. Even if to compete for the position of Patriarch, cannot make so the matter of outstanding person rear guard, Gu Heng must impeach you, I as the Gu Clan eight elders, must uphold the justice for the later generation!”

Gu Bei spat one secretly, Gu Bai this person, the high interest forgets the righteousness, does not know Gu Heng has given him many advantage.

Although thinks at heart that on the Gu Bei face said with a smile: „The Gu Bai elder is righteous, I am clear, but destroys Gu Heng Deity’s Lake this matter, is Gu Heng one side of the story, I his Deity’s Lake snatching, is he is useless, no wonder others!”

The Gu Bai finger places on the tabletop to keep rapping. Said lightly: „What view is this?”

„I know that Gu Heng has come eight uncle here, but also please eight uncles do not believe that Gu Heng these nonsense, this is I gives a meager gift that eight uncles prepare. Also please eight uncles kindly accept, if after the matter becomes. I from, when visits to thank politely!” Gu Bei takes out a cloth wrapper from Interspatial Ring, advances the Gu Bai front, arched has cuped one hand in the other across the chest to say.

Gu Bai appears the appearance that a little does not spare a glance, the corners of the mouth casts aside slightly: „Is Gu Bei nephew this what meaning?” His right hand wields, sees only cloth wrapper inside dozens Spiritual Stone essence also to have Rank 6 Artifact vividly.

Saw this, the Gu Bai eyebrow palpitation jumping, like the elder of this rank, altogether also hundreds of thousands Spiritual Stone properties. Gu Bei delivers is dozens Spiritual Stone essence, is equal to several thousand Spiritual Stone, Rank 6 Artifact, already was equal to he 50% properties!

„I heard that the Gu Heng male cousin has delivered several thousand Spiritual Stone to eight uncles , was too rather mean-spirited. So long as eight uncles support me, this matter settles, I prepare certainly a generous gift!” Gu Bei smiles to say lightly that „I know eight uncles practice laboriously, needs the large amounts of resources, where nephew if from now on will have to be able to add on. Eight uncles open the mouth freely!”
„Gu Bei nephew's where words, the Gu Bei nephew's matter, my this is the uncle. Naturally bounden!”

The Gu Bai hearty laughter said.

Good, eight uncles' these words, the nephew felt relieved! The nephew must go to nine uncle there, in advance said goodbye!” Gu Bei stands to say.

„Good, the Gu Bei nephew walks slowly!” Gu Bai has also stood, has delivered to the entrance Gu Bei, saw Gu Bei to go far away, turns head to look at cloth wrapper on a table, muttered is saying. „Cannot think seriously that Gu Bei this boy has this and other breadth of spirit now unexpectedly. Gu Heng Gu Heng, is not I do not help you. What do you take with the Gu Bei struggle?”

Gu Teng said near the ear of Gu Bei quietly: „Young master, is Gu Bai that old fogy willing to listen your?”

„Gu Bai this person of high interest forgets righteousness, undecided, so long as gives his Xu by the high interest, does not believe him not to swallow the bait!” Gu Bei said with a smile lightly, these years in Gu Clan, his moral character to the Gu Clan elders, already knew from A to Z, „Gu Heng this person sinister and ruthless deceitful, therefore the birds, supported his elder are not the good thing, we disintegrated slowly!”

Their several people together, went to visit another elder.

Gu Heng other institute.

„Reply the young master, Gu Bei just visited eight elders, is visiting nine elders!” A servant runs to say hurriedly.

Gu Heng has smiled saying with a smile contemptuously: „Gu Bei thinks that he visits these elders, will these elders support him? Thought too beautifully! These elders and between me, are more than ten years of friendship, every year I will give some gifts to their your family place, Gu Bei visit, wants to make these elders support him, that never has the possible matter!”

Gu Heng has thought that said: „You continue to stare at Gu Bei!”

„Yes!” That servant nod should say, however retreat.

In Gu Clan, is having some changes quietly.

In Gu Clan, the most elders are neutral, did not ask that the humans affair practices with concentration, stands Gu Heng firmly, merely only then a few people.

If no Nie Li this formidable backing, Gu Bei anything could not do, but there is a Nie Li this backing, Gu Bei can definitely go about something with a free hand, does not have the extra worries. Nie Li gives his Spiritual Stone, his several years cannot use up.

Is hard to imagine radically, where Nie Li gets so far as these many Spiritual Stone! It is estimated that is related with God Root of Nie Li gain, although in the heart had guessed, but Gu Bei does not have to ask in detail that day of Nie Li wants saying that naturally can say.

Dragon Seal Family.

Long Tianming calmly sits on the chair, wears the old man of grey robe with one together, is listening to the report of servant.

This old man forehead cloudy Jie, skin is superficial one unusual silver-gray color, in the eye pupil is glittering the sharp cold brightness.

Speed that „recently Demon Alliance expands, is truly astonishing. In my opinion, Gu Heng only feared that is not the Gu Bei match!” That old man shook the head, the sigh said.

„Does not handle including Gu Bei, simply is garbage one, wastes our pains to train him!” The Long Tianming sinking sound said that appears a little annoyed.

„Gu Heng relates to us to control the Gu Clan important matter, cannot make him lose to Gu Bei easily, all that otherwise, made before wasted!” That old man frowns saying that „, but wish makes Gu Heng develop, by his current financial resource, but also far and away is insufficient!”

„This time comes back from Ghost Temple, I harvest many, here is 30 ten thousand Spiritual Stone, but also asked the elder to transmit to Gu Heng, although Gu Heng likely misdemeanor, but at least can help us delay some time! After a period of time, when the conditions were ripe, we Gu Bei like Gu Lan, make into a disabled person again!” Long Tianming smiles to say lightly that in the eye pupil flashes through wisp of cold brightness.

„? Is it possible that the dawn this time in Ghost Temple, there is what extraordinary spell of good or bad fortune to be inadequate?” That grey robe old man is astonished however asks.

„Does not have any spell of good or bad fortune actually, but has harvested many Spiritual Stone.” In the Long Tianming eye pupil flashes through a vague ray, has smiled saying with a smile.( To be continued.)

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