Audiences Divine Feather Sect Expert listened, has the manner of suspicion, looks to Nie Li, the Nie Li financial resource, were too truly astonishing, does a ordinary Divine Feather Sect disciple, how probably have the so great quantity wealth?

If there is Demon God Sect to support in behind, that cannot make Nie Li sit decidedly to act the position of Sect Master.

Nie Li actually lightly smiles saying: „Long Tianming, you also suspect anything, said freely!”

Long Tianming very shouted simply pursues thief!

Long Tianming is revering to kneel down to the space five gods, said: „Five god your father, for our Divine Feather Sect, cannot hand over in the hand of this person the Divine Feather Sect power decidedly!”

Hears the Long Tianming words, five gods Senior were all silent, they thought somewhat funnily.

If Nie Li is Demon God Sect sends the Divine Feather Sect spy, to spend how possibly such big price, received exchange Divine Feather Sect to act the position of Sect Master?

Other did not say that is only Nie Li gives the wondrous medicines that five gods revere, is priceless, must be more valuable than Divine Feather Sect the position of proxy Sect Master! Moreover Nie Li can train these many Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, this strength puts any Zong Men, that is extremely astonishing, shakes the entire Zong Men strength sufficiently!

Therefore the accusation and suspicion of Long Tianming, cannot stand firmly logically!

The day Wu Shenzun hearty laughter said: „Long Tianming, if no evidence, so the accusation suspicion same side, that is incorrect!”

„Sect Master, but also invited the Sect Master intelligent apprehension, Sect Master gave me one month, I found his collaboration with the enemy inevitably the evidence!” The Long Tianming running together of two syllables in rapid speech said that looks helplessly acts the position of Sect Master to be won, he was simply depressed.

Hierarch Skycloud coldly snort said: „Long Tianming, Nie Li is my disciple, you said that his collaboration with the enemy betrays Zong Men, was links me also to suspect?”

„Sir Hierarch Skycloud, I do not dare to suspect decidedly that I do not hope you had been hoodwinked the eye by the villain!” Long Tianming said depressed why two gods revere such support Nie Li, he a little does not think clearly, merely is only because the Nie Li strength is stronger?

At this time the exquisite god Senior also said in one side: „Long Tianming, you are my Dragon Seal Family descendants, when some spirit, since the competition lost, acts the position of Sect Master, is wielded by Nie Li by rights ought to!”

The exquisite god Senior, stands this side Nie Li? Long Tianming dismal feelings, are helping the bystander including their old grandmothers suddenly, he suddenly has become a person all alone, if so, can he also be what kind of?

Only can acting the position of Sect Master hands over!

He has made these many, why destiny waits him to be so unfair!

Nie Li gaze fell on the body of Long Tianming, the corners of the mouth has shown a faint smile, according to the path of previous generation, thoughts deep Long Tianming truly obtained has acted the position of Sect Master, and has pushed to the abyss of deconstruction entire Divine Feather Sect. However this, he is will not make such matter live absolutely again!

The Long Tianming plans are deep, possibly fights has Nie Li of second experience?

Resources that Nie Li has on hand, sufficiently the Long Tianming thoroughly crush!

Once Nie Li becomes acts Sect Master, that Long Tianming is impossible again threatened him!

Nie Li must cope, is not Long Tianming this foot soldier attendant, but is entire Demon God Sect!

Nie Li is revering to cup one hand in the other across the chest to say to five gods: „Many thanks fellow god your father support trust, so long as I become Divine Feather Sect proxy Sect Master, I will make Divine Feather Sect have many Martial Ancestor Realm Expert, bringing Divine Feather Sect to tread to the true magnificence!”

Hears the Nie Li words, five gods revere are smiling the chin, they are firmly believe regarding the Nie Li words, Nie Li can achieve absolutely.

Long Tianming stared in a big way the eye, he was insane to laugh insanely: „Why can you obtain the position of Divine Feather Sect Sect Master? Depending on you said that can help Divine Feather Sect tread to the magnificent, who attractive words will not say? This some words also people of nonsense believe unexpectedly!”

„Long Tianming, you were too dissolute!” Day Wu Shenzun sank snort.

„Sect Master, I do not hope that you were hoodwinked by this villain!” Long Tianming unwillingly struggles.

At this moment, Nie Li actually sneers looks at Long Tianming, no matter how Long Tianming struggles, that useless! Five gods Senior have stood this side Nie Li thoroughly, even if Nie Li must resign from the position of this agent Sect Master, five gods revere also eagerly striving for Nie Li.

Long Tianming also carries unclear, thinks Nie Li by the honeyed words superior.

However Long Tianming is impossible wants to obtain, Nie Li has used the massive wondrous medicines, Senior five gods gives to bribe, these five gods Senior to take the Nie Li wondrous medicines, Cultivation progressed by leaps and bounds, how possibly also did giving up make Nie Li walk?

Let alone acted Sect Master, the position of Sect Master, day Wu Shenzun can also resign! Day Wu Shenzun looks forward to be a leisurely and carefree remote antiquity elder!

Some Nie Li under these many Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, sufficiently showed that the Nie Li strength, what he also did have to be good to be worried?

„Long Tianming has no regard for elders and superiors, withdraws all status, the confinement ten months in the family, reflects on one's mistakes in seclusion!” The exquisite god Senior coldly snort.

A few words that the exquisite god Senior, were equal to that completely cut off any hope of Long Tianming.

„No, this is impossible, I will lose how possibly!” Long Tianming several near crazy, acted the position of Sect Master to succeed in obtaining shortly, actually suddenly did not have a thing in the world, this dropping variance stimulation resulted in Long Tianming to fall thoroughly insanely.

Several Dragon Seal Family Dao of Dragon Realm Expert build Long Tianming, jumps to plunder, in the future will wait for Long Tianming, will be the icy guard chamber.

Divine Feather Sect Expert look at each other in blank diamay, they have not thought that can be such result, they did not have many understanding to Nie Li, unexpected under Nie Li became has acted Sect Master, since the general situation has decided that they were not good to oppose again.

„I announced that today my day military steps down secretly, the position of Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, hands over by Nie Li wields!” The day Wu Shenzun loud and clear voice, passed to the ear of each Divine Feather Sect disciple.

Jump generation are Sect Master, promoted to Sect Master directly?

Can this matter live unexpectedly?

Had felt strange simply has?
But the Sect Master always effective and influential word, the remaining four gods revere had not opposed that they opposed that does court death?

„We pay a visit Nie Sect Master!”

„Pays a visit Nie Sect Master!”

The Divine Feather Sect disciples kneel down toward Nie Li neatly.

Nie Li gains ground to stare at the sky, day Wu Shenzun this act, is showing good will to him, but he accepted.

„From now on the future, my Nie Li will wield Divine Feather Sect, one month will reset the ancestor Sect Rules moment, all Divine Feather Sect disciples listen to my verbal command, my Nie Li will take promoting Divine Feather Sect as own duty, leading Divine Feather Sect to move toward magnificently!” The Nie Li sound, has spread over entire Divine Feather Sect.

„Nie Sect Master”

„Nie Sect Master” the shout of Divine Feather Sect disciples, resounds through the vault of heaven

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