Xiao Yu struggled for a long time, absolutely did not have the effect, can only open the eye, accepted fate reluctantly.

After back treats, Nie Li has stood up from failure Xiao Yu, making Xiao Yu sit by a big tree.

Immediately, heaving in sight all, making Nie Li stay.

Xiao Yu is very thin and small, the chest is smooth, although the frontage several burns, are not serious, can see the big piece snow white flesh.

Chest skin is complete, the skin color fair place, is densely covered the mysterious model communities.

This model community is extremely complex, likely is some extremely profound Inscription Pattern.

Nie Li, unexpectedly completely does not understand, this Inscription Pattern is perhaps related with the Xiao Yu life experience.

Strange is bringing the ring of strength of space and time, this strange Inscription Pattern, is as deep as a well, Nie Li guessed that perhaps Xiao Yu has the extraordinary life experience!

Looks at the frontage by Nie Li red, the cheeks of Xiao Yu continuously to the neck root place, can only leave slightly.

„I said that everybody is a man, has anything to be shameful!” Nie Li shrugs to say.

Hears the Nie Li words, the Xiao Yu somewhat ashamed and resentful appearance.

Nie Li starts to help Xiao Yu treat the frontage, spreads the applying medicine putty to the Xiao Yu wound, then massages slowly, each wound carefully treats.

Nie Li is exceptionally serious the earnest appearance, lowers the head to help him treat the wound, Xiao Yu is looking slightly somewhat absent-minded, the gaze twinkle, does not know that is thinking anything.

„I said that you can do not visit me with that look? A little visits me to be scared.” Nie Li said depressed that Xiao Yu will not have that special odd, likes the man?

However Nie Li from top to bottom has cured Xiao Yu wound, only leaves behind some private places, prepares to make Xiao Yu treat.

Nie Li is preparing Xiao Yu ** the position unties, gaze fell on the Xiao Yu front once more, above that mysterious Inscription Pattern method.

Indistinct within, Nie Li as if felt that a strength fluctuation of mysterious, proliferates slowly by Inscription Pattern method of Xiao Yu front, as if made the surrounding time stagnate generally.

gaze falls on above. As if was attracted general by the magnet, was then difficult to put aside.

In the Nie Li heart has been full of the doubts, Xiao Yu Inscription Pattern, what thing is?

Nie Li does not put out a hand on own initiative slowly. Traces toward Inscription Pattern of Xiao Yu chest.

As if, the body does not listen to control to be common completely, by a profound strength attraction.

„Hum” the body of Xiao Yu swayed from side to side fiercely.

But, Nie Li looks like has not heard completely general. The right hand has covered above that mysterious Inscription Pattern.


A mysterious strength, saw only Inscription Pattern method of Xiao Yu chest to revolve turbulently rapidly, the mysterious Inscription Pattern chains, toward extended rapidly in all directions, then locked on the body of Nie Li.

Profound swirl, has pulled the consciousness of Nie Li.

Nie Li lost the consciousness thoroughly.

For a long time for a long time.

The consciousness of Nie Li entered in one darkness vast boundless spaces.

His such static domain sits, the surroundings are deserted, a fear of nihility, from raids in all directions.

„Where is this?” The Nie Li doubts frown, why has traced Inscription Pattern method of Xiao Yu chest. Turned into this appearance?

Nie Li feels that in this surrounding space, is flooding a formidable thought that own thought compares this formidable thought that just likes insignificant.

„This is the empty spirit inside space!” A deep hoarse sound, conveys from the Endless Space and Time terminus.

Of „empty spirit?” Nie Li wrinkled the brow, he recalled quickly about the empty spirit a view, this was only then practiced very formidable person the technique of evolution, Inscription Pattern method that can arrange.

The technique of evolution. Is a banning technique of mysterious.

In the space and time that Sage Emperor grasps, the technique of evolution cannot study absolutely, as long as some people have studied the technique of evolution, once were looked up. Under will be chased down by Sage Emperor god until death. However, although this technique forbids to study, but still has countless people of lofty ideas, inherited this secret technique, practices the person of technique of evolution, is many.

It is said the technique of evolution. Can the deck sun, break through Sage Emperor the space and time seal under cloth.

However the person of technique of practice evolution, once Cultivation is the certain extent, will be realized by Sage Emperor, when the time comes must die without doubt. Therefore can practice to build the empty spirit the technique of evolution the person of degree, historically also only then few people, these people of strength, have been the degree that is hard to imagine, even to a certain extent, can resist with Sage Emperor!

„Good, this empty spirit is I before death, supposes on Yu my daughter. That is the several million years ago matters, I and Sage Emperor showdown, die finally, to protect my only daughter, I my daughter, transmit several million years later present with the space and time mystique, because of me in this space and time, caught intense space and time Aura, technique of the evolution practiced existence of same Realm with me.”

„Your daughter?” Nie Li wrinkled the brow, what is it possible that he said that Xiao Yu?

Although had suspected Xiao Yu this sissy is a woman, but Nie Li is unable to confirm that remembers Xiao Yu that smooth chest, the Nie Li forced smile, Nie Li thinks a moment ago one confirmed Xiao Yu is a man!

As if has not cared about Nie Li to think anything at heart, that sound tells: „Although I do not know that actually that Expert is where, but from your body, I felt intense space and time Aura.”

Own body, does the implication have intense space and time Aura? Is it possible that is that two pages of Temporal Demon Spirit Book remnant page? Or other?

„The senior, you of empty spirit, arrange in your daughter's chest, what intention has?” Nie Li stares asks void.

„I and my wife, Cultivation of our lifetime, through of this empty spirit, the seal in our daughter's bloodline, with the lapse of time, the bloodline of our daughter within the body slowly will have awakened, becomes Expert that dominates above us, but is still not able to resist with Sage Emperor by her strength. We can only wait , the technique of that evolution practices peak Expert!” The sound of that thought curls to convey.

„Does not know that I do have something to help you?” Nie Li thinks to ask, empty spirit inhales own thought that perhaps is the meaning of this Expert, this Expert definitely has the intention.

„Although I do not understand that you are any origin, but can feel, my daughter relates unusual with you.” That sound said.

Nie Li is a little awkward, before does not know that Xiao Yu is a woman, now knows that Xiao Yu is a woman, Nie Li was a little awkward, Xiao Yu whole body as if by oneself tracing!

„This, we truly are the friends who the relations are better.” Nie Li smiled to say awkwardly.

„Since you are the friend who she is better, I want to entrust your matter.” That sound said.

„Senior said freely, so long as I can achieve, I will try to do!” Nie Li replied immediately refreshedly, after all related with Xiao Yu is good, before by Xiao Yu rescuing, but also Xiao Yu tracing, if her father's request did not comply, as if was too a little ungrateful.( To be continued.)

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