Li Hangyun most admires, was Nie Li, before Li Hangyun will little admire a person, although Nie Li wanted to be younger than him, but has actually completed the company he matter that was hard to imagine.

Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance person together, quietly toward Greater World.

Recently, Sky Alliance, Demon Alliance and Gu Heng influence several degrees under make war, the fight has been the degree of superheating, both sides all kill to get angry, Gu Heng does not count to lose simply besieges Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance crazily.

Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance under have launched the swift and fierce counter-attack to Gu Heng influence, Gu Heng that side loss is bigger than Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance, but Gu Heng that side influence were suddenly many master strong helps of more than 200 Heavenly Axis Realm, Gu Bei and Li Hangyun here hurried to evade its point first.

Those who made Gu Bei and Li Hangyun a little cannot think through, they do not know where these Heavenly Axis Realm masters came.

Therefore they handled affairs are careful immediately, temporarily have not been able under to contend with Gu Heng influence directly.

Greater World.

Dark clouds Deity’s Lake.

This is under the Gu Heng control, most important Deity’s Lake, the here more than 600 people guard, including 16 are Heavenly Axis Realm, guarded the strength is quite good.

However Gu Heng main force under here, has not protected Deity’s Lake only to need to send few people OK.

These person of 3322 places sit on Deity’s Lake nearby lawn practice, here Heavenly Law Power is rich, wants to be quicker than in other place practice obviously, therefore these people are not willing to waste the time, only then several people are responsible for going on patrol.

Since continuously they follow the Gu Heng conduct to be shameless, never thought that some people dare to attack their Deity’s Lake!

At this time, was away from Deity’s Lake the place several kilometers away, Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance person gathered rapidly.

„Was in attendance?” Gu Bei looked that asked to behind.

„Took inventory, more than 3000 people almost arrived, Heavenly Axis Realm 56!” Liu Piao said that this time they only had more than 3000 people to come, but captured dark clouds Deity’s Lake to have more than enough to spare absolutely.

„Almost can fight!” Li Hangyun looked that shows a faint smile to say to Nie Li.

„Um!” Nie Li nodded.

„Good!” Gu Bei waved to sink to drink one to say. Appears high-spirited. Not long, he to conceal one's abilities and bide one's time, wallows in degeneration, making the family elders feel that he is a useless person. However warm-blooded of his innermost feelings, never one day stops burning, from that date, he can stand finally, resisted with Gu Heng.

Elder sister's sickness is Nie Li cures. God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit is also Nie Li gives, this benevolence, even if Nie Li makes him die, he will not say no absolutely!


More than 3000 people kill toward dark clouds Deity’s Lake.

That dense crowd, far and away looks that is similar to the colony in sky is ordinary.

Nie Li also follows, wears the complete Rank 6 Artifact coverall, in the hand is taking Thunder God Meteorite Sword, a back black white wing is fanning, grazes to go toward dark clouds Deity’s Lake.

Although Xiao Yu acts difficult with Nie Li. However follows in Nie Li side, grazes.

These people in dark clouds Deity’s Lake are still practicing, has not thought quite the same as.

Several stand person of standing sentry to chat, one of them points at the distant place saying: „You look, some there how these many people?”

„Which influence reassignment manpower is estimate?” Another person looked at one toward the distant place, such scene was too normal, they did not think from the start that some people dared to attack dark clouds Deity’s Lake, dark clouds Deity’s Lake, once were attacked, Gu Heng decides however will rush to rescue within several double-hour immediately. Even if captures dark clouds Deity’s Lake, that can be what kind of? Hadn't been returned in the same old way?

They were chatting, the large quantities of troops in distant place have come.

„Is the Demon Alliance person!”

„Sky Alliance!”

They realized the incorrect time, Nie Li, Gu Bei et al. have led to kill Deity’s Lake.

Thunder God Meteorite Sword in Nie Li hand wields. Sturdy thunder and lightning fall, rumbling, exploded directly flew several Heavenly Fate Realm.

Several Heavenly Axis Realm Expert threw toward Nie Li, but quickly has intercepted by behind Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance Heavenly Axis Realm Expert.

Around Deity’s Lake had intense tangled warfare.

At this time not coordinated contest, Gu Heng that side Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, must face 56 people of even 67 people of besieging a completely., Was cut to kill quickly one after another.

Under escorting of people, Nie Li arrived in Deity’s Lake, stood in the Deity’s Lake central committee, started cloth next Inscription Pattern.

A ray pasts, these Inscription Pattern seal carved in Deity’s Lake, rapidly has formed complete Inscription Pattern method, God Root rose from a Inscription Pattern method central committee together slowly, the Nie Li right hand moved, that said that God Root grasped in the hand, then has thrown into Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Looked at a not far away, fight has subsided rapidly, the dark clouds Deity’s Lake guard strength was eliminated basically cleanly.

„Was OK?” Gu Bei looked that asked to Nie Li.

„Um.” Nie Li shows a faint smile, nodded to say.

„Good, we go to next Deity’s Lake!” Gu Bei excited -ly said, although does not know where God Root Nie Li has placed, but Gu Bei knows that God Root to the hand of Nie Li, absolutely is very valuable, Nie Li can cause innumerable Spiritual Stone to come out.

, More than 3000 people graze to leave quickly, rush to the next place, just like the locust transit general, dark clouds Deity’s Lake then started the avalanche quickly.

After more than half double-hour.

Gu Heng had more than 10,000 people to arrive in dark clouds Deity’s Lake, but, which can here also see the dark clouds Deity’s Lake trail?

Saw this, Gu Heng must spit blood simply, dark clouds Deity’s Lake has been controlled by him for several years, every year has provided massive Spiritual Stone for him, but now, dark clouds doesn't Deity’s Lake unexpectedly have? He does not think clearly, why dark clouds Deity’s Lake will not have directly, Deity’s Lake this thing, even if Martial Ancestor Realm Expert is also very difficult to destroy . Moreover, what advantage destroyed Deity’s Lake also to have?

„Nie Li! Gu Bei! I have not ended with you!” Gu Heng is roaring roaring.

The He Gui eyeball transferred the extension, said meaningfully: „The Gu Heng Boss, I thought that this matter definitely has the fishy, since they have destroyed dark clouds Deity’s Lake, definitely rushed to next Deity’s Lake, we must hurry to pursue are good! What is recent from here is ancient territory Deity’s Lake, they definitely toward ancient territory Deity’s Lake!”

Hears words that the He Gui intent has referred, Chai Yue is annoyed, recently he is always suspected, straightforward he almost with He Gui fight, He Gui this villain, always in the Gu Heng front said his malicious remarks, he seemed not trusted.

Before once, he and Gu Heng was attacked bewilderedly, Gu Heng died, he escaped by luck, starting from that time, he was not trusted. Later Gu Heng was struck to kill twice, that twice he not.

Chai Yue thought that He Gui is playing tricks, hurries saying: „The Gu Heng Boss, they will perhaps do things the other way round, toward thunder Deity’s Lake! If we rush to ancient territory Deity’s Lake, misses with them, that thunder Deity’s Lake fell into enemy hands!”

Gu Heng shot a look at Chai Yue lightly, thought deeply about the moment, the sinking sound said: „Walks, we go to ancient territory Deity’s Lake!”

Gu Heng grazes to go, He Gui looked at Chai Yue, has sneered, immediately followed Gu Heng.

Looks at Gu Heng and He Gui back, in the Chai Yue heart unavoidably low and deep, it seems like Gu Heng truly has not believed him.( ~^~)

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