Long Yuyin facial expression a little hidden bitterness looks at Nie Li.

Gu Bei, Liu Piao and Li Hangyun somewhat are funny, wants initially Long Yuyin with the Nie Li simply potential with the water and fire, not to think that now is actually tamed docile.

Although Long Yuyin semblance powerful, but pushes aside the strong semblance actually, actually the Long Yuyin innermost feelings are very frail.

This point Long Yuyin should be the same with her mother.

Although the Long Yuyin mother is also a capable woman, but a mourning husband's woman, the strong semblance also installs. The Long Yuyin mother's present goal, wants to push up the position of Dragon Seal Family Patriarch Long Yuyin, does not know the Long Yuyin mother | Pig | Pig | Island | Novel.[][][]. Has managed many influences.

What a little can determine, the Long Yuyin mother these many years management are is not very absolutely simple.

Long Yuyin mother and daughter many can help to divert Long Tianming!

The influence that although the Long Yuyin mother and daughter manage, is not necessarily able to be a worthy opponent Long Tianming, but at least in a short time, Long Tianming also gave up any idea of that mounts Dragon Seal Family the position of Patriarch.

The rebirth comes back, Nie Li will not make Long Tianming go well simply.

Xiao Yu in concentration the practice, has let still her and Yu Yan goddess also has Jindan to keep in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting first.

„I walked first!” Nie Li said to the Li Hangyun three people that then looked at Long Yuyin.

Long Yuyin curled the lip does not speak.

Nie Li reluctantly smiled, then jumps to graze to go.

Nie Li easy accommodation, changed a deputy chief, even if the Li Yufeng person has blocked the exit of Skysoul Institute, does not have the means to hold Nie Li.

Nie Li comes out from Skysoul Institute, discovered that the exit of Skysoul Institute everywhere is the Li Yufeng person, is questioning the passing person.

Several Heavenly Axis Realm Expert devils stand in the exit of Skysoul Institute, making the students of communication gingerly, lest have become the goal.

„You. Halts to me!” Heavenly Axis Realm Expert has blocked Nie Li, is staring at Nie Li wickedly, „how haven't I seen you?”

„This brother chatted, did Skysoul Institute these many students, how the brother possibly all know?” Nie Li pretends gingerly, said extremely courteously.

„What did you say?” That Heavenly Axis Realm Expert eye stares. To appearance that Nie Li gets rid.

„Brother borrows a speech.” Nie Li said low voice.

„Snort!” One side that Heavenly Axis Realm Expert coldly snort, has then arrived with Nie Li.

Nie Li puts out ten Spiritual Stone, fills in the hand of that Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, said: „This is a small gift, but also please kindly accept. My this going far, attended to official duties for the Senior Wuyan Sir, but also asked the brother to spare and not punish too severely!” A Heavenly Energy revolution in the control, strong Aura flashes past.

Hears the Nie Li words, that Heavenly Axis Realm Expert stares slightly. Just he thinks that Nie Li is only Heavenly Star Realm Expert, but has not thought that Nie Li is Heavenly Axis Realm, the strength was not inferior in him.

The ability of Nie Li this hideaway strength, is not very then simple!

„Since is the person of Senior Wuyan, you walk!” That Heavenly Axis Realm Expert has thought that the slight bow said that actually quietly that ten Spiritual Stone receiving.

„That many thanks brother!” Nie Li cups one hand in the other across the chest to say slightly.

That Heavenly Axis Realm Expert turns head to wave to say to other people: „Asks him to leave!”

Nie Li lowers the head. In the eye pupil the none remaining flashes through, he noted some details. These Heavenly Axis Realm Expert dressed up accommodation easily, Aura that the body showed that clearly was the Dragon Seal Family Cultivation Technique method.

Really expects well with him, these people likely are Long Tianming people under.

Does not know that cooperation between Li Yufeng and Long Tianming, from starts, basically what Nie Li can determine is. Long Tianming with the cooperation of Gu Heng, started very much long time ago, Gu Lan was intoxicated this matter, cannot be inseparable from Long Tianming absolutely!

Gu Heng was closed the confinement, was equal is cut an arm to Long Tianming. Has not thought that Long Tianming impatiently advanced the onstage Li Yufeng.

In comparison, Li Yufeng is harder to deal with than Gu Heng.

Li Yufeng differs from Gu Heng, Gu Heng has several elders to make the backstage merely, the Gu Clan head of the clan also has the big elder, stood on the side of Gu Lan, but after Gu Lan was intoxicated, had no recourse to choose Gu Heng. But Li Yufeng, is the Ashen Flames Family Patriarch son, the Li Yufeng talent is inferior to Li Hangyun, rallying point far and away in later generation was also inferior that forcefully was actually advanced the first in order successor position.

Wish makes Li Yufeng lose the position of Ashen Flames Family first in order successor, only if makes the Li Yufeng father draw back first from Ashen Flames Family the position of Patriarch, or Li Yufeng has done certain perverse actions, makes matter that Divine Feather Sect does not accommodate!

The Long Tianming choice advances the stage to come to suppress Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance Li Yufeng, it may be said that has no more worries! No matter Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance are formidable, is unable Li Yufeng suppressing, Li Yufeng if really suffered a loss, his father definitely will get rid!

Long Tianming this person, is very formidabe! The key is Long Tianming continuously hidden in secretly, making people virtually impossible to guard against.

Nie Li jumped to graze to go, vanishes in the horizon terminus.

A moment later, a pretty form is also grazes to come, this form Long Yuyin, Long Yuyin stared at one toward the sky of distant place, the corners of the mouth slightly has actually revealed a happy expression, Nie Li this chapter of departure, the body was actually her great distance pursued the soul to be fragrant, no matter Nie Li ran far, she can find Nie Li!

„Halts!” One crowd of Heavenly Axis Realm Expert have encircled toward her, has blocked her way.

The appearance of this crowd of Heavenly Axis Realm Expert devils, but when they see clearly the human, all stares slightly.

A Long Yuyin complexion board, reveals the expression that has been sick of: „Also dares to block including me, thing that does not keep eyes open!”

The Long Yuyin voice just fell, the woman of two middle-aged woman appearance kills from side, bang bang bang a Kungfu gets rid, that crowd of Heavenly Axis Realm Expert called out pitifully immediately sad and shrill, was hit is off their feet.

These two middle-aged women, unexpectedly are Dao of Dragon Realm Expert!

The Skysoul Institute students look at creepy feeling, at heart is actually secretly refreshedly, Li Yufeng this crowd of Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, simply are under lawless, was only a pity that they bumped into were more ruthless than them. They have recognized, the young girl who just came out is Long Yuyin!

That is including the woman who the fiances directly discard!

Really the evil person also needs the evil person grinding!

Li Yufeng the crowd under unexpectedly dares to block Long Yuyin, that brings about own destruction simply.

„Young lady, the uncle toward that side!” And a middle-aged woman has referred to toward distant place.

„Um.” Long Yuyin elegant face slightly one red, she is not willing such to call Nie Li, but her mother as if has confessed something to these two middle-aged women, although she is somewhat shy, has actually tacitly approved this name.

The Long Yuyin three people plunder to go toward the direction illness that Nie Li departs.( To be continued.)

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