„Boy, you knows that now feared? You offended these many people, wants to kill your person to be many went, but I also make you die to understand that is Senior Wuyan sends me to come!” The black clothed transvestite flatters said with a smile that „ then you want dead with ease, dies with great pain, was chosen by you

The Men in Black slender finger , the landslip on the skin of Nie Li thigh, that icy cold Aura has made Nie Li hold breath slowly a cold air/Qi.

The thigh root transmits the intermittent threat once for a while, how Nie Li can non- creepy feeling!

„This senior, do not play such joke with the younger generation!” Nie Li smiles bitterly was saying.

„Cracks a joke? You thought that I am cracking a joke?” The Men in Black right hand took the dagger to pat the Nie Li crotch department, the faint smile said.

„Senior definitely is not Senior Wuyan sends, Senior Wuyan can incite the senior to be fishy. Senior Wuyan at most is only about Dao of Dragon Realm Third Level, but the senior, at least is above Dao of Dragon Realm Eight Level! The seniors move the fight figure, can pinch Senior Wuyan, how also to listen to directing of Senior Wuyan?” Nie Li looks at the Men in Black to say.

The Men in Black somewhat are obviously surprised, she has not thought completely that Nie Li can actually judge to obtain Senior Wuyan and her strength level.

After all Nie Li Heavenly Fate Realm, generally Heavenly Fate Realm, who can know that Dao of Dragon Realm Expert who who is weak?

„Continued, if you can also say a reason why to come again, perhaps I today can forgive you!” Men in Black both hands hold the chest, smiles was saying that because of the extrusion of both hands arm, her chest blows up an astonishing radian.

The Nie Li forced smile, by his ability, he possibly easily guesses that obtains the status of opposite party? Such enchanting woman. The strength so is also strong, definitely was considered as on No. 1 character in Divine Feather Sect.

Is recalling carefully, which person tallies.

„Strength that showed a moment ago from the senior, felt that likely is not Dao of Dragon Realm, rather. Martial Ancestor?” The eye of Nie Li is staring at the opposite party stubbornly.

The cape of Men in Black moved slightly.

In the Nie Li heart moves, was guessed by him? If Martial Ancestor, that is very likely that person

„According to cultivation method that the senior uses, should be Dragon Seal Family! But Dragon Seal Family, achieves Martial Ancestor Realm Expert, I think that the status of senior was vivid. Does not need to guess completely!” Nie Li has thought that said.

„Ha, you guessed mistakenly, I have not achieved Martial Ancestor Realm, but was Dao of Dragon Ninth Level!” The Men in Black cluck-cluck have smiled. Smiles the flowering branch to shiver all over, front mighty waves are turbulent, „your boy can guess correctly that I am the Dragon Seal Family person, was somewhat the ability!”

Dragon Seal Family? Dao of Dragon Ninth Level?

Nie Li actually does not know that who the opposite party was, smiled bitterly reluctantly was saying: „Guessed mistakenly!”

The Men in Black took the dagger to pat the racket on the Nie Li pants crotch, said: „You insult such miserably my daughter, her old lady recovers the gathering place, doesn't calculate too excessive?”

Hears the words of Men in Black. Nie Li understood finally, originally this Men in Black is the Long Yuyin maid!

„Aunt listened to me saying that” Nie Li hurried saying that wanted to explain.

The Men in Black beckoned with the hand saying: „This matter I knew the complete process. Since were guessed correctly these many by you, I did not prepare to kill you!”

Hears the words of Men in Black, Nie Li relaxed finally.

„ Capital crime may exempt, the suffering is difficult to run away, has only abandoned you, you do not have the opinion

! ” The Men in Black took the dagger to pat the Nie Li pants crotch.

Feels under the pants crotch the cold brightness to dodge. Nie Li caught up to reduce buttocks, complained of hardship at heart secretly. He has not pinned Fate Soul in the soul palace, if were abandoned. To cure, that may result in uses the big effort, moreover was discarded one time, that feeling after is very depressed.

„Aunt, you have misunderstood, I have not bullied Long Yuyin, moreover Long Yuyin pays a return visit me for the master now!” Nie Li hurries to answer.

„? Right?” The Men in Black took head cape, that such as the hair of waterfall scattered, among the features really very much looks like with Long Yuyin, was is only maturer than Long Yuyin was more charming, under that beautiful appearance, was the causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman, the black clothed wraps absolutely, the stature was also hotter than Long Yuyin, particularly plentiful of front. In the Nie Li brain flashed through a thought in a flash, Long Yuyin grows up so will not be magnificent?

„Yes!” Nie Li hurries to nod, at heart that depressed, back then, he also with Sage Emperor has fought a decisive battle the human, although this Cultivation promoted to be quick, but missed from Dao of Dragon Realm far, facing this Dao of Dragon Realm, absolutely does not have the strength to hit back at present.

„I listened to my daughter to say all matters, now gives you two choices, first, you married Long Yuyin, second, I give to abandon you now, you chose one!” Long Shuyun patted the Nie Li pants crotch, the faint smile said that „you said which under blade I from was good?”

„This is not good, I with Long Yuyin now am Master and Disciple, was such chaotic the rank?” Nie Li said hurriedly.

„, Your that Master and Disciple relations, cross each family with the child, how could also to take seriously. However chaotic the rank has been able to be what kind, who dares to say anything, my Long Shuyun shears his tongue!” Long Shuyun coldly snort a sound track.

Nie Li at heart that depressed, this can Long Shuyun, should not be so rampant?

„Aunt, this matter must need further consideration, I had the husband and wife! It is not I shuts out Long Yuyin, but is I thought that I cannot be joined to her!” Nie Li hurries to say.

„Has husband and wife that to be also what kind , the man three wife four concubines are not very normal matters, I have a request, that is my daughter must make the room!” Long Shuyun curled the lip saying that „you already such, although you truly cannot be joined to her, but my daughter also can only make to put up with suddenly!”

„Such?” Impulsion that the Nie Li one type wants to spit blood simply, his Long Yuyin how? „Wait, wasn't Long Yuyin had the fiance?”

„? That engagement, ripped directly was not good!” Long Shuyun beckoned with the hand to say.

„Tears the engagement at will, this is non- morality and justice!” Nie Li righteousness words said.

„Morality and justice, the morality and justice of nonsense, the fist greatly is the truth. Nie Li, did I words pendulum in here, you marry Long Yuyin? If you also such refused, do not blame the old lady I not being impolite!” In the Long Shuyun eye pupil flashed through the cold glow, coldly snort has worked off anger together said imposingly.

„Aunt, I did not refuse, but a little was not quite clear!”

„You said!” Long Shuyun coldly looks at Nie Li.

„Your Dragon Seal Family family background is prominent, Long Yuyin is one of the Dragon Seal Family successors, but I am also one come from Tiny World, what background pauper does not have, why does the aunt want to marry Long Yuyin to me?” Nie Li smiles bitterly was saying.

„Your boy does not need to improperly belittle oneself, I looked that the human is very accurate, although you come from Tiny World, but currently had Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, did obeisance in the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun hanger-on, in the future will have boundless prospects. Therefore you can be joined to my daughter!” Long Shuyun smiles lightly, looks at Nie Li to say.

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