Heard the He Gui words, Gu Bei sat, appears appearance that was carefree and content.

He Gui clenched teeth, finally set firm resolve, said: „I can work with Master Gu Bei, is only this matter, Master Gu Bei must keep secret for me absolutely!”

„That naturally, so long as you work with us, later you were our people, we will help you conceal well. Moreover mixes to be much better absolutely with Gu Heng compared with you! Person who these are useful to us, we will be will not be absolutely parsimonious!” Gu Bei smiles was saying.

Compromise of He Gui completely as he expected, but must guard against He Gui to play tricks.

He Gui thinks that looks up said to Gu Bei: „Master Gu Bei, I have a request, does not know that Master Gu Bei can agree?”

„What requested?”

„Right-hand of Master Gu Heng, one is I, another is Chai Yue, this person always does not gather with me, I want to ask Master Gu Bei to help me together, gives to do him!” In the He Gui eye pupil flashes through wipes the ruthless color, said.

„This does not have the issue!” Gu Bei nods to say immediately that Chai Yue is the Gu Heng trusted subordinate, it is said Chai Yue this person is loyal and devoted to Gu Heng, wants to cope with Gu Heng, naturally must cut his wing first! Gu Bei has thought next step, after „then you go back, some dissemination Chai Yue with the news that we contact in secret.”

„Light is this, perhaps is unable to make Master Gu Heng suspect Chai Yue!” He Gui has thought next step.

„Then looked your, so long as you can give us the position revelation of Gu Heng, making us encircle to kill Gu Heng one time, Gu Heng will perhaps suspect the head of Chai Yue. When the time comes we poked again, Gu Heng thinks that did not suspect Chai Yue is difficult!” Gu Bei smiles was saying.

„Master Gu Bei is wise!” He Gui thinks highly to say.

„Was good, should be your display sincerity time, has written some you to give our letter in secret, the process that if cooperates you play tricks, these letters will deliver to the hand of Gu Heng!” Gu Bei looks at He Gui, said lightly. Such He Gui had the handle to fall in their hands, if when the time comes He Gui did not cooperate, that Gu Bei had the means to do him. „Hopes that do not play any trick, otherwise you know the consequence.”

He Gui understands, if today does not obey Gu Bei, then the estimate day was sad. He silent moment, finally sat, took pen in hand to start to write, according to the request of Gu Bei, has written enough six. Expressed the loyal letter to Gu Bei.

„Good good!” Gu Bei nodded, pats the shoulder of He Gui, the right hand moved, throws to He Gui Interspatial Ring, inside thinks of more than 2000 Spiritual Stone, said that „this is rewards your, later helps us handle matters, will not treat unjustly absolutely your!”

He Gui received Interspatial Ring, has swept one. The brow jumped jumping, in this Interspatial Ring has more than 2000 Spiritual Stone fully, mixes with Gu Heng, one month runs risks , can only get so far as 200-300 Spiritual Stone, but Gu Bei has given conveniently him more than 2000 Spiritual Stone.

Really had the future to be many with Gu Bei!

„Many thanks Master Gu Bei!” The appearance that He Gui being grateful said.

A moment later, He Gui went back.

„Nie Li, how do you see?” Gu Bei looks to Nie Li, asked that „was He Gui this person reasonable?”

„This person high interest. Since we already Xu by high interest, there is a handle to grasp in the hand, did not fear that he is not obedient obediently, it is estimated that he should also be able to understand. Does right with us, definitely will have the suffering to eat!” Nie Li said.

„The Gu Heng under two people, He Gui is a villain, but that Chai Yue, is actually a talented person!” Li Hangyun a little sighed said that „, if were discarded by Gu Heng. That was a pity!”

„Does the Hangyun brother have the contact with Chai Yue?” Nie Li looked that asked to Li Hangyun.

„Has some contacts actually, I once invited him to come our Hangyun pledge, but by Chai Yue rejecting!” Li Hangyun a little regretted that sighed.

„Such being the case, the Hangyun brother can continue to contact with him, if some day he could not stay in the Gu Heng subordinate, naturally also will think of the Hangyun brother! The person who after all revolts, other influences is not willing to receive!” Nie Li said.

„Um.” Li Hangyun nodded, so long as is a talented person, he is not willing to miss.

„Since came to the bright village, was inferior that we purchase something to go back!” Nie Li has thought said.

„Ok!” The Li Hangyun three people nod to say.

One group of people together, called the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion Artifact firm to walk toward bright village one, this was in the bright village a biggest Artifact firm, some Divine Sect high levels, often here purchase goods. In Draconic Ruins Realm, besides major Divine Sect, but also is enlivening some formidable influences, for example the god artisan pavilion, specifically is responsible for building
Artifact, sold to major Divine Sect, some super firms wait, these influences compare it major Divine Sect not to be also inferior sometimes.

In Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

The Nie Li four people entered Datangli.

Immediately wore the old man of long gown to walk, smiled said compatible: „Four young masters, welcome to our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, what thing do you need?”

„Boss, does here have Artifact that maintains life and kills people?” Periphery the Liu Piao glance opens the mouth to say.

The old men smile saying: „My here sells, most probably is Artifact that maintains life and kills people, does not know that four young masters want any rank!”

„Takes us to have a look your here best thing!” Nie Li opens the mouth to say.

Hears the Nie Li words, old man eyebrow selects slightly, the somewhat surprised appearance, has sized up Nie Li four people of several, immediately smiles was saying: „Four please come with me!” Although the Nie Li four people dressed up simply, it is estimated that was certain the sons of the influential of influence, will otherwise not open the mouth to be best.

Under old man's leadership, the Nie Li four people have walked toward most deep place.

Heavenly Treasure Pavilion most deep place, in a secret room, in this room is exhibiting Artifact of several hundred various styles, the grade is quite high.

Nie Li can feel that around this room hid many super Expert, at least is the Dao of Dragon ranks.

The Nie Li four people walked.

„How does here have other people to come?” Inside broadcasts a sound, appears a little impatient appearance.

„This young master, excuse me, so long as is the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion customer, wants to buy Rank 5 above Artifact, can come here!” A voice of young girl replies to say patiently.

Li Hangyun gaze fell on the body of opposite party, the brow wrinkled.

Inside that person also gains ground, gaze has swept four people, with Li Hangyun both eyes looking at each other, revealed a cold look.

Nie Li noted the Li Hangyun look, sent greetings inquired that Li Hangyun said: „Who is he?”

„Li Yufeng!” Li Hangyun has pacified the mood, said in a low voice.

Heard the Li Hangyun words, the Nie Li three people understood, originally was the enemies often cross each other's path, happen to have bumped into the Li Hangyun sworn enemy, that has robbed Li Hangyun God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit Li Yufeng! Before recalling, Li Yufeng as if also wants to annex Sky Alliance.

„Has not thought that is the Hangyun younger male cousin, since came, that together sits!” Li Yufeng laughs saying that „has not thought , the Hangyun younger male cousin also has the extra money to come Heavenly Treasure Pavilion to purchase Artifact!”

With others, Li Hangyun also will perhaps exchange greetings, but regarding Li Yufeng, Li Hangyun exchanged greetings to be disinclined to do continually, but he did not have the performance of any vitality, but fell in nearby position indifferently decides, has regarded the air Li Yufeng completely.

Sees that the Nie Li three people have not paid attention to Li Yufeng completely, sat in Li Hangyun nearby place.

Even if Li Hangyun is not feeling well returns to his several, Li Yufeng will not care, but the Nie Li four people so rampantly work as the air him unexpectedly, Li Yufeng was angry on the contrary, the corners of the mouth cast aside slightly, have turned head no longer to pay attention to the Nie Li four people.( To be continued.)

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