Six months later.

The Divine Feather Sect high and low, tranquility as always, Divine Feather Sect peripheral all Deity’s Lake Deity Root, all took in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting by Nie Li basically.

Now in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, is an incomparably magnificent picture, Spiritual Stone that every day is born, many to the degree of day of quantity.

Under a control of Nie Li, Divine Feather Sect starts to purchase various Artifact and Dragon Blood Demon Beast Demon Spirit from Draconic Ruins Realm each place as well as other all sorts to the thing that practicing to excel.

Draconic Ruins Realm almost all Trading House, crazily are Divine Feather Sect collects various Jane rare treasures in various Draconic Ruins Realm places.

Divine Feather Sect turned into existence of mysterious, Sect has shut tightly extremely, did not have the disciple to make an appearance basically, all Sect could not obtain any news about Divine Feather Sect, the groups of various Jane rare treasures were bought by Divine Feather Sect, imported in Divine Feather Sect, no one knows that Divine Feather Sect bought these things to do, does not know how Divine Feather Sect will have such astonishing financial resource.

In Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, Nie Li is leading a disciple of audiences most trusted subordinate, is closing up is practicing.

Nie Li Cultivation broke through Dao of Dragon Realm Third Level, the disciple under place, achieves Dao of Dragon Realm also has achieved the astonishing ten thousand people, has crazily is attacking Martial Ancestor Realm.

The potency of wondrous medicines adds on Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting again the rich spirit energy, as well as auxiliary and huge quantity of Spiritual Stone of various Jane rare treasure, the advancement of practice simply is much quicker.
What is more astonishing than the Nie Li practice progress is the Yu Yan goddess also has Jindan, the Yu Yan goddess buys in the spirit energy in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting crazily, after experiencing three Demigod wonderful transformations, has achieved astonishing Martial Ancestor Realm Third Level, the strength of whole body pure flame rushed to surge, making Nie Li praise to the heavens.

The one who is more fearful is Jindan this fellow, this big stomach king in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting does not know that swallowed many Spiritual Stone essence, the body has kept rising in a big way, now had 56 meters high fully, turned into a colossus, what was more astonishing, this fellow body increased at the same time, the appetite was also keeping increasing.

This fellow within the body the strength of law rushes turbulently, immeasurably deep, the strength of Nie Li not clear this fellow how, it all over the body golden yellow, has covered entirely the scales, is indistinct has several twentieth day of the fourth or fifth lunar month shapes unexpectedly.

Is good more grows up because of this fellow, and soul relation between Nie Li is deeper, Nie Li does not need to be worried but actually beyond control.

„The Divine Feather Sect five giants took away the wondrous medicines of new refinement from me, does not know how their Cultivation strengths were increased.” Nie Li thinks to say secretly, in a short time, five giants are still the Divine Feather Sect prop strength, the Divine Feather Sect protector, only then they were formidable, Divine Feather Sect can stabilize develops.

„Nie Li, Liu Piao and Ning'er their letters!” Liu Piao has grazed excitedly, said.

Received letter from the hand of Liu Piao, Nie Li opens to look, the corners of the mouth has revealed several points of gratified smiling face.

„They how?” Liu Piao asked curiously.

„They cross also well!” Nie Li smiled to say.

„That is natural, some these many good things, your full support, trades to do is I, can become a host in these Sect!” The Liu Piao corners of the mouth cast aside to say.

Nie Li smiles, Liu Piao recently stays in Divine Feather Sect is impatient, is a little ready to make trouble, had been repressed by Nie Li, Liu Piao wants to go to other Sect to look very much, but was ordered to stay by Nie Li in Divine Feather Sect.

In the letter Nie Li knew Ziyun, Ning'er, Du Ze and the others the recent situations, Ziyun in Heavenly Note Sect, because the talent is astonishing, became the Heavenly Note Sect Sect Master most favorite disciple, just like is the next Sect Master optiman, Ning'er, although is not the next Sect Master candidate, but gathered one group of masters, is a great power that Heavenly Note Sect cannot be shaken.

Du Ze in Sky Origin Sect, although does not reveal the mountain non- dew, but in secret has also operated a greatly strengthened strength.

Other people are also so.

For those same, Nie Li that Du Ze said that has given Ziyun, Ning'er and Du Ze each of them so many various wondrous medicines as well as types of day material treasures, in secret has provided in addition the massive master's support, each of them was the outstanding person phoenix, intelligent, how possibly to mix the wind and cloud?

Therefore everyone was pivotal in respective Sect.

Has the help of these friends, is away from own goal, will be surely quicker.

„How long, our Divine Feather Sect has been able to appear, will the true strength show before the common people?” Liu Piao depressed said.

Hears the Liu Piao words, Nie Li smiles to say lightly: „The day of distance is not far, you hurry to practice!”

„Good, this was you said that day that Divine Feather Sect no longer closed up, I must lead big ticket brothers, went to Demon God Sect these evil way Sect to bluff and bluster!” Liu Piao said excitedly.

„You are the province dessert, these Sect Sect Master elders, are Expert of Martial Ancestor level.” Nie Li showed the whites of the eyes to say.

„Relax, soon, we can also attack Martial Ancestor!” Liu Piao said self-confidently that the wondrous medicines of Nie Li refinement too were truly formidable, making their strengths promote such quickly, is away from Martial Ancestor Realm to be far?

Hears the Liu Piao words, Nie Li shows a faint smile, truly practices Martial Ancestor Realm is not very difficult matter, so long as closes up again for one year, Divine Feather Sect one after another will emit many Martial Ancestor Realm Expert, including them, will step into Martial Ancestor Realm directly.

However Martial Ancestor Realm is not the end point.

Their goals are to cope with Sage Emperor!

If the Demon God Sect destruction, will possibly alarm Sage Emperor!

Thinks that the master Ying Yueru death, Nie Li has gotten hold of the fist, the previous generation this life, this enmity he certainly will criticize!

When Nie Li and the others closed up, one team of troops arrived in the Divine Feather Sect entrance slowly.

This team of troops have 200-300 people fully, including dozens individuals are Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, what lead is one wears Young Master of white clothing, the age about 20 years old, has delicate features, although is somewhat thin, the imposing manner that but the body exposes, actually cannot be underestimated.

Dao of Dragon Realm Expert has gathered this Young Master side, looks up Sect that Divine Feather Sect has shut tightly, smiles is having a point to flatter saying: „Young master, here was Divine Feather Sect Sect, can I knock at the door?”

„Strict three, now or at noon, does this Divine Feather Sect how also front door shut tightly?” That white clothing Young Master wrinkled the brow to say.

„Reply the young master, how this Divine Feather Sect did not know, possibly was the Sect interior turbulence, has closed up for six months, Divine Feather Sect inside news has not passed on, according to our estimation, which Martial Ancestor Realm Expert very possible was passed away, shook the Sect foundation, must therefore close up!” That Dao of Dragon Realm Expert that called Yan San bowed to bend the waist to say.( To be continued.)

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