Probably after dozens minutes, the thought of XuanMing Deity has swept from the earth of length and breadth, had discovered quickly during is grazing Yan Yang.

A formidable Aura lock to Yan Yang.

„Does not know that Sir XuanMing Deity pursues, behavior what?” Yan Yang cups one hand in the other across the chest saying that really with the Nie Li expectation is the same, he according to Nie Li will say that constrains XuanMing Deity as far as possible.

„Yan Yang, can you once obtain the treasure from Ghost Temple? If you leave behind the treasure, today can not kill you, but if you are besotted, you understand the result!” XuanMing Deity coldly snort said.

Hears the XuanMing Deity words, Yan Yang bows to say slightly: „Sir XuanMing Deity, I am not a little clear, I have delivered all my things, body already not anything!”

„Yan Yang, you dare to deceive me, that did not take it ill me not to care about the face of your master!” The XuanMing Deity cold anger said.

„I do not dare to deceive Sir XuanMing Deity, but also asked Sir XuanMing Deity to indicate clearly where I did make the mistake?” Yan Yang cups one hand in the other across the chest to say.

The Yan Yang facial expression is indifferent, confident appearance, making XuanMing Deity a little have doubts, on Yan Yang really not any treasure? Suddenly, he has thought that just side Yan Yang also person, only then Cultivation of Heavenly Fate level, he had not cared before, but now, the person of that Heavenly Fate level unexpectedly disappeared, this was suspicious!

„Yan Yang, your side that person where ℃≧.?” XuanMing Deity frowns, the sinking sound asked.

„Person? What you said is the servant of that Heavenly Fate level?” Yan Yang has gawked, said that „you said him. The boy comes out the later dissolute speech, was in a rage by me directly killing!”


The XuanMing Deity meeting believed the Yan Yang words to be fishy!

The person of Yan Yang side that Heavenly Fate level definitely had the issue, Yan Yang definitely gives that person the treasure!

„Snort, I do not believe a Heavenly Fate level. Can run my palm!” The thought of XuanMing Deity sweeps away, spreads out all over unceasingly, looks around for the Nie Li trail.

Properly speaking by the XuanMing Deity strength, in addition, contacted Nie Li Aura, he should quick be able to search for Nie Li to be right! But neighbor big piece region could not find the Nie Li trail!

Unexpectedly could not find!

XuanMing Deity was annoyed, the right hand wielded. Boundless strength cling Yan Yang, bringing Yan Yang to graze to go.

After several double-hour, XuanMing Deity had not searched for Nie Li is . The speed that a Heavenly Fate level, grazes is fast, is impossible runs a such big region!

„XuanMing Deity, I had said before, he had been killed by me, you do not believe!” Yan Yang pretends to say innocently.

„Courts death!” The XuanMing Deity complexion is much blacker, flies high to put out a hand toward Yan Yang to grasp.

He all anger. Vented on the body of Yan Yang, since Yan Yang agree did not disclose that Nie Li whereabouts, that was remaining uselessly also!

Saw that his hand must grasp on Yan Yang, actually listens to bang one, this strength was rebounded.

A void in loud and clear sound conveys: „Profound deep, what my person had to offend you, can you under so the violent treachery unexpectedly to him?”

In XuanMing Deity heart one cold, that old ghost came! He just plotting. By his present strength, if to that old ghost. Not only does not have the stratagem which ensures success, but may also be killed very much! Cannot spell absolutely hardly!

„Old ghost, your this person honeyed words deceives me, I killed him am light!” XuanMing Deity naturally cannot show weakness, in order to avoid being seen the flaw.

„XuanMing Deity, since I came. You have put my person, otherwise, if a war, does not have any advantage to your me!” That sound conveys from the void terminus.

„Snort, today calculates that his luck is good. For the time being has put him!” XuanMing Deity searched for the Yan Yang whole body, even investigated the body of Yan Yang with Heavenly Energy, but has not discovered anything from the body of Yan Yang, even if there is a treasure , likely packed off!

Now that old ghost came, if he must kill Yan Yang, will pay the enormous price!

XuanMing Deity turns around to graze to go.

„Teacher!” Yan Yang to void is cuping one hand in the other across the chest to say slightly.

„Today's profound deep is a little strange, such easily gave up unexpectedly. However considers as finished, since has been all right, that comes back!” The void that sound conveys on and on.

„Um!” Yan Yang nodded, grazes to go toward the distant place.

Ghost Temple.

Fire Demon Prince looked to just return XuanMing Deity, bowed to ask: „Teacher Sir, how? Held Yan Yang?”

„On Yan Yang does not have the treasure!” XuanMing Deity said that remembers the tour of this time Ghost Temple, in the heart annoyed, not only has not obtained any treasure, but also steals a chicken inadequate counter- eclipse rice, was burnt down the so many state of mind black.

„Doesn't have the treasure?” Fire Demon Prince wrinkled the brow, „can that master once see, what person has with the Yan Yang same place?”

Hears the Fire Demon Prince words, XuanMing Deity was definite, was the person of Yan Yang side that Heavenly Fate level has the issue surely!

„I have remembered his Aura, even if this time ran by him, next time also certainly can hold him!” XuanMing Deity coldly snort, his gaze was profound, since that person follows in the Yan Yang side, should be the Skyblaze Sect person, must send for Skyblaze Sect nosing one to be good first! „Moreover finds the opportunity to intercept Yan Yang one time, that person has resulted in the treasure, perhaps finally will hand over in the hand of Yan Yang!”

„Yes!” Fire Demon Prince should say.

Wu Yazi treasure also searched for spatially, but also was interrogated, finally can only go back distressedly, he was depressed, was busy at work with Nie Li and Xiao Yu was so long, anything has not obtained.

At this time, is away from beyond the Ghost Temple probably dozens li (0.5km), Scroll calmly is burying in more than 30 meters deep place bottoms.

This Scroll Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

XuanMing Deity in tracing Nie Li Aura, traces the Nie Li trail, actually does not know that Nie Li already hid in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting under the situation of hideaway strength, has not distinguished with a ordinary Scroll anything.

Was worried that XuanMing Deity has not left in the, Nie Li simply dived to cultivate in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Nie Li sits cross-legged in void, keeps condense Cultivation, is stimulating to movement the strength in within the body monster blood sacrifice.

Before Nie Li had stimulated merely to movement the strengths of few part, continuously has promoted several steps, to avoid being killed by Wu Yazi, Nie Li does not dare Cultivation to promote too fiercely, to have the time to practice in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting now, the Nie Li nature wanted to display impatiently completely the strength of monster blood sacrifice!

That is the monster blood of Primordial bloodline!

The tour of this Ghost Temple, Nie Li felt that urgently own strength is insufficient.

Immediately must step into Heavenly Star Realm!( To be continued.)

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