Nie Li really looked like him to say like that lofty?

Long Shuyun does not believe that she has seen the person of mistrusting each other were too many, has not actually seen has looked like Nie Li such to be helpful has not sought the repayment! Nie Li so is assured, will Long Yuyin certainly help him?

„No matter the aunt thinks that I thought how many years the aunt might as well waits to have a look again, the aunt thought that now my talent is outstanding, the talent that however falls from the sky are many went, did not fear that betroths Long Yuyin to me, don't I think to progress? Naturally the aunt can also like tear the engagement to Hu Yong, but repeatedly three break a promise, if passes on, perhaps the reputation meets is not quite good!” Nie Li diligently tries to convince Long Shuyun.

Long Yuyin looks at Nie Li anxiously, she wants to explain, oneself with the Hu Yong engagement, but mother concluded with Hu in the past, that time she was young, does not know that she had not regarded Hu Yong is her fiance!

But the words to the mouth, Long Yuyin low-spirited received. Perhaps own engagement, hasn't Nie Li completely cared?

Long Shuyun looked at Long Yuyin, in the heart sighed slightly, said to Nie Li: „What goal no matter you are, but I acknowledged that you convinced me, matter that later you must handle, as long as was favorable for my daughter, I helped one another then am!”

Hears the Long Shuyun words long, Nie Li vented anger at heart finally, Long Shuyun complied finally. Dao of Dragon Realm Ninth Level Expert helps one another, that future many . The matter, will be surely simpler.

At this time, in Tian Yun Shen palace.

Spiritual Senior Tian Yun has taken back the thought that his static domain sits, the buddhist image is dignified, silent for a long time, has a moment later sighed with emotion one: „Was laughable I born in Divine Feather Sect since childhood, because of some matters of bothering. Then dejected shuns the world practice, was inferior on the contrary a youth looks thoroughly.”

„Long Yuyin, Gu Bei and Li Hangyun, truly are the outstanding people in later generation, moreover moral aspect, is good, if these three youth can be in power. Perhaps that future Divine Feather Sect Three Great Families, really can unite, shows no external differences, in addition at last, the talent of rising are many, Divine Feather Sect can perhaps remould magnificently!” Spiritual Senior Tian Yun also faintly saw a hope unexpectedly.

Before Nie Li arrives at Divine Feather Sect, the Divine Feather Sect prospect is dim, major aristocratic families, what in the young people are many are mistrusts each other. Person who the generation of falling over one another, has not actually taken the entire situation into account, at that time Gu Bei was still concealing one's abilities and biding one's time, Long Yuyin has not stood to compete the position of Dragon Seal Family Patriarch. But after Nie Li arrival, affected Long Yuyin, Gu Bei and Li Hangyun three people, the pattern had some changes.

The successors of three super aristocratic families, is the person who three have nothing to do with, because Nie Li has arrived at one.

„Since you want to handle such matter. That then I also help your helping hand!” Spiritual Senior Tian Yun thinks saying that shuns the world many years of he. In the innermost feelings also cannot help but had one to palpitate.

Other four thoughts, plunders, Spiritual Senior Tian Yun shows a faint smile, the heart honest person, other people must its be felt sincerely, does not know another four. Also is what kind of view? Does not know that the sincere intention of Nie Li, can move another four.

Zong Men who however naturally, Divine Feather Sect is Expert is to still revere, if Long Yuyin, Gu Bei and Li Hangyun cannot hold the wall, that also useless.

At this time. In the Nie Li room, after Long Yuyin and Long Shuyun pack off, Nie Li toward void stared at one.

Dao of Dragon Realm Ninth Level Expert appears in here, does not know that dives to cultivate several Divine Feather Sect giants to have the detection, usually the Divine Feather Sect giants cannot pay attention to Heavenly Soul Institute, but such formidable Aura appears in Heavenly Soul Institute, should arouse the interest, after all Heavenly Soul Institute is most important of Divine Feather Sect, all talent later generations almost gather at here.

Naturally, this is only an idea and guess of Nie Li, later he must be careful that a point, Long Shuyun did not hug to kill his goal luckily, otherwise the consequence was very serious. Must hurry the soul palace to entrust Fate Soul, moreover later very carefully is, otherwise, if Senior Wuyan sends for assassinating itself, that is how could it not be dangerous.

Nie Li has thought that Spiritual Stone are in any case many enough, buys several other institutes in Heavenly Soul Institute directly, a crafty person has several ways out, that easily will not be assassinated.

The weather daybreak, Nie Li quietly went to complete these matters gradually, Xiao Yu and Liu Piao have not known temporarily.

After reposing Fate Soul once again, Nie Li can go to Greater World finally once more.

Li Hangyun other institute, Gu Bei, Liu Piao and Xiao Yu also had Nie Li et al. to appear in here.

Sees Xiao Yu, Nie Li is preparing to greet, sees only the Xiao Yu complexion one black, do not go excessively.

Nie Li touches the nose awkwardly, even if have the contact outside with other women, what Ning Er has not said that did Xiao Yu rather also manage too widely? Nie Li is a little speechless.

„Recently has the He Gui help, we hunted and killed the Gu Heng three times, Gu Heng that boy Heavenly Star Realm Cultivation, after being hunted and killed, almost five days of time can restore Fate
Soul, it is estimated that now jumped for joy, however his Cultivation falls very fiercely, should have about Heavenly Star Third Level. Under our builds desirably, Gu Heng that boy also started to suspect Chai Yue!” Gu Bei looks to Nie Li, shows a faint smile saying that „, since you restored Fate Soul, we received Gu Heng Deity’s Lake!”

„Um!” Nie Li nodded, looked that said with a smile to Gu Bei, „a period of time does Demon Alliance develop what kind of?”

„Since you compete with, we to the outside declared that you are also the Demon Alliance person, later hires oneself our people continuous, there are much is Heavenly Star even Heavenly Axis Realm, at present the Demon Alliance population, broke through more than 6000 people!” Gu Bei smiles was saying, „the person, although these just joined, the loyal aspect still waits for testing, but our Demon Alliance strength, is increased to be quick!”

Nearby Li Hangyun listened, is flabbergasted secretly, such short time, recruited these many people, Demon Alliance to expand too fiercely, and regardless of the quantity, only by strength, just like has been able to keep pace with Sky Alliance.

In the middle of influence that all talent later generations control, Demon Alliance can advance into first ten absolutely.

In addition, Li Hangyun also heard, Long Yuyin has also established Profound Sound Alliance, it is said just established, several hundred Heavenly Axis Realm Expert join, even several Dao of Dragon Realm elders and remote antiquity elders, explicitly expressed support for Profound Sound Alliance, the Profound Sound Alliance influence, has surpassed Sky Alliance at an exceptional pace, just like became the influence that was listed fifth.

The influence that although controlled with Long Tianming, Li Yufeng and Situ Beiyan, Gu Heng et al. has missed that some, trend that but this rises, has been above the expectations of all people.

Most makes Li Hangyun feel what is inspired, Profound Sound Alliance has formed an alliance with Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance in secret, the Three Great Families successor, united one unexpectedly, this absolutely was the unprecedented matter. According to this trend, will develop any degree in the future, but also really made one be hard to imagine. ( to be continued ) 

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