The following some time, Divine Feather Sect held grand Sect Master to become the grand ceremony.

Entire Divine Feather Sect high and low, extremely busy.

However has many disciples, becomes to Nie Li Divine Feather Sect Sect Master is extremely discontented, does not have the foundation, the person who even they do not know completely, rose suddenly, stepped the position of Sect Master, they had the anxiety to Nie Li.

Nie Li what Dehe can?

Even if Situ Beiyan, must be much more suitable than Nie Li.

Five giants spoke, their these ordinary elders and deacons, the ordinary disciple does not have any right to speak , can only recognize, at heart has pressed disaffection, they must have a look but actually, Nie Li this Sect Master, how can blow big Divine Feather Sect.

After Nie Li becomes Sect Master, a news has spread over Divine Feather Sect quickly high and low.

All Divine Feather Sect disciples, are different according to respective Cultivation, can receive ten efficacious medicines, this efficacious medicine then can make the ordinary disciple enter into Heavenly Star Realm, but above Heavenly Star Realm, compounded drug can promote several heavy Cultivation.

In addition, each Heavenly Axis Realm disciple, can obtain Extraordinary level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, but Expert above Dao of Dragon Realm, everyone can obtain Deity level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit.

Flickers the time, entire Divine Feather Sect seethed with excitement up and down.

After some disciples have taken the efficacious medicine, Cultivation progresses by leaps and bounds, stepped over the threshold that many years have not been able to break through all of a sudden, some disciples directly surmounted a big step, the effect of this efficacious medicine, making all people shock, moreover Nie Li has brought several hundred Deity level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit to
Divine Feather Sect directly, the Divine Feather Sect influence reached had not reached in the past the peak instantaneously.

This, all people have closed all of a sudden the mouth, thoroughly was convinced to Nie Li.

No matter the welldoing of Nie Li how, moral character how, cannot support the Nie Li money to be many, resources are many!

Trades to be any person to make Sect Master, which person can make Divine Feather Sect have today so the aspect?

Beforehand Divine Feather Sect, in major Divine Sect, is smallest and weakest, the disciple in Sect often meets Demon God Sect these evil way Sect to bully, several Sect almost fall into the hopeless situation, now makes the Demon God Sect person try again!

Divine Feather Sect will let Demon God Sect absolutely ********!

Divine Feather Sect is ready to fight up and down, was eager to try, wants to repair Demon God Sect, but Nie Li has issued an order, the Divine Feather Sect seal entrance, anybody can not pass and out at will, all disciples must the heart not get off one's main subject, continue to practice.

Cultivation breaks through three level, can attain an efficacious medicine again, breaks through big step, attains ten efficacious medicines again, breaks through Heavenly Axis Realm, can obtain Extraordinary level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, breaks through Dao of Dragon Realm, then can obtain three wondrous medicines and Deity level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit.

Divine Feather Sect investigates rigorously up and down, as long as there is a collaborator, kills without the amnesty.

After obtaining the news, Divine Feather Sect has seethed with excitement up and down completely, the potency of efficacious medicine, they knew, they think that is unable to obtain, has not thought that Nie Li announced unexpectedly so astonishing award measure, they have not gone how possibly all out to practice!

„Does not know wondrous medicines that Sect Master gives what thing are?”

„Who knows that Sect Master throughout the ages, monopolizes!”

„From now on the future, I am the Sect Master person, Sect Master will make me face south, I not toward north!”

During the Divine Feather Sect disciples fell into were frantic, entire Sect everywhere was the person of practice, was practicing anytime and anywhere, lest was fallen by others.

The Divine Feather Sect entrance shuts tightly, some outside ancestors place the informer in Divine Feather Sect to be eradicated completely, the outside lost the Divine Feather Sect news suddenly, does not know that Divine Feather Sect is up to mischief.

Major evil way Sect, come to inquire, disappears without a word completely.

Sect Master palace.

Liu Piao, Gu Bei et al. gathered, almost in the middle of the Sect elite juniors, all gathered at the Nie Li side, including Situ Beiyan, Gu Lan et al., felt a heartfelt admiration to Nie Li.

Only gathers at Nie Li Sect elite, has achieved 500-600 people.

„Nie Li, according to you said that I sent 100 Dao of Dragon Realm Expert to give Ning'er and Ziyun to Du Ze and 200 Dao of Dragon Realm Expert” Liu Piao am reporting the situation, under the instruction of Nie Li, he gave Ning'er, Ziyun and Du Ze they to send the massive Dao of Dragon Realm masters, and has sent to many efficacious medicine, wondrous medicines as well as Extraordinary level above Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, making them promote own strength with a sense of urgency.

Several big Sect, will have the Nie Li influence.

„How your do Cultivation promote?” Nie Li looked that asked to the people.

„Your that wondrous medicines were too fierce, we broke through to Dao of Dragon Realm.” Gu Bei said excitedly.

Li Xingyun looks to Nie Li, asked: „Nie Li, when do you prepare to Demon God Sect fight?”

„To Demon God Sect fight? When did I say must to Demon God Sect fight?” The Nie Li surprise asked that the corners of the mouth were actually reveal to wipe the happy expression.

„Our Demon God Sect with Divine Feather Sect, the friction was unceasing for these years, Demon God Sect constantly is thinking how to extinguish our Sect, now our Divine Feather Sect was formidable, how possibly to hold Demon God Sect?” Li Xingyun has smiled saying with a smile.

gaze of people also fell on the body of Nie Li, waited for the reply of Nie Li, their truly a little could not repress at heart.

„Your anxious anything, our Divine Feather Sect the peace-loving Sect, so long as Demon God Sect does not get rid to cope with us, we will not cope their. All outside ancestor disciples, all contracts Sect, so long as Demon God Sect does not invade one's territory my Sect, our Divine Feather Sect cannot fight. First shut five ends of the year to say again!” Nie Li said assuredly.

Hears the Nie Li words, the people have pondered the moment, immediately understood.

Nie Li this move is most ruthless!

Had the great quantity wondrous medicines and efficacious medicine, Nie Li can train the massive masters crazily, five years later, only feared that Divine Feather Sect high and low everywhere is Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, Martial Ancestor Realm, perhaps can also come out several! Moreover by that time, status of Nie Li in Divine Feather Sect, was as stable as the rock of Gibraltar, one mind.

At that time, Demon God Sect also wants to win, that simply was dream of a fool. Once Demon God Sect makes war with Divine Feather Sect, only feared that cries continually without enough time.

The time to Divine Feather Sect, is more precious!

Entire Divine Feather Sect high and low, opened has closed up the practice pattern.

Nie Li except for the practice of own Heavenly God Technique, starts to teach these elite various formidable cultivation method crazily, these cultivation method can practice peak peak strong cultivation method, by the talent, they are less inferior than Nie Li.

A terrifying strength, is rising in Draconic Ruins Realm outrageously, is only other major Sect, quite the same as unknown.( To be continued.) The mobile phone user please glance over m. to read, higher-quality reading experience.

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