The time passes day-by-day, Nie Li calmly stays in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting practices, these Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race Expert also practiced Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race taught them to high Divine Technique and Nie Li to tall Shenzhen.

Nie Li feels that he was away from Heavenly Axis Realm to have the one pace.

Although has Heavenly Star Realm, what after all practice is Heavenly God Technique, even if general Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, not necessarily is the Nie Li match.

Moreover Nie Li unceasingly the life star in revolution Soul Sea, nine life stars are getting more and more bright.

The Heavenly Star Realm time life star is brighter, after arriving at Heavenly Axis Realm, Cultivation will be stronger!

Some these many Dao of Dragon Realm servants, so long as does not meet the Martial Ancestor level Expert, Nie Li has no need to be worried.

Divine Feather Sect.

A chaotic fight eruption.

The Long Yuyin sound pledge had controlled three Deity’s Lake, in Divine Feather Sect peripheral Greater World, was considered as the previous quite formidable influence, but one crowd of mysterious Expert launched the attack to the sound pledge suddenly, in these Expert had much is Dao of Dragon Realm, in addition did not have Long Yuyin to assume personal command, the entire sound pledge collapsed instantaneously, casualty several thousand people.

Has bumped into such situation, Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance naturally cannot sit by and do nothing, but joins Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance of regiment Expert casualty is also serious.
Sound pledge, Sky Alliance and in Demon Alliance three influences, as long as leaves Skysoul Institute, was killed completely.

Endless Wilderness, in a border region small town inn.

Long Yuyin calmly concentrate to stand, before comparing, her words and deeds, were more than before several points of mature flavor, has to concave-convex stature ** incomparable. A servant knees down respectfully, Bing Bao said: „Young lady, our sound pledge was attacked by one group of mysterious people, the loss is serious, three Deity’s Lake fall into enemy hands completely!”

„This outcome what's the matter? Is hand that Long Tianming moves?” Long Yuyin frowns to ask, Deity’s Lake falls into enemy hands actually the minor matter, this group of people are any status, can in such a short time make the sound pledge lose unexpectedly so seriously. In Skysoul Institute, can achieve this matter. Perhaps only then Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan two people, she does not have the enmity with Situ Beiyan element, that possibility biggest without doubt was Long Tianming!

„Reply the young lady, at present was unable to determine! However the Long Tianming subordinate does not have any sound. His master under!” A servant said in Long Yuyin Gong sound.

„Is that Situ Beiyan?” Long Yuyin wrinkled the brow.

„That side Situ Beiyan does not have any sound!” The servants said respectfully.

In the Long Yuyin heart has been full of the doubts, is not only not Long Tianming, is not Situ Beiyan, who can that be so aims at them?

„Young lady, there is a matter. Does not know , said that didn't work as to say?” The servants start to speak but hesitate said.

„Has any words, said directly then!” Long Yuyin looked at one to kneel in the servant of ground said.

„With the person who among we battle, cultivation method that Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, he practices, as if a little Demon God Sect way!” The servants said respectfully that deeps frown.

„Demon God Sect?” In Long Yuyin heart one cold.

Truly, Long Yuyin has not thought this possibility, if is really Demon God Sect, that this matter was complex.

„Do you have big assurance are the Demon God Sect person?” Long Yuyin pursues asks.

„I do not have any assurance.” The servants shook the head to say hurriedly that „merely is only some feelings. Opposite party Aura is not a little right, is unable to find the solid evidence to prove that this group of people are very strange, only specifically aims at us, the motion is extremely also careful, seems is avoiding anything!”

Long Yuyin deeps frown, it seems like that this matter, really a little fishy.

After Nie Li leaves, she traces with several servants, but Nie Li goes into hiding completely. Could not find. Afterward she heard that Nie Li appeared in the border region small town, then together in a hurry caught up with several servants.

„You go back first, continue to investigate the details of that group of people, several day I have then gone back!” Long Yuyin has thought. Said to that servant.

„Yes!” That servant should say immediately respectfully that asked to be excused to leave.

A moment later, the Long Yuyin under that two Dao of Dragon Realm middle-aged woman walked.

„Young lady, we had uncle's news, the uncle have stopped over in a small town inn, the uncle had purchased many Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race masters recently. Has over a hundred fully!” And a woman said that her is quite at heart shocking, has not thought that Nie Li really has such astonishing financial resource!

That is over a hundred Dao of Dragon Realm Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race masters, and absolutely loyal!

Even if the god artisan pavilion in fable, perhaps is unable to put out these many Spiritual Stone to come out to exchange over a hundred Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race masters one time!

Really madame's vision will not be wrong, if the young lady can form the couple with the uncle, controls Dragon Seal Family regarding the young lady, has the greatest advantage absolutely.

Long Yuyin hears the words of woman, facial expression was excited immediately, the running together of two syllables in rapid speech said: „Which inn he lives, leads me to go quickly!”

„Yes, Young lady!” That woman should say.

At this moment, sudden formidable Aura fluctuation transmits.

Two woman facial colors suddenly change.

„Young lady was careful!” Two women bring Long Yuyin to graze immediately outward.


A terrifying bang transmits, sees only that inn that the Long Yuyin three people were just, explodes the flying ash annihilation instantaneously!

Three forms change to the startled great wild goose, grazes to go toward the distant place.

When Long Yuyin et al. speedily run away, whiz whiz whiz dozens forms plunder to go toward Long Yuyin et al. crazily.

„Blocks them, do not let them run, has killed that two old, that small staying behind!” cold Li a voice cuts the sky.

These dozens individuals all wear the black clothed, is unable to see clearly their appearances, pursued toward the Long Yuyin three people, two Cultivation are strong, the speed was much faster, must overtake the Long Yuyin three people immediately. At the speeds of these people, this group of people all are Dao of Dragon Realm Expert!

„Auntie Xie, you walks quickly!” The Long Yuyin running together of two syllables in rapid speech shouts.

These two old women are Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, once to Dao of Dragon Realm, was unable dead! Died has been frightened out of one's wits, did not exist completely!

„It is not good, we must lead you to walk together, we have promised the madame, must guard the completeness of young lady!” And an old woman said very much firmly, although clearly knows that opposite party Cultivation is strong, comes prepared, they are not willing to throw down Long Yuyin.

„But Auntie Xie” the Long Yuyin facial expression is anxious, these two women regard such as to leave to her, is ordinary with her family member, how she is cruel enough to visit them dead!

She only then Heavenly Axis Realm Cultivation, can only hold back to them, if leading her, their two cannot get away!

Has not waited for Long Yuyin to ponder, a wild palm vigor from out of the blue.

„To walk, does not have a look at us to agree! Ahem, your do not want to walk!” That cold and gloomy sound, is common just like the bone-chilling cold ice skates.( To be continued.)

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