All people a little are accidental, they have not thought obviously that Senior Wuyan will indicate and confirm Nie Li unexpectedly is the Demon God Sect spy.

Senior Wuyan is the evidence is actually conclusive, falsely accuses intentionally?

Almost all East Court students are observing the development of situation, most people do not believe that only if Senior Wuyan can produce the solid evidence to come out, everyone can look, between Senior Wuyan and Nie Li relate do not gather, the possibility that falsely accuses will be quite obviously bigger.

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai frown, actually Senior Wuyan is what person, they had already understood that is plots against Nie Li to be inadequate mostly, therefore becomes angry out of shame!

„Actually Senior Wuyan is a spy, he discovered that the Nie Li talent was extraordinary, feels the enormous threat, therefore wants to kill Nie Li, was Demon God Sect removes a disaster!” Li Hangyun points at Senior Wuyan to say loudly.

„Good, I can testify!” Liu Piao has stood.

„I can also testify!” Gu Bei has also stood.

„I am also!” Long Yuyin and Xiao Yu have also stood.

This sound continuously, making Senior Wuyan become angry out of shame, points at Li Hangyun et al. to drink to scold: „You made false accusations, what evidence did you have?”

Heard the words of Senior Wuyan, Li Hangyun has laughed three, said: „That Senior Wuyan said that Nie Li is a spy, what evidence also there is? My Li Hangyun can guarantee with the personality, Nie Li absolutely is not a spy!”

„I am also!” The Gu Bei sinking sound said.

„I am also!” Long Yuyin without hesitation is also typical.

„You” Senior Wuyan was annoyed, has not thought that these many people stood this side Nie Li, moreover Li Hangyun and Gu Bei also had the Long Yuyin status to be a little special, they stood this side Nie Li, if Nie Li were a spy, that said that Li Hangyun, Gu Bei and Long Yuyin these three Three Great Families juniors, was harboring the spy?

The Senior Wuyan voice said low and deep: „Your three, should not be hoodwinked by his some methods! Comes from Tiny World, without the person of any background, can actually make the Three Great Families direct descendant successor so speak for him. Isn't the fishy?”

„That Senior Wuyan by this recognized that I am a spy? Can these for several hundred years, have the Demon God Sect spy to mix in Divine Feather Sect? Trusts me including Spiritual Senior Tian Yun, receives me for the person, but Senior Wuyan actually recognizes the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun disciple. His fellow is the Demon God Sect spy, does not know that is what intention? Because of struggling for favor to envy?” Nie Li is pointing at Senior Wuyan, sneered place to say.

Hears the Nie Li words, some people who do not know the truth, had 78 to believe. Senior Wuyan with possibility that Nie Li struggles for favor obviously greatly.

„Struggles for favor? Ha!” Senior Wuyan has laughed, „depends on your this martial arts contest stage not to dare on coward also to match?”

„No matter how you said that I will not receive your prodding! Those words, have to plant you to challenge the Martial Ancestor level Expert, if you plant, I dare to challenge him!” Nie Li is pointing at Guo Huai of distant place, the tranquil -ly said, Nie Li does not know one will fight somewhat the stratagem which ensures success with Guo Huai, but will surely not have stratagem which ensures success and that is clear. Just fought time Nie Li, although fused Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, but merely has also stimulated to movement part of strengths. Has not displayed the compensation after Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon mutation.

However, Nie Li does not need to take own life risk!

Senior Wuyan is Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, unexpectedly can cope with him with the so despicable method, later carefully is, cannot give the Senior Wuyan opportunity again!

At this time, five formidable thoughts, are paying attention to the here situation, all that here has, they know from A to Z.

Five formidable thoughts are exchanging.

„Tian Yun, this Nie Li. Did you receive for the disciple?”

„Good.” The Spiritual Senior Tian Yun sound curls to convey.

„The Spiritual Senior Tian Yun movement is really quick, in recent centuries, Divine Feather Sect sees such outstanding talent rarely.” That sound is spacious, appears somewhat said regrettably.

„Linked ancestor Lord to move? You taught relieved your grandson Situ Beiyan was not OK!” Nearby charming sound said with a smile.

„Situ Beiyan, although the talent is good. However by his talent, it is estimated that reluctantly can only break through Martial Ancestor Realm, controlled a side is enough, but wanted into Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, was actually too difficult!” That sound sighed to say.

„Has not thought that ancestor Lord so favors Nie Li unexpectedly, might as well make the Nie Li extension do obeisance the Sect Master hanger-on!” Spiritual Senior Tian Yun smiles to say lightly.

„Gentleman does not seize the human to love. If in the later generation has the talent outstanding talent, can assume sole responsibility for an important task, truly must train well, this Nie Li must observe again!” That sound said calmly, „hundred years later, Divine Feather Sect must hand over by these later generations has controlled, elects the human time naturally is prudent!”

„Senior Wuyan and Nie Li somewhat seem to be contradictory, didn't Spiritual Senior Tian Yun mediate?” That charming sound said with a smile.

„Among later generations senseless dispute, making them go!” Spiritual Senior Tian Yun said indifferently.

Besides these three sounds, another two Aura are also observing Nie Li, a shiwuliu-year-old youth, fused God level growth rate Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon unexpectedly, moreover by the 4 Fate Realm strength, can the crush 6 Fate Realm talent, be really rare unexpectedly.

Nie Li is turning around to be about to leave, only hears a sound to be ordinary just like the filament, spread to the ear of Nie Li.

„Nie Li!”

Hears this sound, in the Nie Li heart one cold, has stood the body, said: „Tian Yun teacher!”

„You try to dispute one to have a look with Guo Huai, does not need to keep the hand, does not need to be worried that I guarantee your Fate Soul not to disperse and that is clear. Several adults want to take a look at your strength and talent!” Spiritual Senior Tian Yun said.

„Yes!” Nie Li should say, in the heart moves slightly, several adults in Spiritual Senior Tian Yun mouth, should be the Divine Feather Sect five big giants, since Spiritual Senior Tian Yun makes him get rid, in the Nie Li eye pupil flashes through blazing desire to fight, since five giants are looking that he truly must display one well.

After all, wants into Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, must first obtain, is the approvals of these five giants.

Nie Li does not know that what person these five giants are, so long as has Spiritual Senior Tian Yun the support outside any giant's, then to his future absolutely will be extremely helpful.

Exchanges between five giants, these East Court ordinary students have the teachers, including Senior Wuyan and two elders, completely does not know.

Senior Wuyan looks at the Nie Li back, from resentful, actually sees Nie Li to return to turn around.

Nie Li is staring at Senior Wuyan, said: „I agree with this second martial arts contest, and I will not use any Artifact!”

Hears the Nie Li words, all people were startled, looks at Nie Li dull, the Nie Li brain took away, did not agree a moment ago that now complies?

4 Fate Realm, resists 9 Fate Realm . Moreover the opposite party is to kill Nie Li obviously, Nie Li not awfully? This simply is the behavior of bringing death!( To be continued.)

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