„Behind has one flock of flies, can kill them?” Wu Yazi wrinkled the brow saying that he let off Long Tianming these people, has not thought that Long Tianming these people were unexpectedly endless.

„No need, making them with coming, to thousand imaginary ** in solves again!” Nie Li smiles was shaking the head saying that „comes with me!”

Nie Li sneaked in thousand imaginary **, Xiao Yu follows.

Wu Yazi turned head to look at Long Tianming et al., snort, then with Nie Li and Xiao Yu same place, sneaked in thousand imaginary **.

Three people also vanish.

Sees this, Long Liu looked that said to the Long Tianming running together of two syllables in rapid speech: „Young master, they really know thousand imaginary ** entrance!”

„I saw!” In the Long Tianming eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly a extraordinary splendor, the sinking sound said that „all people follow!”

Whiz whiz whiz, one group of people also sneaked in thousand quickly imaginary **.

The Nie Li three people entered thousand imaginary **, the ghost that the surroundings constantly change everywhere, from time to time is woods, from time to time is a piece of prairie, from time to time arrived in an abyss canyon.

„Really worthily is thousand imaginary **!” In the Wu Yazi heart darkly sighed that in thousand imaginary **, he completely lost the direction. Nie Li is bringing, he does not know where toward walked.

Thousand imaginary ** altogether has over a thousand changes, Nie Li is inducing in carefully the change of Qi, looked at Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu, the corners of the mouth shows a faint smile saying: „Comes with me, we teach these first with fly!”

Long Tianming et al. entered thousand imaginary **, here all ever changing, making them completely lose the direction.

„That three people?” Long Tianming wrinkled the brow.

At this time, thousand imaginary **, could not see the Nie Li three people of traces completely.

Damn, unexpectedly with losing!

Entered imaginary these thousand **, Long Tianming et al. are then completely muddled, does not know where should go.

More than 20 individuals, in thousand imaginary ** is going through.

At this moment, the following person's shadow of team flashes past. Puff, blood lasing, Heavenly Axis Realm Expert had not responded with enough time that directly was struck to kill. Has poured.

„What's the matter?” Long Tianming turns head to look, deeping frown, he was inducing Wu Yazi Aura, but he responded that ground on only the remaining corpses.

But Wu Yazi. Vanished without a trace!

That Wu Yazi is borrowing thousand imaginary ** a strength copes with them!

Long Tianming was depressed, entered these thousand imaginary **, they completely became the one who has eyes yet fails to see, where basic does not know including Wu Yazi et al.!


Long Tianming behind Heavenly Axis Realm Expert directly was struck to kill, waits for Long Tianming to turn head, discovered that Wu Yazi vanished without the trace.

„Bastard!” Long Tianming angrily cursed, he is about to have been wild with rage, the sinking sound said that „all people formed the defense strategy, careful sneak attack!”

At this time. From Long Tianming et al. 200 meters remote, the Nie Li three people calmly are only standing.

Wu Yazi has been convinced to Nie Li, looks at not far away to be anxious, Long Tianming that et al. looked around in all directions, looked that said to Nie Li: „Actually do you achieve? Why we leave with them such nearly, can't they same see us with the blind person?”

Nie Li said with a smile lightly: „Thousand imaginary ** a profound mystery, may so be incessantly little.”

„You really to these thousand imaginary ** does know from A to Z?” Wu Yazi a little does not believe the -ly said, after all this was some antiquity can greatly the strategy under cloth!

„Like thousand imaginary ** strategy, so long as gives me enough many materials, I can also arrange!” Nie Li said with a smile lightly. Ghost Temple of Royal Court distant place looks, „thousand imaginary ** is also only the simplest surrounding strategy! Breaks through thousand imaginary **, inside also has a more profound strategy. We must break all strategies, is qualified for Ghost Temple. If explains outside all strategies, when the time comes the major Divine Sect people will emerge!”

Hears the Nie Li words, Wu Yazi asks: „If this, the treasure in Ghost Temple didn't have our shares?” Although the Wu Yazi strength is good, but outside Ghost Temple, but has major Divine Sect Expert!

„Therefore before breaking through the enemy lines. First must fish advantage that can obtain fully!” Nie Li looked at one toward Long Tianming that side, the eye pupil slightly has narrowed the eyes tiny, said that „in addition, but must having the threat full scale clearance of possibility!”

„I understood!” Wu Yazi nodded, looked at Long Tianming of distant place, patted has struck one's chest saying that „they gave me to be good!”

Wu Yazi has a mystique of monster fox clan, in these thousand imaginary ** in had the instruction of Nie Li, even more powerful, whiz changes to together the time simply, throws in the direction that Long Tianming et al. are, gets rid once again.

Sees Wu Yazi to get rid, Xiao Yu looked that said to Nie Li: „Nie Li, we told Wu Yazi these many things, had the issue? Ability that if Wu Yazi must to our fight, we simply not counter-attack!”

„Relax, comes out before Ghost Temple, his we will not be what kind of! Enters the Ghost Temple surely dead end by our strengths, but must draw support from his strength.” Nie Li said that he understands this is dances in the steel wire, but in order to promotes own strength as soon as possible, only has to wrestle!

Puff puff!

Wu Yazi continuously cut to kill Long Tianming under six Heavenly Axis Realm Expert.

„Bastard!” Long Tianming has roared, the strength of stimulation of movement within the body, goes toward the Wu Yazi bang.


A wild strength blasts out, exploded huge pit the ground, nearby several Heavenly Axis Realm Expert were shaken to fly.

Wu Yazi stuffy snort, vanished in once again imaginary thousand **, a moment later, fell on the Nie Li side, wiped the bloodstain of corners of the mouth, the sinking sound said: „This person of strength, has exceeded my imagination!”

Has not thought that Wu Yazi suffered a loss in the Long Tianming subordinate unexpectedly, Nie Li wrinkled the brow, it seems like he too underestimated the Long Tianming strength.

After Wu Yazi right a palm, Long Tianming was only retreat two steps, was sending out wild Aura from top to bottom, stared at all around, the anger snort a sound track: „A person of monster fox clan on this skill? Has to plant to fight to the death with me? What skill hides here and there like the mouse is?”

Nie Li looked at Wu Yazi, asked: „What level is that Long Tianming strength?”

Wu Yazi shook the head, said: „It is not very clear, feeling likely is Heavenly Axis Ninth Level, but compared with ordinary Heavenly Axis Ninth Level must. Obviously is a humanity, I felt a familiar monster blood strength, that boy also had Demon Clan helped him complete the monster blood sacrifice to be inadequate? Moreover the intensity of this monster blood, is not very simple!” 

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