During Yan Yang and Honored Thunder God were also lead troops to enter secret saying that they naturally are not willing to fall behind.

The Ghost Temple treasure, they are will not make Fire Demon Prince one person monopolize decidedly!

secret said that is scattering corpse everywhere, bloody Aura spread entire Mi Dao.

„Are you a clansman of god blood monster fox clan?” Fire Demon Prince grazes, while looks to Nie Li asks.

„Good.” Nie Li nodded, is actually not willing saying that if there is a flaw, was seen through own real status by Fire Demon Prince, that troubled.

„Has not thought that a god blood monster fox clan has this grade of talented person unexpectedly, so is skilled to Inscription Pattern together, later with me, makes my accompanying, how?” Fire Demon Prince said that in Demon God Sect, many people wants into his accompanying, actually asking can not, he so favor to Nie Li, does not know that Nie Li is what feelings.

„Many thanks the Holy Son US , Italy, I have been used to outside dissolutely, feared that could not make accompanying of Holy Son!” Nie Li returns saying that makes accompanying of Fire Demon Prince, that is absolutely the is impossible matter, if returned to Demon God Sect with Fire Demon Prince, Nie Li estimated that own status might be seen through an affair very much.

Fire Demon Prince wrinkled the brow, the expression somewhat disgruntled appearance, but a moment later, then restores as usual.

„Since you do not want, that!” The Fire Demon Prince expression restored indifferently.

Nie Li smiled, he already understands that can be such result, but he also not cares a whoop, because Fire Demon Prince definitely also usefully to his place.

So long as Nie Li has to explain a Inscription Pattern method ability, by the intelligence of Fire Demon Prince, rashly will not offend him, who can know that in the future Fire Demon Prince will have to ask his place?

Across the long and narrow channel, a piece of vast space appeared in them within eyesight.

This is one does not have the nihility space of boundary, in space float innumerable megaliths, dense and numerous, has blocked nearby this all spaces, these megaliths float to flutter, often transforms the making a debut Daoist believers in the tail wing only.

This is spatial Spiritual Stone! In the Nie Li heart moves slightly.

„You look at that side!” Nearby some people shout said.

The people look toward the distant place. Sees only the front these floats behind the megaliths, various treasures are fluttering, just like, that pearly luster Artifact. Brilliant incomparable.

So long as through this slabstone region, that can fight to obtain the innumerable treasures.

Ling jade all sorts of treasures everywhere, making all people be dazzled.

The here surface, does not know many on Gucci Jane!

„What is this?” Fire Demon Prince looks to Nie Li, sinking sound asks.

„This a little seems to have met before. Contained infinitely mysterious, the words that such law, wants to explain, not having 2-3 months not to be perhaps good!” Nie Li ponders was saying.

Hears the Nie Li words, Fire Demon Prince is a little silent, he has not found by inspection the piece of densely covered stone of Baiyanqian, is any law, Nie Li, if said directly cannot explain, that at the worst brought Nie Li to rush to toward inside. However Nie Li said that at least takes 2-3 months, what to do should they?

Is waiting in here, does the attempt break through the enemy lines?

Yan Yang and Honored Thunder God frowned, 2-3 months, that time is not short!

Fire Demon Prince silent moment, looked that said to Nie Li: „You find way to break through the enemy lines in here first, we send for rushing to look!”

„Good!” Nie Li nodded.

„The old style, our three parties send ten people!” The Fire Demon Prince sinking sound said.

„Good!” Yan Yang and Honored Thunder God nod to say.

30 Heavenly Axis Realm Expert collect quickly, then jumps to graze to go toward front stone.

In stone, float rocks dance in the air in all directions. These Expert enter to stone, then likely did not have the direction to be ordinary, the chaotic extension, such fell in all directions in stone cannot come out. Some Heavenly Axis Realm Expert shake the fist crazily. Attacks these stones, bang bang bang, dull thumping sounds transmit, these stones are actually entirely still.

„This group of garbage!” Honored Thunder God cursed one to say.

„Honored Thunder God this word is bad, this is not they is too incompetent, but is this Shi Zhen. Has being puzzled person's mental function, like thousand imaginary **, wants to go out of Shi Zhen, must look at the luck. Several hundred individuals, can have one to arrive at the opposite to go, that was good.” Nie Li explained said.

„What to do can we, wait inadequately in here?” Honored Thunder God a little does not bear said that lets him on , etc. 2-3 months in here? Has not known that can become!

„Since this stone can only be stranded the human, will not kill people, that can send some people to go, perhaps 12 individuals can go out of Shi Zhen, arrives at the opposite to go!” Nearby Wu Yazi opens the mouth to say suddenly.

Hears the Wu Yazi words, the surrounding person was silent.

This seems to be feasible!

Fire Demon Prince looked at Wu Yazi, looked at Nie Li, points at Nie Li saying: „He keeps here, Wu Yazi, your advanced Shi Zhen!”

The Wu Yazi forced smile again and again, this kind of proposition, has gone to the pit oneself actually, looked at Nie Li, sees Nie Li anything not to respond that can only nod to comply reluctantly: „Good, our advanced!”

Wu Yazi jumps to plunder, flies toward stone of distant place, Xiao Yu looked at Nie Li, only listens to Nie Li saying: „Relax, this stone dies in battle any danger!”

„Um.” Xiao Yu nodded, jumps to graze to go.

Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu also entered Shi Zhen, Fire Demon Prince have as if felt relieved, have waved, Expert under all jumped to plunder, grazed to go toward stone.

Yan Yang and Honored Thunder God think that their subordinates in abundance have also flown into Shi Zhen.

After these Expert enter stone, all roves in inside, was stranded in stone.

„Does not know that whose person will go out of Shi Zhen first, this can only meet one's fate with resignation!” Nie Li smiled, looked at one Fire Demon Prince three people to say meaningfully.

Fire Demon Prince has not spoken, Yan Yang is carefully examining Nie Li, as for Honored Thunder God, appearance that then a little does not bear.

„Can you on , etc. 2-3 months in here? The father does not have any patience, I do not believe such one to break through the enemy lines, can surround the father!” Honored Thunder God a little believe in evil doctrines did not say that „on , etc. 2-3 months in here, the father already broke through the enemy lines! You continue in here slowly just wait, the father walks one first!”

Honored Thunder God changes to together the thunder and lightning, the lasing, entered Shi Zhen.

Now only remaining Fire Demon Prince and Yan Yang two people, Fire Demon Prince sits cross-legged in the ground, Eyes Closed has practiced.

Yan Yang also appears extremely has the patience appearance, prepares to wait in here slowly.

Sees this, the smile that the Nie Li corners of the mouth reveal not being able to see, now only remaining two people, moreover one is Yan Yang, that is easier to do!( To be continued.)

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