Sees this, the people who behind these prepare to get by under false pretences tremble.

To leave here, must turn in obediently!

Grazes is seeking for Nie Li and trace in all directions, he wrinkled the brow, this is quite hard to deal with, is in entire Demon God Sect a person who he most is not willing to bump into, Wu Yazi was depressed. Now he can kill Nie Li, seizes Nie Li treasure, it is estimated that these treasures will fall in the hand of XuanMing Deity finally.

He, the treasure that must obtain before all spits!

What cannot obtain, goes back impecuniously?

Wu Yazi was depressed, is too not resigned!

When Wu Yazi jumps to graze, the front surface two people graze, is Nie Li and Yan Yang, at this time Nie Li restored the shape of humanity.

Sees Nie Li, the Wu Yazi eyebrow selects, the horizontal body kept off before the body of Nie Li, the eye stared at Nie Li, the sinking sound was saying: „Nie Li, we met!”

Yan Yang and Nie Li stop the footsteps, Yan Yang look to Nie Li, passes message asks: „Who is opposite fellow? Can kill?”

Nie Li has thought that shook the head, passes on the tone channel: „Does not need to kill him!”

Wu Yazi is staring at Nie Li nearby Yan Yang vigilantly, the Yan Yang strength he has experienced, once Yan Yang got rid, he decidedly was not a match.

Nie Li shows a faint smile saying: „Brother Wu Yazi, we have completed each other agreement, then that must drift apart. Next time will meet, we are not the enemies!”

Wu Yazi has swept around one, in the heart a little has doubts, how Xiao Yu not with the Nie Li same place, before , did he misunderstand Nie Li? Xiao Yu is not Nie Li carries off, did Xiao Yu die in stone?

„Before we made, the treasure that all obtained, we divided equally!” Wu Yazi looked that said to Nie Li, „, but I have not obtained that I earn!”

Nie Li smiles bitterly was letting go saying: „Did we argue this meaningful also? Your Demon Clan Martial Ancestor Expert has controlled the entire god palace, even if I obtaining the treasure apportions your half, you cannot bring!”

„Can bring. Does not need you to manage!” Wu Yazi raises the eyebrow to say.

„Perhaps this cannot such as you hope, I have not obtained any treasure in Ghost Temple.” Nie Li said lightly that „you search for my whole body, I do not have any thing to give you!”

Nie Li will not make Wu Yazi search for his whole body. After all Wu Yazi saw with one's own eyes him to receive many treasures, if in Interspatial Ring did not have, Wu Yazi definitely will suspect.

„I do not believe your nonsense!” Wu Yazi was depressed, this he thought Nie Li all the way during his control, but until now he discovered. Nie Li already was prepared, side are many Yan Yang such master, Wu Yazi how Nie Li.

Must let Nie Li does strength carry over Ghost Temple?

„I can not investigate that which treasures you obtained, but you must give back to me the strength of monster blood sacrifice!” Wu Yazi passes message to Nie Li said that has swept Yan Yang, he in pondering should in the situation how in Yan Yang has not responded with enough time kills Nie Li.

However Yan Yang cold gaze, making Wu Yazi understand, opportunity that he has not gotten rid of completely.

„Gives back to you strength of monster blood sacrifice is is impossible, if you want to stop me to leave Ghost Temple, we might as well arrive at XuanMing Deity or front theory. How?” Nie Li looked that said to Wu Yazi, he already pinched the Wu Yazi death hole.

The Wu Yazi complexion is pale, looks XuanMing Deity or Fire Demon Prince theory, does that court death?

If knows one have given humanity the strength of monster blood sacrifice, that definitely is the dead end.

„I know that what you are thinking, you are possibly thinking kills me, I understand, although has Yan Yang to protect me, you have the opportunity, even can find compared with a Yan Yang stronger person gets rid, but don't you think strange? Where did Xiao Yu go to?” Nie Li passes message to Wu Yazi said. „Xiao Yu left under my arrangement safely, if your I did not say, our next well water not interfering with river water, when any matter has not occurred. If you must ask me to trouble, when the time comes likely was fight in which both sides perish!”

Yan Yang does not know that Nie Li was chatting anything with Wu Yazi, but can look from the Wu Yazi expression, Nie Li was negotiating with Wu Yazi!

„is impossible, XuanMing Deity has controlled entire Ghost Temple, your is impossible delivers radically Xiao Yu. If you can deliver him, why you don't exit?” Wu Yazi gaze is staring at Nie Li stubbornly.

„Anything has not been is impossible!” The Nie Li faint smile looks at Wu Yazi to say.

Wu Yazi has remembered Nie Li all sorts of magical things, his innermost feelings passed through the intense contradiction and struggling, if Xiao Yu left, even if he massacres Nie Li, Xiao Yu can also make him die without the burial ground!

„You will say us from now on, well water not interfering with river water?” Wu Yazi looks to Nie Li, hesitating, although Nie Li is living, for him is greatest, but he can only tolerate this threat to exist.

„Good.” Nie Li nodded.

A Wu Yazi eyeball revolution, the nod said: „Good!”

„Do not want to massacre me with the hand of XuanMing Deity, if in any case this time I do not have the means to live going back, I make Xiao Yu pass on the matter of monster blood sacrifice, you can!” The Nie Li faint smile looks at Wu Yazi.

Wu Yazi was at heart depressed, the thought in brain flashing through, all of a sudden by Nie Li seeing through.

„Is casual you! I died in any case, which you also very to go, as long as had been displayed the humanity of monster blood sacrifice, Demon Clan will not hesitate to use all strengths to chase down! So long as I named you, even if the ends of the earth, you are unable to maintain a livelihood, your Zong Men could not bless you!” Wu Yazi coldly snort, turned around to depart, the less seen the better.

„Brother Wu Yazi, I do not want to make you die, later we could not say that must exchange much, is not the enemy, is the friend always!” Nie Li passes message with a smile said.

Wu Yazi almost treadons spatially, has the Nie Li such pit friend?

Sees Wu Yazi to leave, Yan Yang looked that asked to Nie Li: „Among you were the matter solved?”

„Um.” Nie Li nodded, shows a faint smile saying that looks the back that Wu Yazi goes far away, Nie Li has a feeling, he and Wu Yazi will sooner or later meet.

Yan Yang does not know dialog between Nie Li and Wu Yazi, but can feel, Wu Yazi should by Nie Li playing, does not know that Nie Li has used any method, makes Demon Clan cover up for him unexpectedly. Yan Yang could not completely understand Nie Li more and more!

„We must hurry, the words that otherwise was pursued by Fire Demon Prince, will possibly have the trouble!” Nie Li said.


They jump to graze to go.( To be continued.)

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