The following several months, Nie Li has kept training to train one batch loyally in the Demon Alliance disciple, these Expert that recruits from Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race. ↑,

During this period, Nie Li et al. have not stopped the expansion of influence, had the so many wonder drug, the speed that various treasures, Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance chord pledge influence expands is astonishing.

The Nie Li strength crazily was also increased, to reach the Heavenly Axis Realm peak.

Although is only the Heavenly Axis Realm peak, however Nie Li real strength, already rude sè in Dao of Dragon Realm Fifth Level day Expert.

Heavenly God Technique, more is practices is more difficult to promote, but after the promotion, strength several times of even dozens times of increased range then far ultra ordinary talent.

„Nie Li, I must wield Gu Clan the position of Milky Way hall deacon immediately, although Gu Heng this boy was punished faces the wall, but his influence under has not actually stopped, a while ago many people revolted Demon Alliance, was given to receive by them!” Gu Bei looked that said to Nie Li.

„Milky Way hall deacon, what position is this?” Nie Li asked.

„Is this, in Gu Clan, in order successor does not have the real power, but as first in order successor, has the qualifications to wield Milky Way hall to manage a duty, this Milky Way hall said that is big, only then several hundred people, but involves the business in family, once the coming to a stop footsteps in Milky Way hall, that then can take over the family!” Gu Bei shows a faint smile to say.

„What kind, wields Milky Way hall to have the difficulty?” Nie Li shows a faint smile to ask.

„Light is my words, there is a difficulty, but this does not have my elder sister.” Gu Bei smiled to say.

Heard the Gu Bei words, in the Nie Li mind cannot help but reappears that beautiful moving, stubborn and wise young girl.

„Your elder sister now how?” Nie Li asked.

„Has the wonder drug that you give, my elder sister's Cultivation progresses by leaps and bounds, Dao of Dragon Realm Second Level, she I have solved in various races besides the director the business, the usual time is used to practice, she wants to draw support from the strength of wonder drug. Attacks Martial Ancestor Realm within several years!” Gu Bei said that the speed that his elder sister practices made him praise to the heavens simply.

„Your elder sister's talent also is really astonishing!” Nie Li sighed said.

„My elder sister also often mentioned you, the elder sister said that you were the person of god life, had the energy of reversal destiny! She makes me assist you well!” Gu Bei smiled to say.

The person of god life? Reverses the destiny?

Nie Li thinks. Sister Gu Bei Gu Lan said that but also is really appropriate, he to violate orders.

Nie Li gaze is profound, stares at void of distant place, thinks of that incomparably formidable Sage Emperor. In the heart of Nie Li cannot help but has then had the intense sense of urgency.

At this moment, the head of Nie Li looked like ruptured suddenly generally.

„?” Nie Li whooshes painfully, that terrifying pain, Nie Li definitely is unable to withstand.

„Nie Li, you how?” Gu Bei asked in the one side hurriedly, saw that Nie Li held to keep whooshing painfully, he not handled flurriedly.

Actually what's the matter? Nie Li suddenly this?

Hears the Nie Li whooshing sound, Long Yuyin, Liu Piao, Li Hangyun et al. also in abundance runs.

„Nie Li he how?”

„Holds quickly him!”

The people helter-skelter held Nie Li, then takes down Nie Li on the bed.

However Nie Li tumbles to keep, keeps struggling.

Appearance that Long Yuyin sees the Nie Li pain. The tears flowed all of a sudden: „How was he?”

„What's the matter? Practiced to overstate?” Li Hangyun has not encountered such situation, he can only hold down to struggle Nie Li, then gives Nie Li to take the pulse, although is not the good doctor, but he slightly understands some medical skill.

Before was to listen to Nie Li, they have not thought that day of Nie Li like this, does not know how suddenly all of a sudden should solve.

„Pulse condition does not have what issue.”

„Should be Soul Sea had some problems!”
„If Soul Sea has problems, we cannot meddle carelessly!”

„Establishes knot in this, moreover makes some joss sticks to him!”

„Hurries to find some good doctors to come!”

Quickly. Doctors ran up to Nie Li here, is the Three Great Families topest doctors, but they carry on the observation after Nie Li, shook the head leaves reluctantly. They are also at a loss to the Nie Li situation.

Nie Li felt that has a terrifying strength to keep bombing in his mind. He felt that incomparable terror pain, entire Soul Sea looked like must disrupt generally.

Indistinct within, he as if saw an indistinct form, that is a beautiful female, this form familiar and that kind, Nie Li cannot help but then walked toward that form.

„Master!” Nie Li muttered is saying.

Long Yuyin, Li Hangyun et al. defend in Nie Li side. They were worried, because the Nie Li condition did not have the indication, where simultaneously did not know the reason.

In Liu Piao has cried to be thin crash-bang: „Nie Li, you may not probably have the matter!”

Leaves Glory City together, arrives at this Draconic Ruins Realm, Nie Li is the Liu Piao best brothers, they must go back together!

Long Yuyin is also tears Yingying, Nie Li in her mind, may be only a master so is not only simple, her at heart, early has liked Nie Li, the Nie Li sudden condition gave to scare her. Her hand closely grasps Nie Li not to put.

Gu Bei and Li Hangyun are also so, uneasy, the eye cannot leave Nie Li completely. Nie Li is their good brothers, is best leading the way teacher, has eagerly anticipated from the fearful life mire them! If Nie Li really accident sentiment, they will rebuke oneself dead!

Nie Li pain has struggled for a long time, kept whooshing for a half hour, finally the sound was weaken slowly, struggled is not that fierce, breath gradually gentle, was falls asleep likely calmly and steadily.

Sees Nie Li to be calm and steady, the people then slowly felt relieved.

„I know that should any issue, Nie Li not be the practice has probably met the bottleneck, perhaps waits for him to wake up, attacked Dao of Dragon Realm!” Gu Bei felt relieved that relaxed saying that „I know, Nie Li has not faded!”

„This indication, was not practices the promote step likely, if practices the promote step, the pulse condition fluctuation should be a wave strong a wave, but he should not any issue!” Li Hangyun thinks to say.

„Really?” Long Yuyin wipes tears that turns one's face, looked that asked to Li Hangyun et al., her is worried at heart.

„Since he has fallen asleep, makes him rest a meeting!” Li Hangyun smiled to say.

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