„Master Nie Li, you do not impulse!” Long Yuyin frowns said anxiously, the face meaning on concern reveals in speech and appearance, this is her first time expresses the concern to a person.

Xiao Yu looked at Long Yuyin one, snort, excessively do not go, Nie Li added don't one have the intrigue with Long Yuyin? His meeting believed is fishy! He does not hope that Nie Li comes up risk, although is worried at heart, has not said anything.

Liu Piao and Gu Bei two people also in abundance open the mouth saying: „Nie Li, you definitely do not need to fight him! You 4 Fate Realm, he already 9 Fate!”

„I know in heart!” Nie Li smiles to say lightly.

Sees the Nie Li calm appearance, no matter Liu Piao and Gu Bei, are Li Hangyun et al., a little has doubts, does Nie Li have confidence very much inadequately?

The Senior Wuyan eyes slightly have narrowed the eyes tiny, Nie Li dares to comply unexpectedly, is actually extremely arrogant, has taken advantage? Nie Li transformed too quickly, making him feel indistinctly was a little unusual

Senior Wuyan raises head to stare at the sky, revealed a look of meditation, immediately look gradually cloudy, coldly snort a sound track: „Guo Huai, comes up to teach him well!”

„Yes!” The Guo Huai Gong sound should say that jumped to jump up the martial arts contest stage.

Nie Li receives Artifact that sets out, jumped up the martial arts contest stage, facing Guo Huai such powerful enemy, Nie Li deeply inspired, starts to transfer Soul Sea, in the eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly blazing desire to fight, although does not know own somewhat stratagem which ensures success, but Nie Li will fight reckless.

Guo Huai coldly is staring at Nie Li, Aura that the whole body overwhelming rushes, turbulently.

„I acknowledged before me, despised you, by your 4 Fate Realm strength. Unexpectedly can defeat Ye Chong, but arrived at my here, you lost!” Guo Huai looks at Nie Li proudly, formidable Aura passes the body.

„How doesn't hit to know?” The Nie Li corners of the mouth cast aside slightly, in the eye pupil flashes through an imposing look.

The Guo Huai eyebrow selects slightly. Has not thought that Nie Li before him, unexpectedly can also be so haughty!

„Extremely arrogant self-confidence, hopes that do not lose that quickly!” Guo Huai coldly snort.

Looks at the two people on martial arts contest stage, the East Court students looks steadily that Ming knew Guo Huai to harbor evil intentions, Nie Li dares to challenge Guo Huai unexpectedly on own initiative. They have had the strong interest to Nie Li this person. By 4 Fate Realm, resists 9 Fate Realm, Nie Li also has the stratagem which ensures success to be inadequate?

Long Yuyin, Gu Bei, Xiao Yu et al. worried that looks at the martial arts contest stage, is the Nie Li safety worry, after all Nie Li 4 Fate Realm.

Nie Li is stimulating to movement Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting as well as Soul Sea unceasingly. Feels that vine cane in Soul Sea under nourishing of Heavenly Law Power, started to grow crazily, formidable Aura, was centered on Nie Li erupted to all around.

„Snort!” Feels the rushing strength that on Nie Li sends out, in the Guo Huai eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly has wiped to be astonished, coldly snort, Heavenly Law Power concentrate gradually before the body a three feet epee empty shade.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The epee trembles lightly, the surroundings have formed the innumerable road sharp wind blade edge. Leaves behind the fissure that a depth varied in the magnetite ground of under foot martial arts contest stage.

Their imposing manners start to increase, the invisible fresh breeze above fighting stage surged, makes East Court students retreat that cannot help but around martial arts contest stage surrounded several steps. far and away draws back, the people change colors with amazement.

Has not thought of the strengths of two people, unexpectedly strong to so degree.

„I must have a look but actually, your somewhat ability!” Guo Huai layer on layer treads, the body changes to together the remnant shade, wields the epee to cut toward Nie Li. Everywhere wind blade edge is going toward the Nie Li lasing.


In the white clouds fight on the stage under the gaze of people, Guo Huai just likes a bloodthirsty is beastly. Royal Court Nie Li throws.

Fresh breeze of extreme condensation just likes a long bolt of white silk, the strength place visited. The hard purple stone fought on the stage to present a several inches (2.54 cm) depth, 78 zhang (3.33 m) crack.

Without fusing Demon Spirit, unexpectedly on to so degree!

Felt that the terror the strength heads on, Nie Li fused Shadow Devil Demon Spirit rapidly, whiz vanishes, the foreleg of sickle shape changes to the cold brightness to cut together to Guo Huai.

Bang bang bang

Two forms are quick simply are unable to catch including the eye, but several back and forth have fought instantaneously then dozens rounds.

Airings blast open unceasingly.

Although can rely on Shadow Devil Demon Spirit that astonishing speed, resists with Guo Huai, but Nie Li still felt the formidable pressure. In Heavenly Fate Realm, misses Realm, the disparity of strength was big, let alone between Nie Li and Guo Huai, have missed entire five Realm.

Can resist this degree not to be easy.

„Death!” Three feet epee in Guo Huai hand, at quick such as the speed of startled great wild goose, cuts to the neck of Nie Li, tries to cut to kill a Nie Li sword.


The body of Nie Li vanishes rapidly, making Guo Huai strike to fail, then has appeared the personal appearance.

In the Nie Li body will soon congeal really instant, the Guo Huai corners of the mouth reveal a strange smiling face, a foot kicked to the chest of Nie Li. In the beforehand fight, he saw the Nie Li Shadow Devil Demon Spirit weakness, is congealing the solid that flash!

Saw that Guo Huai must kick on own body, Nie Li roared, the body inflated rapidly increases.

Instant, Nie Li that does not allow to send in this chose fused Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon.

Bang, a Guo Huai foot kicked on the body of Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, then rebounded, his corners of the mouth showed a faint smile, really Nie Li under his forcing, fused Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon first! All as he expected!

The body of Nie Li rises to rapidly in a big way has 78 meters high fully, the skin of whole body pan- the garnet of difference, the giant wing has been covering the sunlight. Nie Li wields the foreleg, goes toward the Guo Huai bang.


The foreleg of Nie Li shells unceasingly in the ground.

Guo Huai keeps jumping, at the same time is judging the Nie Li strength rank, in the heart the secret shock, God level growth rate Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon is really formidable, his corners of the mouth sneer slightly, he has probed completely the Nie Li strength, by the Nie Li strength, is is impossible resists with him completely!

Nie Li looks like a wild with rage tyrannosaurus is ordinary, the martial arts contest stage will wreak havoc just likes the honeycomb is common, has covered entirely giant potholes. Although seems like does not have the brain to attack Guo Huai by the strength completely unceasingly, but at heart is actually very tranquil, by the fight experience of his old road, how unable to look, Guo Huai this is probing his strength.

Since Guo Huai wants to probe his strength, he installs to give Guo Huai to look!

Stimulates to movement the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon strength, while is inducing Dragon Blood of Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon within the body.

Although Nie Li can stimulate to movement the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon mutation, but regarding the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon true strength, completely has not actually controlled.
Nie Li feels that Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon within the body, is hiding the infinite potential, did not have fully to develop.

When stimulates to movement Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, Nie Li feels Soul Sea in within the body, is surging crazily, had the one pace from 5 Fate Realm.

So long as can condense fifth Fate Soul, then his strength, will have the large scale promotion!

Guo Huai even enters Nie Li within the body the Heavenly Law Power bang, felt that Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon strength level, his strength to the Nie Li, knew from A to Z, on the face of Guo Huai reveals a cold smiling face: „Facing me, your completely is impossible has any stratagem which ensures success! Then, relieved dies!” ( to be continued )

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