East Court.

First batch of promote entered the East Court quota to determine.

Nie Li, Gu Bei, Liu Piao and Long Yuyin also youth who called Xue Yu, altogether five people.

Jin Yan thinks one ninety percent sure can promote enter East Court, but braves one youth who suddenly called Xue Yu, far and away has surpassed him on Cultivation beyond expectation, gave to replace him, making Jin Yan fly into a rage, was the matter already like this, Jin Yan was also powerless to save the situation.

„Nie Li, heard that has one person who called Xue Yu entered East Court with our promote together. Regarding this Xue Yu, why our impression?” Liu Piao is the doubts asks very much, he does not know from the start the road maintenance crew has such a person.

Nie Li, knows in the road maintenance crew to have one youth who called Xue Yu, was very usually silent, never spoke to other people, strength also not much appearance, but has braved suddenly, has surpassed Jin Yan, entered East Court with their promote together.

„This person is not simple!” Nie Li silent the moment said that „makes Li Hangyun help to investigate his origin! However try not to contract enmity with him!”

„Um.” Liu Piao nodded.

Besides the Nie Li five people, some people promote entered East Court, are on one and previous, Xiao Yu also.

East Court martial field.

The here location is extremely broad, outside has covered entirely knot layer upon layer.

On martial field gathered 500-600 students, is the East Court students.

One group of teachers sit in the martial field front line, was observing 60 students of new promote, they discussed in a low voice. And Huang Yu, Nanmen Tianhai et al. also impressively in row.

„This year new promote entered East Court, altogether 60 people, several were quite good!”

„Hears the newest student. Five talents come, Gu Bei and Long Yuyin, in addition has that Nie Li!”

Huang Yu sits in the most central position, gaze has swept from all students, says with a smile: „New student. Several are above Heaven Spiritual Root Rank 5, moreover Gu Clan Gu Bei and Dragon Seal Family Long Yuyin, fused God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, really!”

Has God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, that had very big opportunity promote to enter Center Court.

Nanmen Tianhai knocked the tabletop, corners of the mouth has cast slightly aside said: „According to the East Court custom. Students of new promote must challenge the East Court fellow apprentice, to warn their one should always strive for better, outside the human has the human, the martial arts contest starts.”

After Nie Li et al. arrived at this martial field, received the notice. Student promote of each batch of new promote entered East Court, must challenge the East Court fellow apprentice.

This is demonstration of authority, wish made the students of new promote restrain the innermost feelings the pride, practiced the study in East Court steadfastly.

Nie Li gaze has swept from the East Court students, Li Hangyun also, in addition saw several familiar faces, including Murong Yu.

Murong Yu cold gaze fell on Nie Li et al. the bodies, snort. Really the enemies often cross each other's path, has not thought that such quickly on and met with Nie Li rank.

„ The East Court altogether more than 600 students, more than 600 students have the place completely. We are newest, on the first talent is Murong Yu, currently places about 132, the previous talent is Li Hangyun, placed 78 th, the earlier first talent is Gu Heng

promote entered Center Court. Can promote enter Center Court, only then few dozens people. The remaining these talents, can only halt in East Court. After their Cultivation achieve Heavenly Star Realm, will become the Divine Feather Sect Inner Court juniors, was dispatched each region to carry out the task, naturally, many people will have other choices. ” Gu Bei briefed the East Court situation in the one side to Nie Li approximately.

„Can promote enter Center Court, is the super talents. Wants into wielding of major aristocratic families, or wants into Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, must have one that was promote enters Center Court! promote entered the Center Court talent, will teach by Expert of Divine Feather Sect strongest five Martial Ancestor levels personally!” Long Yuyin adds in the one side, she has worn a neat vigor attire, the desire to fight ebullition.

Nie Li nodded, these his previous generation also heard.

Only then constantly challenges in the place, enters the first ten positions, may be selected, promote entered Center Court!

However the first ten positions, have are earlier several Expert, Li Hangyun also merely can only arrange at 78 th. Naturally, that time place, Li Hangyun fusion is also only Extraordinary level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, now had God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, it is estimated that the place must proceed again. However Li Hangyun has not had the God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit matter to be public him temporarily.

The East Court students look at this group of new people, the smiling face of revealing harboring evil intentions, back then, their promote entered East Court, was taught very miserably, found it unbearable to recall simply, this feedback to this group of students.

„All East Court fellow apprentices in here, you freely have chosen the match, everyone can challenge five times! Challenge not any limit, but cannot kill people!” The Nanmen Tianhai sound is not heavy, has actually spread over entire martial field.

Everyone can challenge five times, the new students look at each other, they select weakest hitting obviously, although they do not know that these East Court fellow apprentices place are many, but can from opposite party Aura, induce the strong and weak of opposite party approximately.

, Some people started to select the match quickly.

Nie Li, Gu Bei and Liu Piao three people look at each other.

„Nie Li, whom does Murong Yu give to come?” Gu Bei and Liu Piao a little were eager to try.

„Comes by me, in the account of place of clever ruins, should calculate!” Nie Li Murong Yu of gaze looking straight ahead distant place, the eye slightly has narrowed the eyes tiny.

Discovered that Nie Li gaze projects, Murong Yu has laughed at one, he will be does not believe from the start Nie Li dares to challenge own, his Cultivation has achieved 6 Fate Realm now, although will not know Nie Li Cultivation in any level, but compared with him, has missed absolutely also a big truncation.

„I must challenge him!” Nie Li aims at Murong Yu, said calmly.

Surrounding audiences new students look at each other in blank diamay, looks at Nie Li shocking, Nie Li dares to challenge Murong Yu unexpectedly, was too simply inconceivable. But Murong Yu the previous first talent, can stand in line first 200 in East Court, such person they are do not dare to challenge absolutely easily, because must lose without doubt.

As the new student, can challenge East Court place end some Expert, has been OK, Nie Li starts to challenge Murong Yu all of a sudden, was a little too does not know profoundly?

Hears the Nie Li words, Murong Yu is a little also inconceivable, Nie Li dares to challenge itself unexpectedly, that is looks simply oppressively! He has laughed: „Since Brother Nie Li has this idea, I direct Brother Nie Li!”

In his eye pupil actually flashes through a cut-throat ray, previous time gives to bleed off Nie Li, he also a little regretted to the present that has wanted to teach Nie Li, actually suffers from not having the opportunity, happen to this Nie Li delivers, he is impolite! ( to be continued )

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