What Gu Heng does not know, except for Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance, Long Yuyin also sent more than 100 Heavenly Axis Realm Expert to help in the fighting.

Long Yuyin Profound Sound Alliance had not declared forms an alliance temporarily to the outside with Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance, but in fact, Profound Sound Alliance has been supporting Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance secretly, including this time dispatches more than 100 Heavenly Axis Realm Expert to assist Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance.

This more than 100 Heavenly Axis Realm Expert Yi Rong, therefore the Gu Heng people could not recognize them are the Profound Sound Alliance person.

Gu Heng looked for the subsidiary troops, that Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance ask the subsidiary troops not to be accidental.

When bilateral rubber, 5,000-6,000 people graze to come from the distant place, has joined in the regiment, these people help Gu Heng obviously.

„Is the Li Yufeng person!” Li Hangyun brow slightly wrinkle, he has not thought that Li Yufeng has also gotten rid, but Li Yufeng has had the conflict with him, Li Yufeng joins the regiment not to be accidental. Although the Li Yufeng Phongy pledge in the master quantity, is more inferior than Sky Alliance, but also is not a small influence, the personnel are numerous.

Li Yufeng I have not come actually, this is also the Li Yufeng style, he stints his Cultivation very much, almost does not enter the war, this also follows his master few reasons.

Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance a little are at the inferiority, this pressure was all of a sudden bigger.

However Li Hangyun, Gu Bei et al. the goals are simple, does not make the Gu Heng person approach Nie Li, pours also defends solidly, Gu Heng et al. definitely are unable to approach.

Nie Li has complemented Inscription Pattern method, saw only together the Daoguang corona current extension, sent out the dazzling ray, under pulling of Inscription Pattern method strength, God Root appeared intermittently together slowly.

„Blocks him!” Sees this, the Gu Heng running together of two syllables in rapid speech shouts, does not know that Nie Li is doing anything, if were completed by Nie Li troubles!

Dragon flame goes toward the direction lasing that Nie Li is.

The innumerable road dragon flame must shell shortly on the body of Nie Li, Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance several fused Dragon Blood Demon Spirit Heavenly Axis Realm Expert to keep off in front.

Bang bang bang!

Innumerable road dragon flame explodes, the roaring flame scatters in all directions to dance in the air.

Although Long Yan has caused some damage to these Heavenly Axis Realm Expert. Is actually not enough to strike to kill them directly.

Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!

Three dragon inflammations at an extremely cunning angle, have passed through the slits between these Heavenly Axis Realm Expert, goes toward below Inscription Pattern method bang.

On the face of Gu Heng, flashes through wipes the fierce look. Does not tear to shreds Nie Li, he is difficult hate of solution heart, no matter how, he will not make thunder Deity’s Lake be destroyed easily!

Three dragon inflammations come, must fall below Inscription Pattern method shortly.

Faces dragon flame that the lasing is coming. Nie Li actually stands there is motionless, the look is quiet, fast puts out a hand, grasped God Root in the hand.


Three dragon flame bombardments around Nie Li, even explodes together on the body of Nie Li, the roaring flame dances in the air.

Knot on Rank 6 Artifact coverall opens rapidly, has kept off the flame that this four shoot, a spark has not splashed down on the skin of Nie Li.

God Root succeeded in obtaining!

The Nie Li corners of the mouth show a faint smile, has thrown into God Root Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Since God Root succeeds in obtaining, that does not need to fight again.

„Hangyun brother and Gu Bei. We remove, maintain the strength!” Nie Li passes message to Li Hangyun and Gu Bei said.

Hears the Nie Li words, Li Hangyun, Gu Bei et al. slightly one happily, Nie Li went well!

Which also hits what? Let Gu Heng cry, they did not accompany Gu Heng to play in any case!

„All people, remove to me!” Gu Bei calls loudly.

„Clashes together with me!” Li Hangyun pushes to the front, kills toward outside.

Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance Expert flush away toward outside.

After not having God Root, thunder Deity’s Lake starts the disintegration.

Sees this, which Gu Heng has not understood that what happened? He was grieved soon to cry simply, this thunder Deity’s Lake is his remaining last Deity’s Lake! Even if extinguished Nie Li this group of people were also what kind of? His three Deity’s Lake all did not have. Has not stayed behind!

Nie Li this day kills!

To compete for new Deity’s Lake, that must make war with other influences! Moreover definitely could not find compared with dark clouds Deity’s Lake and ancient territory Deity’s Lake and thunder Deity’s Lake better!

„I must kill you!” The Gu Heng angrily rave, leading person under to besiege Li Hangyun, Gu Bei et al. crazily.

Nie Li, Xiao Yu, Liu Piao et al. were following Li Hangyun and Gu Bei, but the tangled warfare was too intense. All people washed out quickly.

„Butchered that boy, must snatch his Interspatial Ring!” Gu Heng is pointing at the Nie Li direction, obloquies saying that Nie Li definitely took any east Tibet from thunder Deity’s Lake in Interspatial Ring! He must take carry back that thing!

One group of people have encircled toward Nie Li.

Li Hangyun, Gu Bei et al. saw that immediately wants to rescue Nie Li.

„Do not manage me, you remove first!” Nie Li shouts hurriedly. His God Root does not hide in Interspatial Ring in any case, but hides in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

At the worst also dies in here! Even if died, God Root they will not be snatched by Gu Heng! Also is must at most in Heavenly Soul Institute dull last some time!

One crowd of Heavenly Axis Realm Expert encircles to Nie Li, bang bang bang, strength bombardments on knot of Nie Li whole body, have tied had a stave sign.

Once knot of Rank 6 Artifact coverall is stave, that Nie Li must die without doubt, resists with Heavenly Axis Realm Expert by his strength basic is impossible.

„Must before tying breaks is killed, takes in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting to be good the Rank 6 Artifact coverall!” Nie Li is thinking secretly, this set of Rank 6 Artifact coverall cannot absolutely cheap Gu Heng!

One crowd of Heavenly Axis Realm Expert plunges Nie Li, Nie Li is preparing to receive the Rank 6 Artifact coverall, at this moment, Nie Li Xiao Yu put out a hand to hold Nie Li suddenly.

„Follows me!” The Xiao Yu running together of two syllables in rapid speech said that Inscription Pattern method on left hand rapid stimulation of movement index finger ring.

Light rapidly cover Nie Li and Xiao Yu, the strange space and time fluctuation, proliferates rapidly.

In the Nie Li heart is also one startled, has not thought that Xiao Yu wears this average not wonderful ring on the finger, unexpectedly is space and time Artifact!
Sees this, felt that strange space and time fluctuation, Gu Heng imposing one startled, sinks to shout to clear the way: „A bit faster blocks them!”

The dragon flame bang has approached Nie Li and Xiao Yu.

And Long Yan has hit Xiao Yu together, Xiao Yu stuffy snort, but he promptly has stimulated to movement Artifact on finger, the light flashes through together, two people simultaneously disappeared in same place.

Unexpectedly, by Nie Li and Xiao Yu running!

Sees this, the Gu Heng eyeful capillaries, the item of dew ominous light, his lung is about to explode with rage, three Deity’s Lake had been destroyed, finally did all these chief criminals, run unexpectedly?( ~^~)

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