With Heavenly Energy and Inscription Pattern method, Nie Li slowly has established and relation between Green Poison Pearl, this treasure is quite some intelligence.

The Nie Li right hand moves, the direct Green Poison Pearl lasing, shelled on a black water poisonous spider of Heavenly Star level.


Green Poison Pearl rumbled directly in the body of this only black water poisonous spider, quickly, this only black water poisonous spider whole body changed green, staggering several steps, then puff passed one, weak in ground.

The Nie Li intention moved slightly, sees only Green Poison Pearl to fly from in within the body of that only black water poisonous spider, flew back to sky over the palm.

After starting to stimulate to movement the Green Poison Pearl strength, Nie Li does not dare to go with dermal contact Green Poison Pearl again, because the Green Poison Pearl toxin is too strong, Nie Li also irresistibly.

Looked at a that whole body to be green, weak the black water poisonous spider in ground, Wu Yazi was also in the heart slightly one cold, the bead in Nie Li hand, seemed like very scary. The toxin of this black water poisonous spider, he too has not dared to move, however Nie Li Green Poison Pearl, can also give to kill by poison the black water poisonous spider unexpectedly!

Waited for Ghost Temple, if must with the Nie Li showdown, that probably result in pays attention to Nie Li this bead.

Except for Green Poison Pearl, Nie Li also started to study to exorcise evil spirits Jade Slip, poured into faint trace Heavenly Energy to exorcising evil spirits in Jade Slip, with exorcising evil spirits Jade Slip slowly has also established the relation.

This exorcises evil spirits Jade Slip to suppress the Demon Clan bloodline, happen to be used to cope with Wu Yazi!

However, Nie Li within the body currently also had the monster blood, once used has exorcised evil spirits Jade Slip, cannot stimulate to movement the monster blood again.

After exorcising evil spirits Jade Slip has slowly established relation, Nie Li felt that he can control 36,000 Inscription Pattern that exorcises evil spirits on Jade Slip to contain gradually.

These 36,000 Inscription Pattern, have the use respectively, Nie Li can study well.

A faint trace mysterious strength, by exorcising evil spirits Jade Slip, seeped in the body of Nie Li slowly, Nie Li felt that a Inscription Pattern strength of faint trace, wrapped his Fate Soul, making Fate Soul have a protection.

The strengths of all sorts of treasures. Connects together, making Nie Li Soul Sea turbulently surge.


Also Fate Soul was lit together, this is together silver-white Fate Soul.

Said Fate Soul!

Since there is a monster blood sacrifice, Nie Li already Lian promote third-order. Although these have to exorcise evil spirits some functions of Jade Slip, but without doubt, the function of Primordial bloodline is bigger.

The body of Nie Li, has the formidable treasure that many ordinary Heavenly Fate Expert could not obtain, so long as inspires slightly. Casual which wields effectiveness, sufficiently made Nie Li break through current Realm.

Has not thought that said Fate Soul unexpectedly is the silver-white color.

Nie Li feels that under the joint actions of many treasures, oneself Soul Sea expansion ratio has been an extremely astonishing degree.

Also can become stronger!

Nie Li is still continue strengthen own strength, stimulates to movement this to exorcise evil spirits unceasingly Jade Slip.

mysterious Inscription Pattern, is flowing in Nie Li Soul Sea unceasingly.

The strength starts toward the 9 Fate impact.

mysterious Inscription Pattern, had Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon these three Demon Spirit to tie up toward Shadow Devil Demon Spirit and Fanged Panda sleepily, just like say (way) chain, has tied up three Demon Spirit.

Three Demon Spirit keep struggling.

What's the matter?

In Nie Li heart imposing one startled, Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, Fanged Panda and Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon are Demon Spirit. Exorcises evil spirits the Jade Slip pressure system Demon Beast ability, said that can also suppress these three Demon Spirit?

Thought of here, Nie Li knits the eyebrows immediately tightly, starts to study this say (way) Inscription Pattern chain.

If three Demon Spirit were surrounded, which can also?

Thinks that one one instead, exorcises evil spirits Jade Slip suppresses Demon Spirit, but the monster blood sacrifice can strengthen the Demon Spirit strength, can

Nie Li has thought that the strength of monster blood sacrifice. Input three Demon Spirit within the body.

Integrated a strength of faint trace monster blood sacrifice, three Demon Spirit started to struggle immediately fiercely.

The Primordial bloodline strength, is hard to imagine simply.

After the strength of monster blood sacrifice pours into, three Demon Spirit strengths start suddenly to increase.

Life. 9 Fate

After reaching the 9 Fate Realm peak, three Demon Spirit strengths started to be a little uncontrolled, was struggling crazily, resembled to from Nie Li Soul Sea work loose, the Nie Li vine cane grew unceasingly, pulls three Demon Spirit.

However has not stopped. The Primordial bloodline strength was too strong!

The Demon Spirit strength continued to be enhanced, is enhanced to be equal to Heavenly Star First Level, three Demon Spirit struggled fiercely, Lian Manteng as if a little could not pull.

However at this time, exorcises evil spirits Jade Slip is also the ray greatly puts, Inscription Pattern chain locks to three Demon Spirit.

Three Demon Spirit were still stranded ties up in Nie Li Soul Sea.

The Demon Spirit strength is enhanced, leaves the control of Nie Li, will work loose Soul Sea, but exorcises evil spirits Jade Slip, actually some gang Nie Li sleepily tie up the function of Demon Spirit.

Between both, has achieved some marvelous balance.

Three Demon Spirit strengths continue to be enhanced, the enhancement to the Heavenly Star Third Level boundary, has stopped.

Nie Li has many methods to promote within the body Demon Spirit strength, but did not dare, because the strength has not been increased, actually forcefully promotes the Demon Spirit strength consequence is very serious, but there are has exorcised evil spirits Jade Slip, as if did not have having scruples of this aspect.

The Heavenly Star Third Level boundary is not a limit, but Nie Li stopped temporarily, first stabilized Cultivation to say again.

Wu Yazi is going all out to strike to kill the black water poisonous spider along the way, when he felt when Aura that behind on Nie Li passes, was a little scared, in short time, Nie Li Cultivation unexpectedly Lian promote third-order, achieved has assigned Realm!

Even if their Demon Clan talent strongest talent, perhaps must grumble such as.
Does not know that actually Nie Li how achieves.

The Nie Li promote step was so quick, felt a pressure including Wu Yazi.

Xiao Yu also surprisedly looked at Nie Li, Nie Li Cultivation promotes well quickly, she a little could not follow the Nie Li promote step to spend gradually, this made her have several points of sense of urgency.

„You look at front!” Wu Yazi looks toward the distant place that said excitedly.

Hears the Wu Yazi words, Nie Li and Xiao Yu proceeds to look that sees only the distant place to have a bright.

Although merely is only a bright of faint trace, but to Wu Yazi, is moved to tears, they in profound secret said that in went through was so long, to strike to kill these furry ugly black water poisonous spiders, the Wu Yazi hand is about to cramp simply!
Nie Li and Xiao Yu these two continuously is walking in behind leisurely and carefree the human, is unable to understand his feeling!

Must go to the place finally immediately!

Nie Li is hesitating slightly, across this profound Mi Dao, should immediately to arrive at the Ghost Temple main shrine! Considers as finished next time, thousand imaginary ** after was explained that outside person breaks ties at least takes a half hour, calculates the main shrine to live the gate to be, at least takes two hours, this is by the quickest computation.

„Does not need to worry, our time is very ample.” Nie Li smiles to say lightly.( To be continued.)

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