„Must kill you already fight.” Nie Li smiles lightly, looks that front Wu Yazi said.

Truly by the strength of their Heavenly Fate level, at is not the Wu Yazi match.

„Calculates that your luck is good, has bumped into me.” Wu Yazi shrugs.

„Since came Greater World, we have prepared for dying, is far from the luck good or is not good.” Nie Li is staring at present Wu Yazi tranquilly, does not know that at present this Demon Clan youth, is any origin.

„On you have the fluctuation of space and time Aura unexpectedly!” Wu Yazi gaze has swept from the body of Nie Li and Xiao Yu, in the eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly an unusual ray.

In Nie Li heart one cold, has not thought that the Wu Yazi sensation is so keen, he is paying attention to the change of Wu Yazi facial expression.

Xiao Yu stands in Nie Li side, is silent, she understands that Wu Yazi strength far and away surpasses them, too much talk leads to error, simply do not speak.

„You could rest assured that I do not have the enmity with you without the injustice, will not cope with no reason at all your!” Wu Yazi shrugs, he looked that said to Nie Li and Xiao Yu, „you also do come for Ghost Temple?”

Ghost Temple?

Nie Li knits the brows slightly, pondering.

Saw appearance that Nie Li and Xiao Yu completely ignorant, Wu Yazi stayed, said: „Don't you come for Ghost Temple? Since does not come for Ghost Temple, why that does come here? You do not know that nearby this is very dangerous?”

Nie Li recalled that what place Ghost Temple is, Ghost Temple is a temporary palace that an antiquity can leave behind greatly. This temporary palace every other six years open one time, because in the temporary palace contains many rare treasures, when opening, will then have innumerable Expert to come in swarms.

Previous generation Nie Li once had also heard Ghost Temple fable, in Ghost Temple the treasure is extremely numerous, hidden bad risk.

More than 60 years later, Demon God Sect entered Ghost Temple probably, opened that antiquity to be able greatly buried treasure.

Wu Yazi thinks saying: „Was I asks unnecessarily, by the strength of your Heavenly Fate Realm, entered Ghost Temple is also the dead end.” Wu Yazi beckoned with the hand. „You hurry to leave this place is apt to get into trouble!”

By Nie Li and Xiao Yu strength, wants to enter Ghost Temple is very difficult, bumps into other Demon Clan Expert, is the dead end.

„How that two Demon Clan were Expert chasing down you a moment ago?” Nie Li pretends unknowingly to say.

„. How that two idiots possibly are my match, Demon God Sect altogether have six spirit palaces, they are the fire spirit palaces, but I am the rain spirit palace. Before near the empty shade temple, I have gotten so far as not a well-known thing. They want to snatch the thing in my hand, was killed several by me, finally their people start to chase down me! Only is that two, I do them with ease, but kills them, I have exposed, therefore is disinclined with their fight!” Wu Yazi a little proudly said.

„Not well-known thing? Is what thing?” Nie Li has thought said.

„In any case you, is Heavenly Fate Realm, shows nothing you!” Wu Yazi has not paid attention to Nie Li obviously, has not guarded to Nie Li. Puts out a red circular stone, smiles was saying that this circular stone has the fist size probably, all over the body purely clear, although could not feel that any strength fluctuates, in the stone is actually correct a thioindigo red, was similar to has seethed with excitement generally.

„Is this! Although does not know that this is any thing, but I can determine that this absolutely is a good thing!” Wu Yazi appears very happy appearance, hides in here in any case is also all right to do. Chats one not to have anything with Nie Li and Xiao Yu, hid again meets him to leave, as for Nie Li and Xiao Yu, he shortly after this matter forgetting.

Nie Li gaze fell on the rubble stone in Wu Yazi hand. Cannot help laughing say: „Red smoke stone?”

„Do you know this thing?” Wu Yazi came the interest immediately, looked that asked to Nie Li.

„Naturally, this red smoke stone, truly is a rare thing, is rare. But the red smoke stone anything treasure, is used to forge Rank 5 Artifact by no means at most.” Nie Li shrugs.

„This is impossible. Are you are lying I?” Wu Yazi looks immediately vigilantly to Nie Li, „I do not believe such rare rare thing, is not the treasure!”

„Rare rare thing, not necessarily is the treasure, you do not believe that my words, turns the artisan god book of god artisan pavilion, p. 761.” Nie Li shrugs, does not matter the -ly said.

„Artisan god book? Me has a book probably!” Wu Yazi turned to look in Interspatial Ring immediately, for a long time, he turned out a tattered ancient book to come out, „, although previous time took in several by me the latrine, but reluctant can also use, did not know 761 pages also in!”

Wu Yazi opens 761 pages, really above the introductions of some red smoke stones, in the thing with his hand are exactly the same.

Wu Yazi immediately like swallowing fly uncomfortable!

„Sentiment I have spent these many time, gets so far as is such a thing? For also this gadget has killed dozens?” Wu Yazi said resentfully that remembered is chased down a moment ago, he was a little depressed.

Nie Li laughs saying: „After therefore , before fighting, must read a book!”

„Urges to go faster, I made me study repugnantly. My family that old man makes me read these broken books all day long, I was tired of quickly!” Wu Yazi flings to wave the arms about, thinks that eye transferred next step turning round, „this thing has succeeded in obtaining in any case, although is not the good thing, since is so rare, I sold to that several friend diehards to go this gadget, it is estimated that can make a lot of money! They definitely do not recognize this thing in any case are anything!”

Hears the Wu Yazi words, Nie Li and Xiao Yu looks at each other speechless, has become the Wu Yazi diehards, that was really but actually eight lifetime blood mildew.

„Has not thought of you, although Cultivation has Heavenly Fate Realm, but the experience is good.” Wu Yazi reexamined Nie Li, said.

Xiao Yu also looked at Nie Li, truly regarding the Nie Li experience, she also admires.

Nie Li looks to Wu Yazi, smiled saying: „You like this run Ghost Temple, definitely has achieved nothing.”

„Is difficult to be inadequate you also to have the understanding to Ghost Temple?” Wu Yazi looked that said to Nie Li.

„A little understood actually.” Nie Li is meditating, Wu Yazi looks like, unreliable appearance, if entered Ghost Temple, even if took the good thing, not necessarily is he and Xiao Yu!

The Wu Yazi eyebrow selects, said: „Outside Ghost Temple is thousand imaginary **, a lot of years, innumerable Martial Ancestor Expert could not explain, is unable to enter to Ghost Temple inside, but some people accidentally have also gone, snatched many good things.” The Wu Yazi eyeball transferred the extension, said that „you can go in me together?”

„Thousand imaginary **, is not the strategy that is hard to explain, but our two Heavenly Fate Realm, brought death in the past.” Nie Li shook the head, said firmly.( To be continued.)

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