„Then will designate the match by us, comes to dispute with Nie Li, tests the Nie Li strength!” The Nanmen Tianhai sinking sound said that „at competition the period, can not use any Rank 3 above Artifact!”

Hears the Nanmen Tianhai words, Nie Li frowned.

Liu Piao, Gu Bei et al. looked at each other in blank diamay.

„In the past did not have such custom!”

„Can some people in view of Nie Li?” Gu Bei has been vigilant.

Nie Li understood is about how a matter, it is estimated that is the ghost who Senior Wuyan pounds, but at this time, he cannot retreat, once retreats, will be considered that he can only depend on the Artifact win, but will not have genuine materials.

Although the competition of East Court seems like immaterial, but it is estimated that many Divine Feather Sect high levels are paying attention to this matter, once Nie Li has formed the established impression in these Divine Feather Sect high-level brains, will then compete for the position of Divine Feather Sect Sect Master to him in the future, definitely will have the disadvantageous influence

Others give him to designate the match, that following ratio fights, perhaps Nie Li was also involuntary.

„Does not know that two elders do prepare to me arrange several matches?” Nie Li looked that asked to Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai two people, if sent for continuously, that Nie Li must be tired to die bothersomely!

Nanmen Tianhai was waiting for likely somebody's reply, a moment later looked said to Nie Li: „On two matches!”

„Understood.” Nie Li nodded, since the opposite party only sends two people to come up, that is is very clearly confident to the strength of that two person. However the opposite party should also to a certain extent underestimate his strength!

The East Court students focused gaze Nie Li, does not know that what person the Nanmen Tianhai Presbyterian Church did send to come with Nie Li to compete with? In their hearts a little anticipated.

Cannot use Artifact Nie Li, perhaps was also again hard to avoid being probable one to be beaten violently?

As long as entered the East Court new student from the West Court promote, must be taught maliciously. Otherwise they will not have the heart of awe!

A stature strong, the age probably about 20 -year-old youth, jumped to plunder the martial arts contest stage.

„Is Ye Chong, his place must above Murong Yu, send such master all of a sudden. Nie Li was definitely miserable!”

„ Murong Yu is not the match of this boy, two elder is impossible send certainly the strength mean person to come up!” Nearby East Court student taunted said that „wanted to be opportunistic depending on Artifact, that was must pay the price!”

These East Court students, must certainly not exposed to oneself East Court student be defeated by the talents that West Court just promoted.

Such being the case, perhaps did not evade!

Nie Li receives Artifact that sets out. Has changed clothes, jumped to plunder the martial arts contest stage, faced each other across a great distance with Ye Chong.

„Ye Chong, does not need to keep the hand, has killed him. Had problems is responsible for by me!” Senior Wuyan passes message to Ye Chong said.

Does not know that Nie Li does have Fate Soul entrusts in the soul palace, if has not entrusted, that Nie Li died! He can massacre Nie Li with the hand of Ye Chong, as for the following matter, looks like in Senior Wuyan, sacrificed Ye Chong nothing.

Ye Chong hears the words of Senior Wuyan, in the heart one cold, has not thought that Senior Wuyan is to massacre Nie Li unexpectedly. Must be punished in the Heavenly Soul Institute murder very much seriously, will be closed into the icehouse, but the words of Senior Wuyan he is impossible does not listen. Looked that cups one hand in the other across the chest to say to Nie Li slightly: „Offended!”

Bang, a formidable imposing manner, is centered on Ye Chong explodes to all around, his Aura is increasing crazily.

Nie Li felt that a pressure, looked to Ye Chong, saw only in the eye pupil of Ye Chong to pass over gently and swiftly writes off intent. In his heart one cold, immediately understood. Ye Chong wanted to give to kill compared with the musicians who play percussion instruments on him in this directly! Don't one with Ye Chong any enmity, why Ye Chong actually want to drive him to commit suicide?

Kills people in Heavenly Soul Institute. Even if the martial arts contest lets slip, must encounter the extremely severe punishment, but Ye Chong still decides such to do, it seems like Senior Wuyan has issued the dead order to Ye Chong!

Because Fate Soul is not steady, Nie Li has not entrusted to Fate Soul until now in the soul palace! He has cannot help but been vigilant, Senior Wuyan does not reach the goal, should not give up

Even if Ye Chong lost, Senior Wuyan will again also send a person to come up!

The Nie Li brain fast is revolving, how this matter should deal, after arriving at Heavenly Soul Institute, this is his first time encounters the threat of life, is really the stab in the back is difficult to guard!

As if not want to Nie Li any time of response, around the Ye Chong body to linger vast Heavenly Law Power, treads a foot fiercely, boundless Aura is ordinary just like the tide, goes toward Nie Li turbulently, he drank one lowly, the whole body grew the ice thorn, turned into a big game suddenly.


Heavenly Law Power on martial arts contest stage seethed violently, the piercing chill in the air as if must freeze the space, the surrounding air current coagulated in an instant, making the human have to plant the feeling of falling into putty Ze.

The innumerable roads pan- blue light ice crystal in broken bits by the naked eye obvious speed gathering, is agglutinating on the foreleg of this big game, contains woods cold swift and fierce Aura to proliferate slowly.

„Frost Drake!” Saw this, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai has shocked, this only Frost Drake was also Extraordinary level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Beast!

They looked at one toward Senior Wuyan, if merely is only the test, does not need to send such strong person to come up from the beginning, although Nie Li won Murong Yu, but Senior Wuyan should look, Nie Li closes right up against Artifact to win!

Frost Drake proceeds to tread, saw only strength of the cold ice to spread out all over the entire martial arts contest stage rapidly, Nie Li felt that Heavenly Law Power in within the body has stagnated, had a difficult feeling.

Suffocating coldness!

„Dies!” In the eye pupil of Frost Drake passed over gently and swiftly wipes the ominous light, wields the superhuman hand, has patted toward Nie Li.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Huge icy cold fell just like the rainstorm common bang, is carrying one indescribable terrorist force, swept across maliciously to Nie Li.


The ground starts to crack, fissures rapidly spread, the Frost Drake superhuman hand has not fallen, the ground of martial arts contest stage became is split up.

Feels the strength fluctuation of terror, stood has to hurry retreat in martial arts contest stage edge the crowd of surrounding, in the heart cannot bear hold breath a cold air/Qi, on the face has revealed the panic-stricken color.

The Ye Chong strength was too terrorist, how many minutes the so swift and fierce attack as if wins compared with Murong Yu, can't use Artifact Nie Li to be able to block? gaze of people fell on Nie Li neatly.

The Ye Chong strength, truly also wants on the strong several points compared with Murong Yu, it seems like Senior Wuyan this does not want to give him any opportunity!

Saw that the great fist of Frost Drake must rumble to fall on own body, Nie Li fused Shadow Devil Demon Spirit suddenly, whiz, changes to together the time, vanishes suddenly.


A Frost Drake fist falls, the terrifying strength sweeps away, the ground covered a thick ice layer instantaneously, but actually struck to fail.

Felt that Frost Drake that formidable strength, Nie Li understands, if at this time did not counterattack, perhaps the consequence will be very serious! Grazes Frost Drake rapidly, fused Fanged Panda Demon Spirit suddenly, the yawn has spouted black white two photospheres.

This black white two photosphere revolving are dancing in the air, goes toward the Frost Drake buttocks bang. ( to be continued )

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