Stone of distant place is revolving in a marvelous way, all people were stranded in inside cannot come out.

Saw Fire Demon Prince to sit cross-legged the practice, the Nie Li back was sitting to Fire Demon Prince, the corners of the mouth moved slightly, the sound congealed one bunch, the biography said to Yan Yang: „Senior Brother Yan Yang, has not thought that we such quickly met.”

Hears this sound, Yan Yang is the brow concentrate first slightly, is a little accidental, immediately is suddenly enlighted, he a little suspected that before Nie Li status, now is more definite. Nie Li should dresses up the Demon Clan appearance! Has not thought that Nie Li the technique of camouflage is so unusual, unexpectedly and he was kept in the dark including Fire Demon Prince.

Yan Yang mouth is motionless, condenses the silk a continuously sound, spread to the ear of Nie Li.

„You send greetings to me, wants to make me help. Then, how wants me to help you! Before owed you a human sentiment, now wants to make me give back to you!” Yan Yang is passes message very much simply straightforwardly said.

„Senior Brother Yan Yang gaze like torch!” Nie Li smiles lightly, by the Yan Yang wisdom, naturally was one looks at the idea of Nie Li.

„Can you break front stone really?” Yan Yang inquired.

„To explain front stone, only if 20 Martial Ancestor level above Expert, I, although cannot break, can actually pass from stone, if has resulted in the treasure, goes back minute of Senior Brother Yan Yang half, how?” Nie Li said.

„Before I owed you a human sentiment, today the human sentiment is two has not owed, if has divided the treasure with you, I did owe you a human sentiment? The minute treasure exempted! Then, how wants me to help you?” Yan Yang said straightforwardly that he has not thought that Nie Li can unexpectedly really shuttle Shi Zhen.

Explained Inscription Pattern method from before, to the present knows again how to pass through Shi Zhen, the Nie Li profound experience truly makes him extremely surprised, he to Nie Li, has produced several points of curiosity. Even if starts to read the ancient book from mother 's womb, is impossible knows these many!

„Helps me constrain Fire Demon Prince! I find an opportunity across Shi Zhen!” Nie Li passes message to Yan Yang said.

„This does not have the issue, although I could not kill to leave fire that sorcerer. However constrains him not to have any issue!” Yan Yang shows a faint smile saying that although he cannot obtain the Ghost Temple treasure. So long as does not make Fire Demon Prince obtain, that was also successful!

„When here matter settles, we palace beyond northeast that meet, when the time comes also wants exhausted Senior Brother Yan Yang to escort me to leave Ghost Temple!” Nie Li said.

„This does not have the issue!” Yan Yang should say refreshedly.

Obtained the Yan Yang definite answer, Nie Li has stood, walked toward front stone.

Felt that the Nie Li sound, Fire Demon Prince has opened the eye broadmindedly. The sinking sound asked: „Where do you want to go to?”

„I want the short distance to observe Shi Zhen!” Nie Li smiles to say lightly that flies high to tread gradually.

Fire Demon Prince gaze twinkle, a strength of faint trace regarding in the Nie Li surroundings, Nie Li merely only then Cultivation of Heavenly Fate level, he did not worry that which Nie Li can run up to goes, so long as in the kilometer, he can control at will! Once Nie Li wants to run, he can trig Nie Li immediately.

Nie Li continuously slowly close Shi Zhen, away Lishi several hundred meters remote.

Fire Demon Prince broadmindedly has then stood. Sinking sound track: „Cannot proceed again, comes back!” Fetter strengths curled toward Nie Li.

Wanted cling Nie Li shortly, only listened bang bang bang. The sound that the strength ruptures conveys.

The Fire Demon Prince strength was prevented outside, Nie Li just like escaping the arrow of string is ordinary. The lasing goes.

Fire Demon Prince wrinkled the brow, looks broadmindedly to Yan Yang, unexpectedly is Yan Yang gets rid to help, he a little does not think clearly, why can Yan Yang help Nie Li? Between did Nie Li and Yan Yang, reach what agreement to be inadequate?

Fire Demon Prince jumps to pursue Nie Li, but Yan Yang also across the sky grazes, wields the palm to attack to Fire Demon Prince.

Bang bang bang!

Fire Demon Prince and Yan Yang had the fierce combat in void. Although the Fire Demon Prince strength strives to excel compared with Yan Yang, but wants to go round pursuing of Yan Yang to stop up in a short time is actually not realistic.

Moment. Nie Li then whiz, sneaked in stone.

Saw Nie Li to enter Shi Zhen. Fire Demon Prince is cloudy the face to look to Yan Yang, asked: „Why do you want to help him?”

„This need reason?” The Yan Yang hearty laughter, said that „our Skyblaze Sect with your Demon God Sect is always a sworn enemy, matter that you must handle, I naturally must oppose!”

Fire Demon Prince frowns, words that Yan Yang spoke he, if believes that was fishy! Yan Yang absolutely and between Nie Li, achieved certain transactions!

But Demon Clan of Nie Li Heavenly Fate level, what complied with Yan Yang, is Yan Yang willing to help Nie Li?

These issues, Yan Yang to him the answer, Nie Li will not enter Shi Zhen, only if his also keeping up Shi Zhen, otherwise how Nie Li. But keeping up Shi Zhen, he actually does not know the law of breaking through the enemy lines!

„Since to here, my duty has completed, my person under was stranded in stone in any case could not come out, I walked first one step, said goodbye does not deliver!” Yan Yang has patted dust, turns around to plunder toward the whence channel.

Fire Demon Prince looks at the Yan Yang back, gaze is gloomily difficult to be bright, Yan Yang definitely agreed anything with Nie Li, observes closely Yan Yang, can perhaps catch Nie Li. However Yan Yang turned around to walk, refers to erratically has played any scheme, perhaps to direct him, quite made Nie Li escape!

The Fire Demon Prince gaze twinkle, stares at front stone, has swept one Yan Yang that turns around to depart, he jumps to plunder, grazes to go toward stone.

Fire Demon Prince is in itself the person who is proud extremely, he at heart has also been calculating front this stone strategy, he does not believe Nie Li to explain Shi Zhen, he is not good!

Saw that Fire Demon Prince also grazed stone, Yan Yang has gawked, he wants to direct Fire Demon Prince outside, has not actually thought that Fire Demon Prince sneaked in Shi Zhen unexpectedly, changed mind thinks that then understood, by being proud of Fire Demon Prince, will handle such matter not to make one be surprised, made him save many matters actually.

Has thought that Yan Yang showed a faint smile, grazes to sit cross-legged to start to practice, then looked at Nie Li.

Nie Li shuttles back and forth in stone, according to a oneself ground-to-air Spiritual Stone understanding, jumps to graze, the black white two wings keep fanning, changes to together the time.

Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi were also stranded, here everywhere is the float stone, covered their line of sight, they did not know to be where, with placing thousand imaginary ** was same.

„Damn, we were surrounded unable to exit!” Wu Yazi cursed one, said depressed, it seems like wants across this stone that is is impossible, does not have the means to draw back, can be stranded in here?

At this moment, nearby Xiao Yu, sends out a scream, Wu Yazi turns the head to look where also has the Xiao Yu form!

Was Xiao Yu killed? In Wu Yazi heart one cold, hurried to alert, he was a little depressed, Xiao Yu was killed, moreover which could not find the corpse, that means the thing in Xiao Yu Interspatial Ring, had nothing to do with him!( To be continued.)

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