Nie Li felt one fell into a profound dreamland likely.

That dreamland, is ordinary just like the black hole, has inhaled him.

The sound is shouting him unceasingly.

That is a voice of young girl, this sound is such familiar delightful.

Is the master!

„Master, you where?” Nie Li is shouting, these days he goes all out to promote the strength, does not dare to stand still, because he knows, if he does not promote the strength as soon as possible, the master may in the human by Divine Feather Sect be killed secretly until death.

Although Long Yuyin transformed, will not threaten the master again, but in Divine Feather Sect also some people of harboring evil intentions!

Nie Li wants into Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, this can protect the master.

„Nie Li, I in the usage sound world, am communicating with you with the thought now. Your fate, the reversal universe, the strength was too big, if I do not make anything, once your Cultivation arrives at Heavenly Axis Realm, will be realized by Sage Emperor, soon, Sage Emperor will send to wait on the god to go to chase down you. Therefore I use the method of reversal Heavenly Dao, shifted my body your fate!”

„How can like this, master you?”

„Nie Li, in your Cultivation promotes before Heavenly Axis Realm, I then left Divine Feather Sect, your several friends in major Divine Sect, I have given them the direction, in the future they will surely give you to boost. As for me, already during the waited on god chased down, although I used illusory image Mi Zhen to go into hiding my Aura, how long but it is estimated that could not support.”

„Master, I have made so many, wants to let all your is well, so long as you are all right, I make anything to be able ...”

„Fool, world all loose banquet ... Since you have the matter that oneself must handle, that does, does not need to consider other. Since strikes to kill Sage Emperor saves the myriad things life, even if makes me pay with the life also to refuse to balk. Since the long years, have grasped Heaven’s Divination Technique innumerably, know the Heavenly Fate super talent. To resist Sage Emperor, actually falls from the sky, finally is helpless, my master is also so. Since my death can have a value, why I don't do?”

Nie Li feels that images spread to his mind.

He felt that the master is kissing his forehead, that mild feeling, just like the caress of mother.

Ying Yueru is flying high to stand. The surrounding seven color cloud cluster tumblings surge, in her body week the innumerable ghosts, serves as contrast her just likes a haughty goddess, that fair beautiful cheeks, have been full of the infinite charm, she looked toward Nie Li, smiles, the appearance leans the world, beautiful does not result in the world of mortals people.

Since continuously, in the heart of Nie Li. Ying Yueru looks like a fairy maiden is ordinary, the dust is like that refined, frown and smile, just like printing in the Nie Li mind.

However, Nie Li has not had any heart of blaspheming, he has been full of the respect to Ying Yueru, he only wants to exhaust oneself all strengths to protect her.

Nie Li wants to walk up, but body seems like stranded in the pen, cannot move.

here or dreamland!

In the dreamland, Nie Li anything did not do!

At this moment. A huge form appeared outside these seven color cloud clusters, this form several hundred meters high, put on silver black Armor, grasped a handle great spear. The appearance is fierce, just like coming from Asura of hell.

This fellow is Sage Emperor waiting on god!

Besides God level Demon Beast, side Sage Emperor also has many waits on god Expert, they are responsible for governing in society all matters, is the Sage Emperor running dog. Waits on the strength of god is next to God level Demon Beast.

„Ying Yueru, emperor advocation makes me receive your life. Your fate already completely!” The sound that waits on the god is dignified, is ordinary just like the billowing thunderclap, resembles to brain fluid blasting open of Nie Li be ordinary.

Nie Li was roaring sad and shrill, look was hazy, he was indistinct saw that a great hand grasped toward that seven color cloud clusters.

„Does not want, the master walks quickly!” The Nie Li running together of two syllables in rapid speech was crying out.

Saw only Ying Yueru to look toward here, on the face revealed the confident smiling face, her smiling face said the poor business conditions to be light as always, just like the life and death in society, has had nothing to do with her generally.

Ying Yueru displayed the astonishing wisdom since childhood, thoroughly understood the world, was much more precocious than any child, when facing life and death, was more indifferent than anybody.

„Evolution Infinity, Sage Emperor can kill me, but actually gave up any idea of that cuts off the world destiny. Sage Emperor haughty unparalleled, can despise the world hero, actually do not despise Heavenly Dao. Once Heavenly Dao thought that Sage Emperor threatened the myriad things life, some people of generation of days will cut down it surely!”

Hears the Ying Yueru words, waited on god to laugh: „Ha, the good generation of days to cut down it, Ying Yueru, you well calculate that own fate, Sage Emperor had said that Heavenly Dao counter I, I then extinguish it, Sage Emperor has blocked Endless Space and Time, will only take 200 years, Heavenly Dao thoroughly is then built up. Any Heavenly Dao is vast, supreme unsurpassed, is your this group of followers deceives oneself and others!”

„World virtue is thick, breeds myriad things, I and others not thought the news, actually must cut to extinguish the world, Sage Emperor did not think that Yu Xin does have the shame?” The Ying Yueru sinking sound said.

„Sage Emperor Lingyun's heart, can it be that can your this group of ants understand? Ying Yueru, you should start off!”

That great hand grasps, sees only bang bang bang, seven color cloud clusters blast open completely.

Nie Li saw that Ying Yueru was grasped by this superhuman hand in the hand, the instantaneous blood scatters.

„Not ...” Nie Li was weeping and wailing rendingly, in his mind reappeared pictures, is the tips that he and master lived together, the rebirth comes back, he thinks that he had enough strength to protect her, but, the rebirth came back, the master died.

In the Nie Li mind broadcasts a wisp of vague sound, is the sound of Ying Yueru long sigh.

„Society causes and effects, a who also there is able to understand. The origin reason extinguishes, is why sad, Nie Li, is you should the matter of doing to go, but I, must the place that goes to me to go.”

That sound, is bringing a disconsolateness continuously, making the heart of Nie Li just like be torn generally.

Sage Emperor, the enmity of second, I will not let off absolutely your, the Nie Li innermost feelings were hated to fill up, the entire body as if must be blasted open general by a terrifying strength.

This dreamland extinguished without trace quickly, Nie Li fell into the middle of the endless deep sleep once more.

Soul Sea keeps fast revolving.

At this time, Long Yuyin et al. gathered in the Nie Li side, Nie Li just rendingly wept and wailed has alarmed them, they do not know that what happened, but can feel, Nie Li is very sad, Long Yuyin thought that the heart is paining, she does not know how Nie Li was.

However Nie Li was only the pain has struggled a meeting, the expression on face once more became tranquil, fell into the middle of the deep sleep.

Perhaps, is only a dream ...( ~^~)

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