5 Fate Realm.

Nie Li feels that the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon mortal body also strengthened.

After achieving 5 Fate Realm, five Fate Soul float in the Soul Sea sky, keeps regarding revolving, these five Fate Soul, are providing Heavenly Law Power continuously.

At this time Guo Huai was depressed, he displayed these many to record the wind artillery continuously, has almost squandered Heavenly Law Power of whole body.

However these many record the wind artillery after continuously, he still cannot kill Nie Li, has not thought that unexpectedly also made the Nie Li promote step 5 Fate, the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon stave body all restore unexpectedly.

Guo Huai has roared, jumps to plunder, plunged Nie Li, wielded the superhuman hand to fall toward the Nie Li head racket.

Cannot enable Nie Li completely to grasp the 5 Fate Realm strength absolutely!

„Be careful!” Long Yuyin and Xiao Yu simultaneously call out in alarm make noise.

In the superhuman hand of quiet month dragon beast, must pat when the head of Nie Li, saw only Nie Li suddenly to open the eye, in the eye pupil has flashed through together the sharp ray suddenly.

The ordinary person from 4 Fate Realm promote step to 5 Fate Realm, it is estimated that at least was a double-hour can completely grasp the 5 Fate Realm strength, but since Nie Li, after the promote step to 5 Fate Realm, Nie Li did not revolve rapidly Heavenly God Technique, stimulated to movement five Fate Soul, through various methods, has controlled the 5 Fate Realm strength completely.

So to be how quick? Guo Huai sees Nie Li to open the eye, in heart one cold.

However waits for him to respond that has seen only Nie Li to lower without enough time has roared, vibrates the wing fiercely, is sideways slightly, has hit the past with the back toward the quiet month dragon beast maliciously.


A serious dull thumping sound, two big game giant mortal body hits in one.

Sees this, the surroundings all East Court students feel creepy feeling. Nie Li is using a back thorn, hit on the body of quiet month dragon beast!

Really, only listened the quiet month dragon beast to shout wildly, on Nie Li, fully several hundred incisive back thorns, each was sharp incomparable, left the deep blood hole in body Shangzha of quiet month dragon beast. Blood directing current.

Guo Huai was calling out pitifully sad and shrill, he simply Nie Li this Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon with despising, has hit such with Nie Li, the quiet month dragon beast from top to bottom is the blood hole. Moreover this pain, he can feel!

Has not waited for Guo Huai to have any response, saw only Nie Li to shout angrily, hit once more toward the quiet month dragon beast.

Bang bang bang!

On the martial arts contest stage the strength erupts unceasingly, the quiet month dragon beast was hit by Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon unceasingly. Keeps exuding the sad and shrill pitiful yell sound.

This is simply more terrorist than the hell to the quiet month dragon beast!

After promote step 5 Fate Realm, Nie Li also grasped the Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon two brand-new war techniques, but Nie Li did not prepare to display, since can defeat Guo Huai, believes one have displayed enough talent, the remaining two war techniques were the card in a hand continue to hide.

All sorts of experience previous generation, Nie Li understands a truth, what situation no matter bumps into, must have the card in a hand of hideaway, person who does not have the card in a hand often will die quickly.

Quiet month dragon beast under the Nie Li crazy hit. The body has flown upside down, layer on layer fell falls in the rear ground, lay there whole body covered with blood, could not stand again.

Senior Wuyan has not thought completely that unexpectedly has defeated including Guo Huai, he was annoyed, the cold anger scolded one: „garbage!”

Saw that the quiet month dragon beast cannot fall to the ground, the body of Nie Li swiftly reduced, has taken back Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, jumped to fall from the martial arts contest stage. Looks at Senior Wuyan to distant place, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai, asked: „Have two elders, compared to fight two, the test have been able to finish?”

The East Court students have not restored for a long time from the shock.

As new promote student. Unexpectedly has defeated East Court these many Expert continuously, the direct platoon advanced 200, this absolutely is for several hundred years do not have the matter!

The Nie Li talent, seriously was too astonishing. Especially that mutation God level growth rate Saint Blood Winged Flood Dragon, has made the profound impression on everyone.

„Nie Li has defeated two fellow apprentices, today arrives at here to his test!” Huang Yu hearty laughter. Looked that asked to nearby Senior Wuyan, „does not know that what opinion Senior Wuyan did have?”

„That this!” Senior Wuyan sinking sound said that has swept Nie Li, this time cannot plot against Nie Li, only feared that next time was more difficult to find the opportunity, although was not a little willingly, but did not have the means that he has realized, Spiritual Senior Tian Yun likely noted here, he any opportunity, only was unable such to consider as finished.

After Nie Li, Liu Piao, Gu Bei et al. also came up to compete with.

Although Liu Piao and Gu Bei performance also very excellent, but the Nie Li pearls and jade before, the East Court students not so were also shocking.

Starting today, Nie Li et al. became the East Court students, the Nie Li goal was to hurry promote enters Center Court, controlled the authority in Divine Feather Sect as soon as possible, he may not have the so many time to wear down!

After the competition ended, on the human compared with musicians who play percussion instruments then slowly diverges.

Nie Li enters East Court, enters the first 200 news, has spread over entire Heavenly Soul Institute quickly, gradually, biography to Divine Feather Sect. The disciples in Divine Feather Sect, starts to pay attention to the talent that had Nie Li this new promote to rise.

After the martial arts contest of Guo Huai ended, Nie Li again has not then received the Spiritual Senior Tian Yun news, does not know that Spiritual Senior Tian Yun is any view. If Spiritual Senior Tian Yun has the matter, definitely will send for looking own, just promote entered 5 Fate Realm, Nie Li must hurry to continue to practice, consolidated Cultivation.

As for Li Hangyun, Liu Piao, Gu Bei et al., was continues to implement their plans, recently, no matter Demon Alliance or Sky Alliance, one after another had the talent to join. Except for because Demon Alliance treatment liberal beside, the Nie Li fame also had very tremendous influence.

Is so astonishing like the Nie Li talent, in the future who knows that what Realm will grow to? Follows Nie Li absolutely is a very promising matter!

Weather gradually late.

Nie Li with continued to practice in the past same, his Fate Soul has stabilized, waits to be able Fate Soul to pin in the soul palace tomorrow, continued to go to Greater World. After the soul palace reposes Fate Soul, was opposite are many on the security.

The Nie Li static domain sits, formidable Aura linger in the whole body, several syntax knacks of Heavenly God Technique cultivation method first opening, have practiced, does not know when can complete the first practice!

Calmly was thinking deeply about the deep meaning in Heavenly God Technique, in the heart the passing over gently and swiftly intermittent sensibility.

Nie Li is preparing to enter Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, felt suddenly some differences, he received Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting immediately, looks at the entrance vigilantly.

Sees only a gale to blow, bang, the door was opened.

„Who?” Nie Li has drunk one coldly, is staring at outside, sees only outside dim light of night to be murky, garden inside nobody left.

Nie Li felt that intense crisis, the gate will not have been blown with no reason at all by the wind, outside cannot see anybody, could not feel completely any Aura, showed opposite party strength, far and away has surpassed itself. Does not know that the opposite party hides there, Nie Li transferred Heavenly Law Power, prepared to fight at any time.

Is it possible that is

Assassin who Senior Wuyan sends?

The Nie Li right hand moves, Thunder God Meteorite Sword in the hand, the body is also a Rank 6 Artifact coverall, for all that but he does not have a security sense, existence of what Realm is the opposite party?( To be continued.)

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