„Stop!” Long Tianming stopped by calling out subordinates who prepared to rush, then jumped to plunder front of these people.

Long Tianming was arching to the Nie Li three people slightly has cuped one hand in the other across the chest saying: „matter, possibly a little misunderstood, but also please three much excuse me! Three have not received any damage, this matter has uncovered, how?”

Hears the Long Tianming words, the Wu Yazi eyebrow selects, coldly snort said: „It seems like you are in them are in charge. Just the young master I arrived at here, what thing your subordinate is, unexpectedly made the young master leave?”

„Is my person under many affronts! However your excellency got rid to kill our here nine people, got rid to be a little overweight?” Long Tianming wrinkled the brow to say.

Although does not want to annoy troublesome, but Wu Yazi, if must investigate, he will not admit defeat, under was killed nine, irritating him a little.

Heard the Long Tianming words, Wu Yazi sinks snort, said: „Starts overweight? This is light! If we do not have enough strength, you can such politely speak to us now? Perhaps our three were already killed! Only can say that your nine subordinates died getting what one deserves!”

Nie Li shows a faint smile, Wu Yazi was also the violent temper, Long Tianming with Wu Yazi hardly just, Wu Yazi will not give up on to exceed.

„You” the Long Tianming air/Qi results in the breath shortness, however thinks, endured, now the key must find the Ghost Temple entrance, does not have the time to pester with Wu Yazi in here, „friend, no matter who is wrong to whom, you have not suffered a loss, I do not want to do to investigate at this matter that such had finished, what kind of?”

Wu Yazi shrugs, said: „You are casual, this place turned over to me in any case, you rolled, that was all right!”

Heard the Wu Yazi words, the Long Tianming lung must explode with rage.

Long Tianming got hold of the fist, on the arm was angry.

„Young master, we have killed these three extremely arrogant fellows!”

„He also really thinks that we had feared he is inadequate?”

The Long Tianming subordinate public sentiment surges. To besiege Wu Yazi.

„Young master most does not fear has fought, so long as you dare to come up, the young master I extinguished sending back you!” Wu Yazi also is haughtily said that he is a monster fox clan. Primordial bloodline, has the qualifications to be so haughty.

Long Tianming a little eats does not permit the Wu Yazi strength to be strong to any degree, although he has certain self-confidence to his God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, too does not dare to take risk.

But if such dingily rolled, perhaps Long Tianming. Front also is very under difficult to gain ground in this crowd.

„You can get the hell out!” Nie Li looks to front Long Tianming et al., he has been observing Long Tianming, the Long Tianming tolerance, has truly striven to excel compared with other aristocratic family juniors. However estimated that the Wu Yazi such excessive request, Long Tianming also very much hard to endure results.

Hears the Nie Li words, the Long Tianming complexion is pale, he how could by a Heavenly Fate level so has reproven?

Long Tianming deeply looked at Wu Yazi, Nie Li dares to be so rampant, perhaps has the absolute self-confidence to Wu Yazi Cultivation. Wu Yazi is a monster fox clan, some formidable mystiques. If hits, assurance that Long Tianming cannot win.

„We walk!” Long Tianming coldly snort, jumped to plunder.

Long Tianming these Heavenly Axis Realm Expert air/Qi result in the complexion to become flushed, angry, such walked, that also too lost face simply! But the Long Tianming words they do not dare not to listen, although thought that is angry and ashamed, but follows in Long Tianming.

One group of people turn around to plunder, with the Long Tianming same place, plundered beyond several li (0.5km).

Nie Li looks at the Long Tianming back. gaze becomes profound, he has not thought that Long Tianming unexpectedly at this unreasonable demand, but can also endure. Seriously is not simple! This person, absolutely is much harder to deal with than imagination in!

„Has not thought that such ran away in fear, Human race really instigates the goods!” Wu Yazi looks at the Long Tianming back, spat one to say.

Wu Yazi turns head, sees only Xiao Yu to look angrily at him, Nie Li is also the faint smile visits him. He hurries to smile to say awkwardly: „I do not mean you!”

Although the Wu Yazi strength must above Long Tianming, but the plans are not deep, although clearly knows that Wu Yazi will come out definitely to cope with him and Xiao Yu from Ghost Temple, but Nie Li Wu Yazi has not actually thought that will be the match. On the contrary is Long Tianming this person, making Nie Li feel intense dangerous Aura.

„Was good, this place turned over to us!” All around the Wu Yazi glance, „do you determine the entrance nearby this?”
„I look first!” Nie Li said that „time has not arrived in any case now!”

Distant place, Long Tianming one line.

„Young master, I a little am not convinced, that Demon Clan, although the strength is very strong, but we not necessarily are not his match, why can such dingily run?” Long Tianming nearby under resentfully said.

„Long Liu, do you have the opinion to my decision?” Long Tianming coldly has swept nearby Long Liu, the sinking sound track.

„It is not, the subordinate does not dare.” Long Liu immediately fearful and apprehensive -ly said.

„That Demon Clan youth is a monster fox clan, does not know that is nine quiet arteries, is the god blood monster fox no matter what, if hits , the victory and defeat difficult material, not to forget us to come the here goal!” Long Tianming gaze slightly cold, said that „that boy is a little truly extremely arrogant, stepped on to us on, but does not need with their directly showdown. They are also looking in any case for the Ghost Temple entrance, they snatch our places, very possible to have discovered anything, if they found the Ghost Temple entrance to stare to tighten their and that is clear in any case!”

Hears the Long Tianming words, audiences under eyes one bright.

„Young master is wise!”

Nie Li looks toward the distant place that discovers Long Tianming et al., although went to beyond several li (0.5km), resigned the place, but has not walked away, faces one another with them distantly, the thought moves, the corners of the mouth show a faint smile, he then understood the Long Tianming intention quickly.

Truly, Long Tianming is a hard to deal with person, the plans is very deep.
Was only a pity that what Long Tianming bumps into is he!

If Long Tianming such walked, perhaps is also all right, since still in here, wants to plot against them, that sooner or later will plant the tumble.

The time bit by bit passes by, Nie Li continues to observe seven pattern of overlapping rhombuses outside Ghost Temple.

„How?” Wu Yazi a little anxiously looked that asked to Nie Li.

„Relax, I had found thousand imaginary ** entrance!” Nie Li shows a faint smile saying that in fact, these thousand imaginary ** has several hundred entrances fully, wants is very simple, after the key is to go, whether can go out of Large Array!

Hears the Nie Li words, Wu Yazi the surface has the happy expression immediately, asked: „Can we enter?”

„Comes with me.” Nie Li said that toward thousand imaginary ** grazes to go.

Distant place, Long Tianming rank.

„Young master, they had the sound, prepared to go in!” Long Liu came the spirit immediately, said.

„All people follow.” In the Long Tianming eye pupil flashes through together cold brightness 

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