On this day locked Inscription Pattern, the Nie Li previous generation already studied in Temporal Demon Spirit Book thoroughly.

Densely covered Inscription Pattern, restructure in the Nie Li brain, basically which place has the hidden trap, that local security, Nie Li is clear. As for a moment ago, him told Wu Yazi, goes astray one step to touch day of lock Inscription Pattern, this deceives people purely.

Wu Yazi was also kept in the dark, it is estimated that he by Nie Li frightening.

Goes astray one step to be arrived by the day lock Inscription Pattern bunch, does he also dare to move?

Nie Li stands before third Treasure Chest, most important position of this Treasure Chest in day lock Inscription Pattern, the surroundings has covered entirely the crowded trap, the protection is strictest.

Therefore in this Treasure Chest, is likely hiding the most essential treasure!

Nie Li looks down, saw only on Treasure Chest densely covered say (way) mysterious Inscription Pattern, with Treasure Chest that Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi opened a little not too, in front of him the Treasure Chest was also arranged a Inscription Pattern lock. If the ordinary person does not turn on the Inscription Pattern lock first, first will touch the trap!

Nie Li writes Inscription Pattern, Inscription Pattern fell on Treasure Chest, saw only Inscription Pattern on Treasure Chest to lock bit by bit is opened.

Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi looked to stay, if traded to do is they, definitely is unable to open this complex Inscription Pattern lock.

, Inscription Pattern locks opens completely.

Nie Li stooped, opened Treasure Chest slowly, instantaneous, is bedecked with jewels, gorgeous eye-catching.

Heavenly Energy surging forward, has flooded the entire side hall instantaneously.

Felt that this rushing strength, Wu Yazi almost eyeball staring, is actually what treasure, unexpectedly has so boundless Heavenly Energy?

Nie Li looks down, sees only in Treasure Chest calmly to lie down together Jade Slip, on this Jade Slip has carved some mysterious Demon Beast, looks like plain simple also the atmosphere is boundless.

Saw this plain Jade Slip, Nie Li has gawked first slightly, immediately in the eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly color of the changing countenance.

Has not thought unexpectedly in here presently this treasure!

In fable world, ten exorcise evil spirits Jade Slip, these ten exorcise evil spirits Jade Slip to scatter in various places. Occasionally some people found the same place, will then direct intense competition. Exorcises evil spirits Jade Slip is the Human race first ancestor makes, each exorcises evil spirits in Jade Slip, is hiding 36,000 Inscription Pattern incantations. These 36,000 Inscription Pattern incantations, have the different uses respectively.

The most Inscription Pattern incantation, is used to suppress Demon Clan, had has exorcised evil spirits Jade Slip, once the Nie Li stimulation of movement exorcised evil spirits Jade Slip. Is then suppressed with Demon Clan Aura that Nie Li confronts, the strength at least weakens over 30%, once Nie Li will exorcise evil spirits the Inscription Pattern incantation bang in Jade Slip to enter Demon Clan within the body, then can suppress the bloodline of Demon Clan.

In addition, exorcises evil spirits Jade Slip also to have many other wondrous uses, like the treasure of this rank, even if were some antiquity ancient books, was very difficult to record completely.

This thing is out of the ordinary!

The Nie Li right hand moves, exorcising evil spirits Jade Slip took in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. Attains this to exorcise evil spirits Jade Slip, even if by Wu Yazi killing. Also value!

Wu Yazi shouts hurriedly: „Hey, I have not seen you to find any treasure, you how thing receiving!”

Nie Li looked that does not look to him!

That Heavenly Energy so rushed a moment ago turbulently, proved the treasure that Nie Li found was absolutely out of the ordinary, Nie Li received all of a sudden, he has not seen clearly is anything!

„Is a very ordinary thing, does not need to look to consider as finished!” Nie Li beckoned with the hand to say.

Wu Yazi a face, Nie Li was not having the human nature painstakingly, but no matter in any case Nie Li attained any thing, finally was his. He thinks, first has pressed down the curiosity of innermost feelings, said: „Then can I go to fourth Treasure Chest?”

„Um, listens my. Left three, enters six” Nie Li to start to direct Wu Yazi, before Wu Yazi has arrived at fourth Treasure Chest, lowered the head to open Treasure Chest.


Facing set of a golden puppet from Treasure Chest, threw toward Wu Yazi.

A Wu Yazi fist bang on that golden puppet body, bang. That golden puppet was rumbled by Wu Yazi crushes.

Also is a golden puppet!

In addition, Treasure Chest inside completely empty, any thing does not have.

Wu Yazi is about to have cried, why is this? Treasure Chest why Nie Li and Xiao Yu open, is the extremely astonishing treasure, but is the box that he opens, all hiding the puppet?

„You absolutely are intentionally!” Wu Yazi looks at Nie Li plaintively, said depressed.

„Wu Yazi, do you want to act shamelessly? This more than 20 Treasure Chest have not opened, I know that is the puppet or the treasure? A person of reaching an agreement opens one, everybody respectively depending on luck! Moreover a moment ago that Treasure Chest that had Inscription Pattern to lock, even if gave you, you cannot open!” Nie Li looked that said to Wu Yazi.

Xiao Yu somewhat is at heart funny, she also looked, Nie Li played Wu Yazi intentionally! Otherwise not she and Nie Li start out is the treasures, Wu Yazi continually opens two Treasure Chest both are the puppet.

„Good good, I did not struggle with you!” Wu Yazi mumbled one, is thinking at heart bitterly, treasure that here opens, at the worst is also makes you take first, when the time comes I again one and takes back and that is clear.

What Wu Yazi does not know, the treasure that Nie Li obtains has forced in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting directly, even if Nie Li were killed, Wu Yazi could not take carry back.

Nie Li knows that Wu Yazi calculation at heart, again plays Wu Yazi. If did not hold Ghost Temple to massacre the idea of Nie Li, by the Wu Yazi disposition, perhaps already wind, how also to look that helplessly the treasures did drop Nie Li and in the Xiao Yu pocket?

Xiao Yu opened Treasure Chest, inside unexpectedly is one set of Rank 7 Artifact Armor. One set of Rank 7 Artifact Armor, perhaps at least value million Spiritual Stone!

Wu Yazi looks in the heart to tremble, greedy!

„With takes, making you suffice with, left Ghost Temple is my!” Wu Yazi wants to say bitterly that jealousy becomes small.

Nie Li opened fifth Treasure Chest, is a Rank 7 Artifact long sword, is the value not poor, but there is Thunder God Meteorite Sword, this Rank 7 Artifact long sword, is not quite useful, but also is the better than nothing.

Wu Yazi stared the eyeball to be about to fall, but can only look helplessly Nie Li received the Rank 7 Artifact long sword, under the direction of Nie Li, before he has arrived at seventh Treasure Chest, opens Treasure Chest, was a puppet threw.

A Wu Yazi fist, directly is conveniently broken that golden puppet bang.

This time he appeared calmer, killed the golden puppet bang in any case, did not have his anything matter.

„Brother Wu Yazi the luck is not really good, opens three Treasure Chest continually is the puppets.” Nie Li shook the head the sigh to say.

Wu Yazi listened to this saying, eyebrow to shake shaking, had other calculation, perhaps he already jumped the accusation to complain Nie Li, Nie Li still spoke the wind discouraging talk in here unexpectedly!( To be continued.)

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