Ghost Temple exit.

One group of people were being questioned by Demon God Sect Expert, once for a while will have the occurrences of some Human race Expert with Demon God Sect to rub, was struck to kill directly.

XuanMing Deity suffers setbacks in Ghost Temple, the annoyed, person under is also even more unscrupulous, has slightly is unpleasant directly kills people. Some XuanMing Deity support in here in any case, what do they have to be good to fear?

Nie Li looks out the distant place to fly high vertical XuanMing Deity, has such Expert of Martial Ancestor level, even if there is a Yan Yang help, he wants to withdraw is not a simple matter.

Can be what to do good?

The Nie Li brain has rotated rapidly.

Yan Yang passes message to Nie Li said: „This XuanMing Deity, is one the person who is difficult to do! However he is the person who some dreads. I am Skyblaze Sect Holy Son, he will not get rid to me casually, but to others perhaps! Especially you Heavenly Fate level, if follows side me, is very dangerous! He will not move me easily, but actually likely killed my person to set up the prestige.”

Contradiction between Skyblaze Sect and Demon God Sect is long-standing, but that is the contradiction between Divine Sect, Expert of some Martial Ancestor levels will not make war in secret easily, after all arrived at the Martial Ancestor level, their goals are to still further, for no reason consume the state of mind are the acting without wisdom! Only if has competed to Divine Sect among benefit, in the ordinary circumstances they each other are dreading.

Strikes to kill Skyblaze Sect Holy Son, will possibly cause Skyblaze Sect Martial Ancestor level Expert to XuanMing Deity fight, this is XuanMing Deity is not willing to see, but if merely is only Yan Yang person, that XuanMing Deity did not have any scruples.

„Senior Brother Yan Yang, is waiting in here with it, might as well wrestles. If I a person walk, is definitely more dangerous, the Demon God Sect person definitely will directly strike to kill me. If follows behind you, an opportunity!” Nie Li said that can only place hopes in XuanMing Deity not to note them.

Yan Yang thinks, nodded, truly so.

A Nie Li person wants to leave Ghost Temple radically is is impossible!

„We must as soon as possible. If other Fire Demon Prince came out, that troubled!” Yan Yang has thought that reminder said that Fire Demon Prince XuanMing Deity disciple!

Two people graze to go toward Ghost Temple beside together.

„You. Halts!” Demon God Sect Heavenly Axis Realm Ninth Level Expert puts out a hand to grasp to Yan Yang.

Yan Yang coldly snort, a strong strength has covered the whole body, bang, that Heavenly Axis Ninth Level Expert strength was rebounded, a little surprise and looks at Yan Yang inexplicably. After all Yan Yang is Heavenly Axis Realm, strength far and away has surpassed him unexpectedly!

„This was all our things!” The Yan Yang right hand wields, has thrown to that Demon God Sect Expert the thing in hand.

That Demon God Sect Expert wrinkled the brow, if again fight, he definitely is not the Yan Yang match, when the time comes unavoidably will suffer a loss, that is the matter that loses face very much! His coldly snort, was black the face, gaze has swept from the body of Yan Yang and Nie Li, on Yan Yang and Nie Li truly have not harbored anything.

Looked at Yan Yang Interspatial Ring. Expert eye of that Demon God Sect one bright.
„Calculates you to know the limitation, go away!” That Demon God Sect Expert wielded started to say.

Yan Yang and Nie Li lower the head pass through in a hurry.

They can feel that a formidable thought has swept on their bodies, Nie Li felt the pressure of suffocation.

This is XuanMing Deity is carefully examining them!

A moment later, that formidable thought received, on Yan Yang absolutely did not have anything, Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting in Nie Li Soul Sea, XuanMing Deity could not realize that absolutely, in addition, the body is completely empty, it is estimated that XuanMing Deity was also disinclined to getting rid of Nie Li this Heavenly Fate level!

After XuanMing Deity has swept Nie Li and Yan Yang. Then has taken back gaze.

He does not want to get rid to strike in any case to kill Yan Yang, considers has not seen.

Wu Yazi of distant place looks that Nie Li and Yan Yang leave safely, the brow wrinkled one, he a little had doubts. Nie Li and did Yan Yang honestly hand over the thing?


Nie Li so will be absolutely dishonest, these definitely have the issue!

Wu Yazi silent moment, after thinking, finally has taken back gaze, no matter Nie Li has carried off the treasure, how he did not have means Nie Li. If by XuanMing Deity and Fire Demon Prince is known the matter of monster blood sacrifice, he definitely will die without the burial ground!

After Nie Li and Yan Yang left Ghost Temple, jumps to graze to go.

After half double-hour, Fire Demon Prince has grazed from Ghost Temple.

„Master!” Fire Demon Prince is bowing to void XuanMing Deity slightly.

XuanMing Deity nods the head slightly, asks: „Person can have the harvest in Ghost Temple?”

„Reply the master, in this Ghost Temple institution secret said extremely complex, person not any harvest!” Fire Demon Prince said depressed that he actually does not dare the matter to be said by Nie Li has played himself, this matter said that is very disgraced!

The XuanMing Deity complexion is a little ugly, said: „I broke Ghost Temple knot, is what hadn't discovered why actually?”

„Did teacher, you just obviously cross several people?” Fire Demon Prince asked.

„How many people? What person?” XuanMing Deity knits the brows.

„Wu Yazi, Yan Yang, two strangers!” Fire Demon Prince said.

„Wu Yazi in this Ghost Temple, as for Yan Yang, left!” XuanMing Deity said that „he is Skyblaze Sect Holy Son, the apprentice of that old ghost, I do not want no consideration for face with that old ghost temporarily!” Before the XuanMing Deity strength, wanted inferior a little compared with the Yan Yang master, let alone black was burnt down these many thoughts, therefore put Yan Yang to leave.

Fire Demon Prince said hurriedly: „Teacher Sir, they have possibly carried over Ghost Temple the treasure!”

„This is impossible, they how possibly under my eye hides carries off the thing!” XuanMing Deity shook the head saying that he already searched Nie Li and Yan Yang with the thought that had not discovered that Nie Li and Yan Yang carry off anything.

„Although not yes what's the matter, but the person determination, that Yan Yang definitely has the issue!” The Fire Demon Prince running together of two syllables in rapid speech said.

Heard the Fire Demon Prince words, XuanMing Deity wrinkles the brow, the right hand moved, threw a ring to Fire Demon Prince said: „This is Yan Yang Interspatial Ring, you look!”

Fire Demon Prince has swept one, said: „Inside, although somewhat good thing, but was harbored part by Yan Yang absolutely, the teacher hurries to block him, do not let him run!”

Hears the Fire Demon Prince words, in the XuanMing Deity eye pupil flashes through together the cold glow, knits the brows slightly, this in society can hide not to have by the treasure that he discovers the thing! If so, he must the Yan Yang two people pursuing, XuanMing Deity coldly snort, he changed to together the time, vanished in the horizon terminus instantaneously.( To be continued.)

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