The Daoist canon founder sighed, has not spoken again.

He wants to convince Nie Li not possibly, because Nie Li simply not wrong.

This in society's matter, cannot be able to talk clearly in a few words.

„Even if no his help, I also equally broke the Sage Emperor space and time seal!” Nie Li stares void, the look said firmly.

Even if Demon Lord inherited the Confucian orthodoxy of Daoist canon founder, Nie Li still will also kill Demon Lord, is the Ye Zong revenge!

Since Demon Lord is one in bodies of six reincarnation, then wants to be able with the aid of six antique greatly the strength breaks the method of space and time seal, was a little invalid, that only has Temporal Demon Spirit Book, can help him. Temporal Demon Spirit Book, where did not know.

In the Nie Li heart sighed, is good because of also has at least 200 years, he can seek slowly.

„I had designated person who inherits the Confucian orthodoxy, has given you Temporal Demon Spirit Book remnant page, my mission also calculated to be completed, soon, my thought will dissipate, you had already chosen your path, I am unable about. The road ahead is hard and dangerous, you put best into it. Although in this Ghost Temple is controlled by me, but is actually not I constructs, but also is hiding many treasures, if you want then to take away, but in Ghost Temple bad risk numerous, dies here person not under surely, you consider!” The voice of Daoist canon founder is gradually faintly recognizable, vanishes without the trace.

Felt that the sound gradually faintly recognizable nihility of Daoist canon founder, Nie Li silent moment, digests news that just obtained, although understands the great strength of Sage Emperor, but all these are unable to vacillate Nie Li to resist the determination of Sage Emperor.

Does not know in Ghost Temple, but also is hiding what treasure.

Nie Li is preparing to seek for the treasure in Ghost Temple, then hears a wild laughter.

„Ha, the thought of Daoist canon founder got the hell out finally, is taken over control by me!” That laughter, has resounded through entire Ghost Temple.

Nie Li wrinkled the brow, who is this person?

At this time, outside the Ghost Temple cella the person in palace, all heard this just liked shakes the thunder common sound. They gain ground, the doubts look void, a little not too clear this sound was saying anything.

Fire Demon Prince wrinkled the brow, airborne looked at one upwards. His person under living the gate has calculated, a troop master is following him to enter the main shrine together, is only this sound, making him have the anxiety, is it possible that in this Ghost Temple. conceal peerless Expert?

Yan Yang et al. also just had human to arrive at Ghost Temple, except the Skyblaze Sect person, Divine Feather Sect, Heavenly Note Sect and other major Divine Sect, has Expert to catch up.

They did not have the means to explain Large Array of main shrine.

„Forgot to introduce with you, I was this Ghost Temple, among thousands of years, I have built my thought that before dreaded that Aura of Daoist canon founder, I do not dare to come, but now. I was free. Therefore then, as long as in the Ghost Temple person, must listen my!” The thought of Ghost Temple laughs was saying.

This Ghost Temple, oneself has built the formidable thought unexpectedly!

„All outlets had been sealed up by me, now my here altogether has 23,672 people! Then we play a game, now you have two choices, one type is dead, another type, I have hidden the crystals of 1 million Ganges in this god palace, found crystal of most six people Ganges. Has the qualifications to assign the treasure in Ghost Temple, leaves Ghost Temple! Three double-hour, game started!” That sound is reverberating in Ghost Temple, it exudes the incisive grating laughter. Brings to tease meaning of ridicule.

Heard these words, the Fire Demon Prince look sank, he a little has not understood that exactly what happened.

Yan Yang also from doubts during.

Nie Li silent moment, he always thinks this matter a little issue! However Ghost Temple has sealed up, wants to obtain the treasure, must compete for the crystal of Ganges. Either can only die.

Outside palace.

The major Divine Sect people are having doubts, where must go to seek for crystal of type of thing Ganges, saw only in the sky crystals of the several thousand Ganges to float suddenly.

„That is the crystal of Ganges!”

„I am Pentabolt Demon Sect god Lei Mozun, as long as fights for crystal of Ganges with me, kills without the amnesty!” A form diving posture plunders, throws toward these crystals of Ganges.

„Cannot make the crystal of Ganges fall in his hands!”

Other Divine Sect Expert are also jumps to graze, flushes away toward the crystal of Ganges.

„Said cannot snatch with me!” The god Lei Mozun right hand moves, the hand middle course palm mind thunder the Expert bang that pursues toward behind goes.


Several Heavenly Star Realm Expert move aside, instantaneously by god Lei Mozun palm mind Lei Hongcheng fragment.

„Dao of Dragon Realm Expert!”

People slightly discoloration.

Generally Dao of Dragon Realm Expert little appears in Greater World, starts from Heavenly Fate Realm, within the body condenses Fate Soul, most can achieve 9 Fate Realm, most can die nine times, therefore died in Greater World has also been all right, but after Dao of Dragon Realm, the 9 Fate normalizing, died again has troubled.

Generally Dao of Dragon Realm Expert treasures own life very much, is not willing to arrive at the Greater World risk of danger, only if some certain unique maintaining life mystiques.

Even if there is a unique maintaining life mystique, they are extremely also discrete.

„Ahem! As long as fights for crystal of Ganges with me, kills!” The Honored Thunder God look is solemn.

But just fell on his voice, the distant place had several Heavenly Axis Realm Expert to snatch crystals of the part of Ganges.

Even if Honored Thunder God the strength is overbearing, is unable to prevent these many people, he hurries to start to rob the crystal of Ganges.

Although other people dread the Honored Thunder God strength, but also boldly starts to rob the crystal of Ganges.

Because of the crystals of tens of thousands Ganges, has initiated 5,000-6,000 people of tangled warfare, was only the moment is then direct 2,000-3,000 people.

In entire Ghost Temple, as long as the place of crowd collect, the association presents the crystals of massive Ganges bewilderedly, competes more and more intensely, everywhere is the chaotic battlefields.

„Holy Son, what to do we, outside have fought for the crystal of Ganges, can we also exit to rob the crystal of Ganges?” Nearby person looked that asked to Fire Demon Prince, they with great difficulty calculate that lived the gate to be at!

Fire Demon Prince silent the moment, sinking sound said: „Leave alone, having made them snatch, all people enter the main shrine with me together!”

After saying, Fire Demon Prince then follows the tunnel to walk toward inside, following one crowd under all followed.

At this time Yan Yang and other Skyblaze Sect Expert in battlefield most central, although they snatching has gotten down the crystals of over a thousand Ganges, but loses is serious, the time of moment then died several hundred people, all people because of the crystal of Ganges, but was crazy.( To be continued.)

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