Nie Li is staring at front Spirit Spatial Jade, mnemonics heave in sight.

Unexpectedly is spirit language Divine Technique!

This spirit language Divine Technique is one can create greatly, practices peak to have the God level strength.

Spirit language Divine Technique compared with it Heavenly God Technique, is not also inferior.

Is it possible that was this Ghost Temple master, in the fable has created the spirit language Divine Technique Daoist canon founder?

Character who this Daoist canon founder, was one extremely resulting.

This is a historically extremely mysterious person, nobody knows that the biography of this Daoist canon founder, only knows this Daoist canon founder has a war with Sage Emperor of peak, although has not won, actually also the whole body draws back, afterward Ancestral God Land had suppressed the demon bone of Sage Emperor, but Daoist canon founder, then goes into hiding.

Does not know this Ghost Temple, is Daoist canon founder the institute of burying bone.

This spirit language Divine Technique must be more difficult than to practice Heavenly God Technique, needs the reverent heart person, can practice. Although experienced the practice of second, but Nie Li is still person of the earthliness, wants to practice the spirit language Divine Technique accomplishment, is very difficult matter.

Nie Li calmly sits in Spirit Spatial Jade front, is staring on Spirit Spatial Jade all sorts of mysterious Inscription Pattern method knacks.

When Nie Li et al. calmly perceive through meditation, a complexion difference pale youth, appears from another place unexpectedly, walked toward here.

Saw this youth, the eye pupil of Nie Li has contracted slightly, in the eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly a cold and gloomy killing intent.

Unexpectedly is Demon Lord!

Has not thought that has met Demon Lord in here unexpectedly!

Demon Lord from living gate comes, actually he from where, Ghost Temple that enters?

Demon Lord looked at surrounding people, ignores totally gaze of people, looked to front Spirit Spatial Jade. Nie Li at present is the Demon Clan appearance, sits in the people, Demon Lord has not recognized Nie Li.

He sits indifferently is being away from the Nie Li only dozens meters places, mysterious Aura, are winding around on his body.

Can judge from Demon Lord Aura, Demon Lord Cultivation has achieved 8 Fate Realm. However the body of Demon Lord, has mysterious formidable Aura. Made Nie Li feel in the heart to send slightly coldly.

These days, Nie Li because of the reason in within the body vine cane, the promote step was not quick, if not for the strength of monster blood sacrifice, perhaps were also only 5 Fate Realm, but Demon Lord, then has Supreme Physique. Cultivation progresses by leaps and bounds.

Remembered dead Ye Zong on Demon Lord, in the Nie Li heart has been full of imposing killing intent, here cannot kill people, Nie Li perhaps already fight. Although on Demon Lord, is containing mysterious Aura, but Nie Li was not necessarily able to fear him.

Now, even if has killed Demon Lord, makes Demon Lord Cultivation reduce a level merely.

At this time, Demon Lord mixes not to care to all. Only the static domain sits, stares at the front crystal jade, gaze is profound.

Xiao Yu has also recognized Demon Lord. Demon Lord also came from Tiny World, she once had seen Demon Lord one time in Tiny World. Between Nie Li and Demon Lord, have the enormous hatred. Xiao Yu was worried that looked at Nie Li, she has a feeling, Demon Lord absolutely is an extremely dangerous character.

„Has not thought that unexpectedly some these many people arrived at here, but you after all also can only halt in this, misses with the rare treasure of Daoist canon founder!” Demon Lord has several points to disdain to other people, he has stood, walks toward the crystal jade.

At this time gaze of all people, focused on the body of Demon Lord.

„Some people want to explain the crystal jade!”

„Ha-ha. Overreaches oneself, wants to explain crystal jade that is the basic is impossible matter!”

„Estimated that he will lose quickly also!”

Before some countless people want to explain Inscription Pattern on crystal jade. However was actually finally defeated.

They naturally do not think that Demon Lord can explain.

Nie Li is staring at Demon Lord back, he always thought that this meeting Demon Lord, with beforehand that Demon Lord, a little not too, but where to be concrete not, he also cannot say.

Demon Lord has arrived at front of crystal jade, extended the right hand, seal on the crystal jade, a faint trace mysterious light mark, was centered on his right to hold, spread to all around.

The crystal jade bloomed suddenly the dazzling ray, this dazzling ray made nearby people cover with the hand in abundance.

„What's all this about?” Zhen Yuan said shocking.

Wu Yazi is also the imposing heart startled, what is that person making?

In Nie Li heart one cold, stands the sinking sound to shout: „A bit faster prevents him!”

Hears the Nie Li words, is away from Demon Lord recent two Demon Clan Expert, sets out broadmindedly, throws toward Demon Lord.

Actually saw this time, the body of Demon Lord disappears rapidly, was hidden in the crystal jade, dripped into Lake Surface just like the waterdrop, extinguished rapidly does not see.

Side that two Demon Clan Expert came up empty-handed, looks at the present crystal jade.

„What's all this about?”

„Did that person disappear?”

„He entered the crystal jade!”

Sees this, in audiences Expert hearts annoying, they perceived through meditation before the crystal jade were so long, did not have the opportunity to enter in the crystal jade throughout, but the talented person appeared for dozen minutes, unexpectedly explained the Inscription Pattern strategy on crystal jade.

Nie Li has gotten hold of the fist, he a little does not think clearly, how Demon Lord can such quickly enter the main shrine also to open the crystal jade.

According to the time reckoning, outside Expert just opened outside knot of palace shortly after!

Only if, before Nie Li explains Maze of a Thousand Illusions, Demon Lord then already in Ghost Temple!

It seems like oneself too have underestimated Demon Lord.

The people see Demon Lord to disappear, can only sit annoyingly, is continue perceive through meditation the crystal jade same place.

Nie Li is staring at the front crystal jade, was calculating rapidly Inscription Pattern method on crystal jade, the time of general moment, calculates the law of Inscription Pattern method explaining finally.

Nie Li passes message to Xiao Yu said: „You continue to stay by this crystal jade perceive through meditation! Remember, before I have not come back, do not leave the crystal jade, outside was too dangerous!”

„Um.” Xiao Yu should say that she a little has doubts, is it possible that had Nie Li also found the law of entry?

Nie Li walked toward the crystal jade, has arrived at front of crystal jade.

„Unexpectedly some people want to explain Inscription Pattern method on crystal jade!”

„Can explain Inscription Pattern method, is in ten thousand does not have a talent, for a lot of years can present one to be good, continuously will appear how possibly!”

The people are bringing carefully examining gaze, looks at Nie Li, nearest several Expert eyed covetously to Nie Li, the speed of Demon Lord opening quartz jade was too just fast, they simply did not have the time to stop, if Nie Li can open the crystal jade, they will be will not make Nie Li go in absolutely.

Nie Li has knocked knocking with the hand on the crystal jade, thump, on the crystal jade hears the intermittent echo.

Nearby these Expert cannot help laughing, Nie Li is so unprofessional, saw that not like the person who can explain the crystal jade.( To be continued.)

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