Saw that Nie Li and Xiao Yu vanish, Gu Bei and Li Hangyun et al. looked the happy expression!

Since Nie Li ran away, what they do have to be good to be worried?

„All people, remove to me!” Li Hangyun sank to drink one.

Demon Alliance and Sky Alliance are divided into dozens strengths, all flushes away toward outside, retreats fighting.

Gu Heng led person under to pursue several hundred li (0.5km) crazily, although both sides had the casualty respectively, but Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance most troops, retreated safely. Gu Heng can only look helplessly Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance person leaves.

Has counted, that side Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance, casualty more than 5000, their here casualties, actually more than 6000, that side Li Yufeng, there are 1000 many casualties.

Three Deity’s Lake did not have, finally also dies are more than Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance, Gu Heng went bad at heart depressed.

Gu Heng looks that Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance person disappeared in the remote horizon, in the eye pupil has flashed through together the angry ray: „If the simple revenged kill, the family elders could no matter, but, you destroy the person Deity’s Lake matter to do, I will not believe the elders to sit by and do nothing! Gu Bei, I must have a look at the position of your first in order successor but actually, but can also sit safely!”

Gu Heng is leading one group of people, catches up in the Divine Feather Sect direction.

He must agitate the family elder, impeaches Gu Bei collectively!

Unexpectedly has destroyed his three Deity’s Lake continually, simply was too vicious, he must make Gu Bei pay the price absolutely!

One day later, Heavenly Soul Institute, Gu Bei other institute.

Gu Bei, Li Hangyun, Liu Piao et al. gathered in one.

„How hasn't Nie Li come back?” Gu Bei frowns, a little doubts said.

„That Inscription Pattern method of Xiao Yu finally release, probably is some mysterious space and time law, they have placed Fate Soul in any case, was massacred badly also one time, does not need to be worried for them!” Li Hangyun smiled saying that Greater World is so vast endless, they send for looking are not the good means.

„Um, that first considers as finished!” Gu Bei nodded to say.

Liu Piao but is actually not the Nie Li worry.

Was chatting the arrangement of following Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance in them, the compensation of member as well as behind can die. A servant walked in a hurry, this person called Gu Teng, was Gu Bei direct descendant under one.

„Master Bei, I just obtained news. Gu Heng they are contacting the elder of Gu, prepares to impeach you!” The Gu Teng running together of two syllables in rapid speech said.

„Impeaches me?” Gu Bei has gawked.

„Probably is because Sky Alliance and Demon Alliance have destroyed their three Deity’s Lake matters!” Gu Teng reported said.

Gu Bei wrinkled the brow, destroys Deity’s Lake this matter, before had not occurred, truly is a little excessive. However. Does Gu Heng give his elder sister to intoxicate? That is the most flagitious vicious matter, this is a news also news!

„How Gu Heng does he prepare to impeach me?” Gu Bei frowns to ask, since Gu Heng must practice dirty tricks, he has to guard!

Li Hangyun and Liu Piao are also listening in side, involves the Gu Clan internal matter, they as if cannot help, can only offer advice in behind.

„Gu Heng he has assembled more than ten elders of Gu, prepares to join up to exert pressure to Patriarch. Let you either give up the position of first successor, either pays indemnity for the damages of three Deity’s Lake. And the elder supports Miss Gu Lan, told the young lady this news on the quiet. The young lady then makes me pass on to you!” Gu Teng said in the one side.

In the Gu Bei eye pupil flashes through together cold brightness, before he has not shown the strength, Gu Heng is first in order successor in clan, many elders are on good terms with Gu Heng, this time they have destroyed Gu Heng three Deity’s Lake, Gu Heng is not definitely willingly, therefore wants in the influence with the aid of clan to cope with Gu Bei!

„Gu Bei, what to do do you prepare?” Liu Piao looks to Gu Bei, asked.

Gu Bei silent moment, thinks saying: „I had the means! Gu Teng. Gave me to investigate the investigation, which elders Gu Heng contacted!”

„Yes!” Gu Teng bows to say.

Gu Bei started to bustle about.

In Greater World, in a mountain valley of profound secret.

Around here is stands tall and erect the steep cliff, the middle is one flowers and plants luxuriant mountain valleys. The water seepage flows, the woods cover, Heavenly Law Power is also much richer than other places.

Does not know that here is away from Divine Feather Sect far, the Nie Li previous generation has not come to this place.

After Xiao Yu started space and time law in ring, bringing Nie Li to appear in this Katayamadani, has evaded Gu Heng et al. chasing down. However Xiao Yu is also seriously injured, he was hit by the dragon flame, only the poor point died.

Xiao Yu only then Heavenly Fate Realm, was hit after by the dragon flame, the whole body is the black burn, the life hangs one, by his current Cultivation, is very difficult to restore.

Before should also buy one set of Rank 6 Artifact coverall for Xiao Yu, Nie Li was a little guilty.

Xiao Yu struggled to back on a big tree to sit, looked up Nie Li reluctantly, said worn out: „My wound was very difficult to treat, simply has killed considering as finished me, like this I can in soul palace resurrect!”

„Your wound, although is serious, has to rescue!” Nie Li squats in the Xiao Yu side, examined the wound, smiled to say self-confidently, „, so long as Soul Sea has not disrupted thoroughly, that cannot baffle me!”

On the face of Xiao Yu reveals some colors of feeling embarrassed, said: „Considers as finished!”

„Since can be saved, why you can give up treating?” Nie Li said puzzled that looked at ring on the Xiao Yu finger, said that „has not thought you have also hidden one, this probably was an antiquity treasure of space and time department, before unexpectedly linked me not to recognize! This treasure shared the same roots with you probably, merges into one organic whole.”

Xiao Yu looked down ring on a finger, gaze said distantly: „I am an orphan, was adopted by the adoptive father, that time I was also only a baby, any matter does not know. Any all did not have with my life experience related thing, only remaining this rings. This ring for me, has very vital significance, it is I have the only proof in this world!”

Hears the Xiao Yu words, Nie Li actually with a smile shook the head saying: „Existence of person, is not goods can prove. Does not know that you have listened to a few words, called spatially so fresh, static, if Fan Hua, unreal faintly recognizable, heart like bright mirror. The people arrive in this world, book is completely empty, your existence does not need anybody to show that was OK with the process of joyful heart taste life. Where from, is actually not the how important matter!”

Xiao Yu looks at Nie Li dull, although the Nie Li age must be smaller than him, actually likely is a wise, looked through fabricatedly, hears the consolation of Nie Li, his alone heart, as if obtained consoling of faint trace.

„Although I understand your meaning, I with will be also same, the process of taste life you will say, but I will want to know its origin!” Xiao Yu looks at that ring on finger, said seriously.( To be continued.)

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