„Destroyed person Deity’s Lake this matter, Gu Bei does is a little truly excessive.” Eight elder Gu Bai sinking sounds said.

Hears the Gu Bai words, the corners of the mouth of Gu Heng brings back slightly, these eight elders support one of his elders.

„But!” Gu Bai thread of conversation steep extension, „this matter has reason, believes that our Gu Clan all elders, have understood clearly Yu Xiong. The Gu Heng these years actions, we have watched, is non- naturally has the arbitration. Although I have stood Gu Heng, but this time, I am not good to favor in him!”

The Gu Bai words, making all people dumbfounded.

Gu Bai relates close, entire Gu Clan with Gu Heng knows how many elders impeaches among Gu Bei to have Gu Bai jointly, did Gu Bai suddenly change?

Heard the Gu Bai words, Gu Heng was furious, he was looking angrily at Gu Bai. He has not thought completely that Gu Bai will do unexpectedly such certainly, suddenly is a traitor.

Three elder Gu Yun days wrinkled the brow, Gu Bai this was, how to help Gu Bei suddenly?

The Gu Bai voice just fell, nearby nine elder Gu Fengbian could not repress. Thinking Gu Bai may really select time, Gu Bai is to obtain more advantage obviously, such quickly jumps!

Gu Feng also stands saying: „I approve of the view of Gu Bai, the Gu Heng these years actions a little are truly excessive, the retaliation of Gu Bei truly a little oversteps the limit, but this has been manifesting the courage and uprightness of our Gu Clan juniors, is candidate who our Gu Clan successor does not pass on responsibilities!”

„Moreover murdering in Greater World, is our entire Divine Feather Sect approves up and down, because ate slightly has owed, ran to cry, doesn't make sense?” Gu Fengheng, a little disdained the -ly said.

„Attends to the peak elder, impeaches in the Gu Bei person jointly, doesn't have you? Your this undecided villain!” Gu Heng is mad simply must spit blood, Gu Bai and gives a thought to the peak the words, made him spit blood simply!

He has not expected, oneself these many years painstakingly plan and relations between these two elders. The result does not know because of any reason, two elders simultaneously treachery!

Three elders wrinkled brow, he has not thought of Gu Bai and Gu Feng unexpectedly treachery, it seems like Gu Heng game is as good as lost. Although he is the Gu Heng master. Certainly supports Gu Heng, but also understands that Gu Heng comments in the clan stroke is not good, now supported the Gu Heng elders to hire oneself Gu Bei, that Gu Heng again has not competed for the hope of Patriarch.

„Gu Heng, how did you speak?” Gives a thought to the peak complexion to sink. Cold sound track, before „, I impeach Gu Bei truly right, that is because Gu Bei truly has violated some mistakes. The mistake that but Gu Bei violates, with the mistake that you violate, that felt dwarfed!”

The Gu Heng air/Qi resulted in the lung to be about to explode.

Nearby several elders have stood.

„I also support Gu Bai and attend to the peak two elders.”

„I am also!”

Impeaches the Gu Bei elders to take a stand jointly, several Gu Bei have not visited, after seeing this situation, reversed to Gu Bei immediately. Looks at Gu Bei this stance, skidded including eight elders and nine elders, clearly was wins to the position of Patriarch. At this time. They naturally know how should size up the situation.

Gu Heng wall people push but actually.

Original Gu Heng with the relations that these elders establish, based on money, that Gu Bei asks for a higher pricetag, was very easy to skid.

Other Gu Tianlong, Gu Ya as well as elders look at each other in blank diamay, these support the Gu Bei elders, was almost needless to say anything, Gu Bai, attended to peak these elders helping Gu Bei wave the flag and shout, on their faces revealed the gratified color, it seems like Gu Bei has handled in secret many matters, can make these many elders simultaneously side with him. Showed that Gu Bei really has the ability of control family!

As for some neutral elders. If can only two choose its one in Gu Heng and Gu Bei, they naturally choose Gu Bei.

Although Gu Bei destroys person Deity’s Lake, but at least does with the Gu Heng bright blade bright spear, but not like Gu Heng. In order to compete for the authority gives the clansman to intoxicate in secret! Gu Lan is the Gu Bei elder sister, Gu Bei such hates Gu Heng is also excusable!

Such situation, making Gu Heng a little be unexpected, Gu Heng was absentminded, why can like this!

He has managed these many years, thinks one won to the position of Gu Clan Patriarch. But has not thought that can be this kind of result unexpectedly!

„Since things have gotten to this point, that by me were announced how to handle!” Gives a thought to Tianlong sinking sound saying that „Gu Bei and in the Gu Heng family fights, Gu Bei destroys the person Deity’s Lake matter, truly does improper, but read in excusable, the punishment has exempted, but to confess to the Divine Feather Sect juniors that punished him to contribute 50 ten thousand Spiritual Stone to give Divine Feather Sect, million Spiritual Stone gave Gu Clan, in life its three years fully pays, can not have any delay. As for Gu Heng, wrong in actually did not think to repent first, the evil person complained on the contrary first, punishes him to face the wall for 30 years!”

„Patriarch, wait” three elders are just about to speak, was actually attended to Tianlong breaking.

„This matter I have decided that if there is a anybody to for him over, must to consider the consequence!” Gives a thought to Tianlong sinking sound to say.

Gu Heng both eyes are confused, he always does not think clearly, why he will arrive this step.

Attends to Tianlong punishing Gu Bei Spiritual Stone, on the one hand to give a Divine Feather Sect confession, on the other hand, he also knows that Gu Bei this boy is very rich, happen to with this excuse, fills to the prefectural repository of family. However he does not know some Gu Bei how much money, if knows that Gu Bei has how much money, he definitely will think that this penalty was too light.

150 ten thousand Spiritual Stone, regarding the ordinary person, this was an extremely astonishing wealth!

Although punishes Gu Bei to contribute Spiritual Stone, but to Gu Bei, this on the contrary is the lightest punishment. But Gu Heng actually must face the wall for 30 years, follower best youthful years, in these 30 years, should the multi- Train promotion, Gu Heng actually to face the wall. Waited for Gu Heng to face the wall to finish, it is estimated that Cultivation definitely is unable to chase Gu Bei et al.!

Gu Heng was unable to become his threat again, the most elder of family, stood him, what did Gu Heng also take to compete with him?

When 30 years later, Gu Heng comes out, only feared that time Patriarch is Gu Bei!

No matter what, this business was cost-effective. Gu Heng calls these many elders to impeach Gu Bei, has not actually thought that steals a chicken inadequate counter- eclipse rice, speculated oneself to give to build. If these elders support Gu Heng, attended to Tianlong not having the means to be what kind of Gu Heng, who can expect, have these elder collectives reversed to Gu Bei?

Gu Heng has thought oneself infallible, thinks that the relations of these many year of management, the avalanche, however the result of fact will not go absolutely all of a sudden is, made him unexpected completely!

Three elder Gu Yu have stood, has swept Gu Bei lightly, then directly left.

Gu Bei looks at three elder Gu Yu backs, gaze is profound.( To be continued.)

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