„Was good, then I help you treat the injury!” Nie Li looked that said to Xiao Yu. ∏,

„Does not need!” Xiao Yu, has appeared a little coy and awkward appearance.

Nie Li wrinkled the brow: „If not treat, your injury meeting is unable to cure! When the time comes will affect own Cultivation enormously!”

„Treatment was too troublesome, I return to soul palace direct resurrect!” Xiao Yu said firmly, he a little uneasy whether sitting or standing appearance.

„Although your wound looks like very serious, has covered entirely the whole body, but treats not to be troublesome, most also spends 1-2 hours!” Nie Li knits the brows saying that „compares to first-order Cultivation, obvious such handling is simpler, is more appropriate.”

The Xiao Yu look shook the head to say anxiously: „Ok, does not need!”

His whole body gets online is the burn, wants to restore that

„Are you do not feel relieved to my medical skill? Felt relieved that I had guaranteed in less than two hours, makes you change the original handsome charming appearance, when the time comes Huang Ying they will see you to scream in the same old way!” Nie Li laughs to say.

„I am not this meaning” Xiao Yu want to explain hurriedly, some of some of he difficult reasons

„That has anything quite to hesitate, everybody is a man, has anything to be good to look on as an outsider!” Nie Li puts out a hand to hold the shoulder of Xiao Yu, examines the Xiao Yu injury, prepares therapy for Xiao Yu, „said that you are injured for me, I have the duty to cure you, my medical skill you felt relieved that taking care made your Cultivation also probably one more floor up compared with before.”

„It is not good, I do not need really!” Xiao Yu lifts the hand difficultly, wants to prevent Nie Li.

In the Nie Li heart has doubts, Xiao Yu this boy what's the matter, can cure obviously, is actually bent on having dead one then to return to soul palace resurrect? Will not be spurted by the dragon flame, the brain shattered! Itself Xiao Yu to save him, was seriously injured, Nie Li enough has felt sorry, Xiao Yu was also bent on having dead. Did that make him guiltier?

„No matter what, I will certainly cure you!” Nie Li puts out a hand Lian Dian, has sealed up the Xiao Yu acupuncture point, making Xiao Yu is unable to move.

„It is not really good” Xiao Yu to say anxiously.

„You let alone. I understand!” Nie Li in the Xiao Yu neck place, making Xiao Yu unable to speak directly.

Xiao Yu can only stare Nie Li with the pitch-black bright eye dry, Nie Li has sealed up her acupuncture point, she cannot move completely, and could not speak completely!

„Hum” Xiao Yu goes all out to struggle. Sways from side to side the body, but absolutely does not have use, in that limpid look has been full of the anxious color.

„Relax, gave me to be good.” Nie Li has patted the shoulder of Xiao Yu, he looks down Nie Li skin, the corners of the mouth shows a faint smile, merely is only Long Yan the burn, has not injured Soul Sea, can govern.

Displays this dragon flame, at least is Heavenly Star Realm Expert. Properly speaking Xiao Yu should be is struck the second to kill, because Xiao Yu has displayed space and time law on ring, has prevented part of dragon inflammations, therefore Xiao Yu merely by severe wound.

Was injured by the dragon flame attack of Heavenly Star level, by Cultivation of Xiao Yu Heavenly Fate level, is unable the self-recovery. Properly speaking Cultivation of Heavenly Fate level is unable to cure the Xiao Yu wound, but Nie Li differs from other people.

In the Nie Li method, treats the Xiao Yu wound to have more than enough to spare.

„Hum” Xiao Yu saw that Nie Li keeps carefully examining his body, the cheeks rises red, goes all out to speak. Anything could not say.

Nie Li has patted the shoulder of Xiao Yu, said: „Such selects the wound, the small gift, quick well! First helped you solve the clothes!”

Gives a tongue-lashing.

Nie Li bit by bit rips open Xiao Yu clothes., The shoulder of Xiao Yu all revealed quickly. Nie Li puts out one bottle of medicinal ointments from Interspatial Ring, dipped has instilled the putty, then has smudged on the shoulder of Xiao Yu slowly.

Smudges, Nie Li while pours into Heavenly Law Power, sees only on the Xiao Yu shoulder the burnt skin. Slowly restored to be ruddy and fair, that exquisite degree, was not inferior in Xiao Yu has not been injured, simply plays musical instruments to break, perhaps this flesh, Lian Nvren saw will envy.

„What kind of? Believed my ability?” Nie Li said very much satisfied that his Heavenly Law Power seeps the body of Xiao Yu, completely treated the Xiao Yu internal burn.

„Hum” Xiao Yu keeps struggling, in the eye pupil has written all over the anxious color.

„I understand!” Nie Li has patted the shoulder of Xiao Yu, smiled to say self-confidently that he has made the medicinal ointment, slowly the Xiao Yu face, neck as well as the shoulder the wound all treated on, with beforehand exactly the same.

Has saying that Xiao Yu this boy truly is good-looking, no wonder Huang Ying they have only one in mind to Xiao Yu, a little envied including Nie Li.

„Head was good, was under!” Nie Li lifted Xiao Yu, then takes down him, making him lie on the ground, that gives a tongue-lashing, completely tears up the clothes of Xiao Yu back, the Xiao Yu chest place was injured probably, ties up many bandages, Nie Li all has pulled directly apart these bandages, making Xiao Yu reveal entire back, the Xiao Yu back has covered entirely the fierce burn.

„Hum” Xiao Yu keeps swaying from side to side the body, his blushing to the neck root place, in the eye pupil has written all over the color of shock, but he could not speak completely.

Nie Li smudges the medicine putty in the back of Xiao Yu, then has smudged slowly.

The burn that Xiao Yu carries on the back by abates rapidly, a moment later, the entire back that the naked eye can see becomes smooth incomparable, that skin is superficial glistening Yu Ze, two pieces of fine shoulder blades, carve general just like Bai Yu, making Nie Li look to stay, can describe with the snow-white skin simply.

Nie Li has sighed with emotion one, if Xiao Yu is a woman, will be charmed an important goods man absolutely!

Nie Li hurried these impractical ideas to pursue the head, helped Xiao Yu treat the burn with single-hearted devotion, the back wound also all treated quickly.

Give a tongue-lashing!

Nie Li also gave to tear up the Xiao Yu pants, has revealed the slender thigh, started to treat, smudged the medicinal ointment slowly in thigh each burning place, then has massaged carefully, faint trace Heavenly Law Power injected into Xiao Yu within the body, a moment later, the burn of thigh also completely treated, that tied tight the slender leg, simply might be called perfect, absolutely did not have a slight defect, Nie Li not to know how should describe.

It seems like Xiao Yu has a high and respected position from infancy to maturity, this raised is also good!

„Um.” In the throat of Xiao Yu, leaves a faint trace strange sound.

Both hands of Nie Li, almost his thigh have massaged at the back of completely, a faint trace strange quantity of heat passes his body from the palm of Nie Li, although cannot move, but that clear feeling, actually unceasingly transmits.

~~ thanks everybody's blessing. Saw why about the snail said own daughter daughter's argument. Actually various modern names are inelegant, reason that said own daughter daughter, is actually because the daughter five lines lack the gold, thinks daughter name, good, that is all.( To be continued.)

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