Nie Li will who would imagine have such matter, stared in a big way the eye.

Sees only this time Long Yuyin, just like nine days of a goddess of lowering, the body an inch wisp, that plentiful proudly, the perfect curve, making one be hard to put aside gaze.

The formidable incomparable strength pours into Long Yuyin within the body from the top of the head god gate.

Long Yuyin clenches teeth to suppress fierce pain, opens the eye diligently, sees own condition, sees Nie Li that gaze, the cheeks are crimson immediately a piece: „You ... Do not look again!”

Nie Li smiled, has put aside gaze. After all Nie Li was also lived second, although Long Yuyin looking up, poured also self-possessedly.

For a long time, Long Yuyin realized finally soberly, shocks strength that current was having.

Her Cultivation, unexpectedly is directly from Heavenly Axis Realm, has stepped into Dao of Dragon Realm, moreover at least is above Dao of Dragon Realm Sixth Level. Within the body also has to rush turbulent strength not to absorb, if all absorbs these strengths, it is estimated that Cultivation can also upgrade several levels, steps into the Martial Ancestor level is not very difficult.

Besides this Cultivation, in her mind also reappears real knacks, this should be the practice law Secret Art of Tianyuan Great.

Long Yuyin hurries to wear the clothes, appears awkward.

„I completely change to the god arteries your life standard, from now on your Cultivation can ten thousand li in a day!” The Tianyuan Great has smiled saying with a smile, „I have never received the disciple, you are my first basic disciple!”

Expert of Tianyuan Great this rank, already looked through the humans affair bustling place, naturally cannot care, moreover he merely is only a thought of surviving.

The Long Yuyin cheek looked at Nie Li crimson, just Nie Li gave to visit up her, no matter she, this matter wants Nie Li to be responsible for in any case!

Nie Li turned the head, sees Long Yuyin that charming facial expression, in the mind reappears just pictures, has saying that Long Yuyin stature that was great, the sex appeal was hot, if several years. It is estimated that absolutely rude sè in her maid.
Long Yuyin at this moment has worn pale powder sè clothes, is matching her shy manner, somewhat is unexpectedly charming the person.

Nie Li also thinks own vertigo, before this is, that female tyrannosaurus Long Yuyin?

„.” Nie Li has coughed. To void is cuping one hand in the other across the chest to say slightly, „many thanks Tianyuan senior!”

„Thanks the master!” Long Yuyin also grateful said that after all the Tianyuan Great truly has helped her, making her Cultivation promote the so astonishing degree.

The Tianyuan Great Ha Ha the hearty laughter, said: „I can do. Also so, as for the following matter, then must think you merely!”

If Sage Emperor resurrect, the entire space and time must be built up, no matter Human race or Demon Clan, must unravel, all people were finished, therefore defeats Sage Emperor, that is the matter that must handle.

„These people left, I deliver you to leave. My ten thousand spirit sword, is the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race inheritance most precious object, sees the thing such as to see the human, if the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Race young animals are not obedient, so long as offers a sacrifice to ten thousand spirit sword, they should be sensible on the little darling!” The Tianyuan Great has smiled saying with a smile, sees only a strength, flew Nie Li and Long Yuyin volume.

The voice of Tianyuan Great, far and away transmits: „Boy, I waited for you to defeat Sage Emperor that day. Do not disappoint me!”

The voice of Tianyuan Great extinguishes without trace.

Nie Li and Long Yuyin open eyes, then arrived at outside.

Remembers to shield oneself escaped two elders of sacrifice, on the face of Long Yuyin once more has appeared sad god sè.

Saw the Long Yuyin facial expression, Nie Li then understands. Thinks saying: „Where your two elders die, leading me to pass, perhaps my let the hope of their resurrect, can their remnant souls, take in my soul mirror first, when Cultivation breaks through Martial Ancestor. Achieves the god boundary, then can their resurrect!”

„Really?” Long Yuyin opened the eye, beforehand time, she does not believe that this in society bright boundary Expert exists, but after having bumped into the Tianyuan Great, she believed.

Martial Ancestor Realm Expert, had strength like that achieved the god boundary rank, can actually achieve how Realm that was hard to imagine?

Nie Li brought Long Yuyin to graze, had found the corpse of that two senior, he took the soul mirror, whiz whiz, two wisps of remnant souls took in the soul mirror.

Looked at soul mirror on hand, besides these two wisps of remnant souls, the Ye Zong remnant soul, when hasn't known can their resurrect?

Nie Li has gotten hold of the fist slightly, his strength is insufficient!

„Thank you, Nie Li!” Long Yuyin saw that two wisps of remnant souls enter in the soul mirror, the tearful eyes were dim, throw the Nie Li bosom.

******** Enters the bosom, a young girl delicate fragrance drills into the nose, Nie Li has gawked, immediately smiled, has patted the shoulder of Long Yuyin with the hand.

For a long time, Nie Li smiles bitterly was saying: „Good? I was extruded by you quickly am unable to breathe!”

Hears the Nie Li words, the face of Long Yuyin one was red, she hurried to let loose Nie Li, stamped the feet, jumps to plunder.

„Hello, Young lady, you run I unable to overtake quickly. You do not know that your present Cultivation is higher than so many me?” Nie Li jumps to graze at a moderate pace, while shouts.

Long Yuyin slowed down the footsteps slightly.

Two rainbow shades grazed to go, vanish in the terminus of sky.

Skysoul Institute.

Nie Li and Long Yuyin returned to the Skysoul Institute news, spreads quickly, solely Demon Alliance and person of Sky Alliance chord pledge does not know that Long Tianming that side person also knew. Bigger storm is fermenting.

At this moment, in a Skysoul Institute mountain valley.

Ying Yueru that beautiful cheeks hide in the cape, she sits before one law, the finger keeps pinching, her gaze is staring at the front, sighed slightly: „Almost was the time, but can also see him?”

„Ok, meets to be inferior that does not see!”

After all before , these matters that has, is previous generation's matters.

Ying Yueru was unable to accept a strange person all of a sudden, suddenly has stepped into her world, became her disciple.

All that but the previous generation has, comes clearly into view general, is extremely real.

„You must achieve Heavenly Axis Realm immediately, Sage Emperor will walk quickly, if I do not walk, entire Divine Feather Sect difficult running away misfortune!” Ying Yueru stares at the front, „Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning'er, Du Ze, Liu Piao ... Since I know that each of you's destiny, might as well indicate your, even if helps your finally again!”

Ying Yueru whiz, just likes a wisp of light smoke, vanishes baseless.

It looks like, this person has never appeared generally.

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